26 February 2015 Sully District Council Meeting Minutes
by Jim Neighbors, Secretary

    Council Members:
    Lewis Grimm, 2nd Vice President, Franklin Farms
    Jim Neighbors, Secretary, Sully Station I
    Jeff Parnes, 1st Vice President, Chantilly Highlands

    Dave Bowden, Director, Planning and Development, Fairfax County Park Authority
    Peter Furen, Manager, Golf Enterprises, Fairfax County Park Authority
    Doreen Henry, Manager, Cub Run RECenter, Fairfax County Park Authority
    Clara Johnson, Planning Division, Policy and Plan Development Branch, Fairfax County
    Kirk Kincannon, Director, Fairfax County Park Authority
    Carol McDonnell, Manager, Sully Historic Site, Fairfax County Park Authority
    John Shafer, Manager, E. C. Lawrence Park, Fairfax County Park Authority
    Sandy Stallman, Manager, Park Planning, Fairfax County Park Authority
    Hal Strickland, Sully Representative, Fairfax County Park Authority Board
    Cindy Walsh, Director, Resource Management, Fairfax County Park Authority
    Kevin Williams, Manager, Park Operations, Fairfax County Park Authority


    The meeting was called to order by Council Vice President Jeffrey Parnes at 7:00 PM.

  3. The minutes for the January 2015 Sully District Council are available online.

  4. Refer to the February agenda for meeting announcements.



  7. Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting:
    1. 8:30 - Westfields Plan Amendment 2014-III-DS1
      • Proponent: Clara Johnson, Planning Division, Policy and Plan Development Branch, Fairfax County
      • Action: Plan Amendment 2014-III-DS1
      • Location: 50 acres of land [Tax Map 44-3((1))15] located northwest of the intersection of Stonecroft Boulevard and Westfields Boulevard
        The proposed Plan Amendment concerns approximately 50 acres of land [Tax Map 44-3((1))15] located northwest of the intersection of Stonecroft Boulevard and Westfields Boulevard. The adopted Plan for this area recommends office, conference center/hotel, industrial/flex and industrial uses at an average intensity of .50 floor area ratio (FAR). The Plan also includes two higher intensity options if a portion of the development potential is permanently transferred from elsewhere. Option A is for a mixed-use focal point with office, retail, hotel, and limited residential uses up to 1.0 FAR. Option B is for the area within a quarter mile of a transit stop or station and allows consideration of intensities up to 1.5 FAR and with additional residential uses up to 2.25 FAR. The Plan Amendment considers a new option for residential use up to .50 FAR, that could include office and supporting retail uses, with conditions that support the creation of a high-quality living environment.
        Proposals for development on this site were previously considered by the Land Use and Transportation committee in May 2015. Since that presentation, Akridge has now switched from apartments, office and retail to retail, apartments, condos and townhouses. The current plan for The Preserve of Westfields was shown at the most recent Sully Station HOA meeting.
        Lori Greenlief of McguireWoods asked to postpone their Akridge Westfields Development presentation originally scheduled for this month to a later date as they are still working on the plan based on conversations with Supervisor Frey and Planning Commissioner Litzenberger.
        The Plan Amendment needs to be approved by the PC and BOS before the rezoning requested by Abridge can be allowed to go forward. The council endorsed the plan amendment with reservations by some members. The reservations are the traffic, school, and park impacts. The primarily residential development could add over 75 new students to Cub Run Elementary School and almost 40 students to Westfield HS. The residential development would probably provide less traffic than commercial development during weekday rush hours. Finally, the council strongly recommended that the development has easy transportation access (pedestrian or cycling) to the local commercial areas. For example, pedestrian and bike signal lights added to the intersection of Stonecroft Blvd and Westfield Blvd will improve safety and connectivity to Weststone Plaza as well as the Sully Shopping Center. Finally, the development could add more residents to the local parks and Cub Run Recreation Center in Chantilly.




  11. NEXT MEMBERSHIP MEETING - Wednesday 25 March 2015 (Note Change of Location - Rocky Run Intermediate School):


    The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:25 p.m.

Respectively submitted by,

Jim Neighbors
Sully District Council

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