22 May 2013 Sully District Council Meeting Minutes
by Priscilla Knight, Secretary

    Council Members:
    Mike Fleming, Chantilly Farm
    Al Francese, Little Rocky Run
    Jim Horner, Century Oak
    Priscilla Knight – Secretary, Sully Station II
    Mark McConn – President, Bull Run
    Jeff Parnes – 1st Vice President, Chantilly Highlands
    Rick Vaughan – Dartmoor Woods HOA
    Kevin Wolfe, Franklin Glen

    State Sen. Dave Marsden
    Delegate Tom Rust
    Delegate David Bulova
    Meaghan Keefer, Sully government
    Jen Siciliano, Inova Health System
    Timothy Sampson, from Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich & Walsh, P.C.
    Evan Pritchard, from Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich & Walsh, P.C.
    Lydia, CEO, National Capital Area Girl Scouts
    Newt & Karen Wood, Girl Scout application
    Lene & Dan Palmer, Twin Mill HOA, Girl Scout application
    Paul Kavitz, Twin Mill HOA, Girl Scout application
    Sarah & Cam?? Hawkins, Girl Scout application
    Lommot Copeland, Girl Scout application
    Robert & Nan Sullivan, Justin Knoll Road
    Susan & ??? O’Connor, Justin Knoll Road
    Richard Gibbons, Justin Knoll Road
    Hamid Taheri, Justin Knoll Road
    Colleen Conlin, Justin Knoll Road
    Kathy & Joe Whitcraft, Justin Knoll Road
    Elizabeth Jenkins, Justin Knoll Road
    Tom Davis, Justin Knoll Road
    Sam Butz, GSA architect
    Laura Bassett, GSCNC
    Barbara Hunter, GSCNC
    Kathy Duda, GSCNC
    Sharon & James Kraftchak, GSCNC
    Aubrey Finke, GSA architect
    Lidia Soto-Harmon, GSA
    Judy Baldwin, GSA
    Kathy Beernink, GSA


    The meeting was called to order by Council President Mark McConn at 7:00 PM.

  3. The minutes for the April 2013 Sully District Council are available online.

  4. Refer to the May agenda for meeting announcements.


    1. 9:00 - Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Childcare Center
      • Proponent: Timothy S. Sampson | Walsh, Colucci , Lubeley , Emrich & Walsh, P.C
      • Action: Proffered condition amendment (PCA) application related to the Child Care Center
      • Location: Inova Fair Oaks Hospital
        Timothy Sampson, from Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich & Walsh, P.C., presented plans for changing enrollment at the Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Childcare Center. Currently, the center is available only for children of hospital employees. Inova wants to allow children who live near the hospital to attend the center. The limit of children will be the same. Currently, the center is not full. The center needs more tuition-paying enrollment. Inova wants to bring in professional childcare management so they can focus on running the hospital.

        By CONSENSUS, the SDC did not have any objection to the proposal.

    2. 9:30 - Diane Tipton Girl Scout Resource Center and Camp Crowell
      • Proponent: Evan Pritchard | Walsh, Colucci , Lubeley , Emrich & Walsh, P.C
      • Action: Special Exception Amendment (SEA) by the Girl Scouts for improvements at Camp Crowell
      • Location: Camp Crowell, 10900 Vale Road and other addresses in Navy-Vale
        The SEA has been made available for our review
        Evan Pritchard, from Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich & Walsh, P.C., spoke for an application filed in February by the Diane Tipton Girl Scout Resource Center and Camp Crowell. The camp has been in operation since 1958. It’s a day camp, plus a twilight camp from 6-9 p.m.
        The Girl Scouts need a storage facility for camping equipment for several area camps. They would like to construct a 4,000-square-foot storage building with an attached covered area of about 2,000 square feet for hanging wet tents. The building will have insulated corrugated walls in earth-tone colors. It will be oriented on the north side of the property – on the outskirts – so vehicles will not interact with Girl Scouts. The 40-foot side is what neighbors will see. The Girl Scouts have proposed to screen the structure with a mixture of 96 evergreens. They plan to have just a few lights – no floodlights – and they will only be on when needed. The plan for the building includes eight parking places and a septic field.
        Mr. Pritchard said traffic associated with the proposed storage facility will be minimal.
        Ms. Lidia Soto-Harmon, CEO, National Capital Area Girl Scouts, noted that the Girl Scout organization is 101 years old. It runs six weeks of camps in the National Capital area. Ms. Soto-Harmon said they have worked hard to be a good neighbor since Camp Crowell was donated to the Girl Scouts in 1958. Last summer, they didn’t receive a single phone call or a complaint when camp sessions occurred. Ms. Soto-Harmon noted that the Girl Scouts have not asked for a Special Exception since 1991. She said they have a lot of equipment that needs to be stored, including wheelchairs, tents, and nature kits.
        The Girl Scouts would like to increase the number of campers at Camp Crowell by 50 girls, but they will finalize this request in the next few weeks. The maximum number of campers right now, per session, is 450, plus 100 adults.
        There will be just two people coming to the building every day. One will stay there. The other man will collect camping equipment, put it into a van, and deliver it to other campsites.
        Ms. Soto-Harmon introduced several directors of other area camps and board members.
        The Girl Scouts have asked the County to expedite their application before autumn because the lease for their storage facility near Gallows Road is going to expire; that area will be redeveloped. Therefore, the Girl Scouts need a place for storage soon.

        Concerned Homeowners’ Comments

        • Some people who live near the camp expressed concern about: the location of the building on the 66 acres; increased traffic; and increased enrollment.
        • Susan O’Connor said she has lived near the camp for 28 years. She submitted letters from neighbors who are against the “warehouse.” She said a storage building is not appropriate for a residential neighborhood.
        • Paul Kavitz, who lives near the entrance, said he is president of Twin Mills HOA and represents 57 homeowners. He said he doesn’t believe the building would fit into the ecology of the area and the roads cannot handle increased traffic. He asked how the building will affect the water shed. Mr. Pritchard said rain barrels will capture rain.
        • Hamid Taheri lives near the camp. He asked why the building has to be off of such a small street and tiny cul de sac. He asked why it’s not going to be built near the Vale Road entrance. Mr. Pritchard said to make a non-residential road off of Vale would be cost-prohibitive because of required site studies and other improvements that VDOT now requires.
        • Colleen Conlin asked council members to drive on Stuart Mill and Justin Knoll to see how narrow these streets are.
        • Lon Coughlin said the building would mar the area because a lot of trees would have to be cut down. He said, “I don’t see how an industrial building is in keeping with the residential zoning.”
        • Kathy Whitcraft said she and her husband have lived near the camp since 1994. They knew the road into the camp would go in, but since it has, there have been problems: speeding cars, blocked driveways, etc. “Justin Knoll Road cannot handle any more traffic.” she said. “It’s an industrial facility. It’s right on the property line and they will take out the tree buffer.”
        • Another woman said the traffic is an ongoing issue that has been a problem for several years. She said she has emails she has documented. Ms. Soto-Harmon said seeing the emails would be helpful. The homeowner said Camp Firefly is the biggest problem because of parents waiting to pick up their daughters.
        • Lene Palmer said she’s upset about rezoning and allowing an industrial warehouse in a residential neighborhood.
        • Elizabeth Jenkins said the SDC members should drive along Hunter Mill, Vale, and Stuart roads. She said the rural nature of the area would be damaged by the proposed building.

        Ms. Knight suggested that the SDC members take a field trip to see the area in question.
        Mr. Parnes asked the Girl Scouts to come back with modifications, perhaps in July.



    The meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m.

    Respectively submitted by,

    Priscilla Knight

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