24 April 2013 Sully District Council Meeting Minutes
by Priscilla Knight, Secretary

    The meeting was called to order by Council President Mark McConn at 7:00 PM.


    Council Members:
    Priscilla Knight – Secretary, Sully Station II
    Mark McConn – President, Bull Run
    Jeff Parnes – 1st Vice President, Chantilly Highlands
    Rick Vaughan – Dartmoor Woods HOA

    Raquel Boone, Braddock Ridge
    Matt Burger, Bryarton
    Chris Caperton, Fairfax County DPZ
    Bob Carlson, FCRHA
    Kimberly Currin, Bryarton
    Pete Dunn, The Peterson Companies
    Robert Easley, Fairfax County
    Tom Fleetwood, Fairfax County
    Len Furkas, Milestone Communications
    Jim Hart, Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission
    Debbie Lesko Pemberton, Fairfax County DPZ
    Tony Manson, Braddock Ridge HOA
    Frank McDermott, Hunton & Williams
    Joseph Oline, Stonehenge
    Wayne Picks, Braddock Ridge
    Kim Rybold, Fairfax County Department of Public Zoning
    William C. Smith, The Peterson Companies
    Mary Stachyra, Centreville Patch
    Adam Steiner, KHA
    Frank Stearns, Donahue Stearns
    Chris Tacinem, Gorours/Slade (can’t write handwriting)
    Meghan Van Dam, Fairfax County Department of Public Zoning
    Eric and Lynn Wassyhg, Braddock Ridge

  3. Refer to the April agenda for meeting announcements.

  4. MEMBERSHIP PRESENTATION: Department of Housing and Community Development


    1. 8:30
      • Proponent: Meghan Van Dam, Fairfax County
      • Action: Fairfax Forward
      • Location: County wide
        Meghan Van Dam discussed Fairfax Forward, the County’s program that will replace Area Plans Review (APR). The old APR process was based on supervisors’ districts, etc. They started it in 2012. In the retrospectives, people who participated in the process liked it, liked having the community involved, but felt that it was no longer community-driven and more reactive. Instead of looking at the big picture, the County was planning by specific applications. They found that many nominations were deferred or withdrawn – they went nowhere. Fairfax Forward is allowing a significant change.
        Mr. Parnes noted that because citizens didn’t support some nominations doesn’t mean that was a bad outcome. The nomination may have had a negative effect for some citizens.
        New nominations must pass a threshold before they are considered. Fairfax County Department of Transportation may make that call along with County Staff.
        Ms. Van Dam said the County wants citizens to be involved in planning.
        She said they set up goals for a new planning process. She said they want to use the task-force model. They want to bring the community into the process at the beginning.
        The third goal is to allow for deep discussions about nominations.
        With goals in mind, they put together a list of ongoing plan amendments and Proposed New Planning Studies. The chart she distributed to Council members listed projects.
        Mr. Parnes said the Fairfax County Parkway at Reston Avenue needs to be revised because it’s failing now and won’t get better when the Silver Line opens. The Transportation committee he serves on doesn’t get involved in specific projects.
        For Centreville planning, for example, they will start with an open dialogue about vision for the area: what’s on the ground right now, what are recent zoning actions, what’s planned, etc. This dialogue would set a foundation for planning.
        Mr. Parnes said the County should plan today for where transit stations should be built. Ms. Van Dam said I-66, Route 1, and Route 28 corridors are being studied for improved transit.
        As they move through the study, they will have more interaction with the communities, such as the SDC and WFCCA. They will work through the specifics of plans. Mr. Parnes said citizen task forces need Staff assistance because citizens don’t have all the information.
        Jim Hart noted that the Board of Supervisors will not review Fairfax Forward this month. It’s been postponed until June 11. He said that if a nomination is not on the FF work program, citizens have to get supervisors to add them to the list. They will go to the bottom of the list. “We’re going from open season for nominations” to a planned list.
        The public hearing on Fairfax Forward will be on July 9, 2013, before the Board of Supervisors at the Government Center at 4 p.m.

    2. 9:00
      • Proponent: Frank W. Stearns, Donohue & Stearns, PLC for Verizon Wireless and Milestone Communications
      • Action: Wireless telecommunications facility
      • Location: London Towne Elementary School, 6100 Stone Road, Centreville, Virginia 20120
        Proposed Telecommunications Tower
        Mr. Frank W. Stearns, from Donohue & Stearns, PLC, for Verizon Wireless and Milestone Communications, presented plans for a 115-foot tree pole cellphone tower at Stone Middle School. County Staff has recommended approval.
        Mr. Stearns said wireless demand is increasing. The Verizon pole would improve service in the Sully Station II area. He said having adequate communications is a public safety issue since 70% of emergency calls are made on cellphones today. Many more homes depend on wireless vs. landline phones. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. are putting demand on wireless communications. Furthermore, Mr. Stearns said hospitals and doctors can monitor patients wirelessly.
        Mr. Stearns showed photos of what the tree pole would look like from various streets within the area. Milestone sent notification to 620 homeowners in the immediate area about the plans and the balloon test.
      • Homeowners Statements:
        Tony Manson, president of Braddock Ridge HOA, said he and members of his HOA are against the application. He doesn’t want any space at the school used for commercial purposes. (The pole will be placed behind a baseball field at Stone Middle School.) He said the Fairfax County School Board approves these towers, but the homeowners do not. He said the information and statistics are not complete and accurate.
        Matthew Burger, Bryarton HOA, which is off of Stone Road, said there are “a lot of inaccuracies in the applications.” He said the wireless industry is split between a tower developer and the carriers. The height is being pushed by the carriers. The carriers will give rental money to the school system. He says the information is “dishonest.” He said there’s a moral and community aspect to the application. It will go to a private-equity partnership. They only have to pay based on the use and not the land used.
        The Land Use Commission meeting on April 25, 2013, will review one site and one pole and will not consider the economics of the pole and the companies involved. It will be covered on Channel 16.
        The homeowners said their main complaint is the height of the pole. Verizon has told Milestone the height they need. The Comprehensive Plan says poles have to be tall enough to hold equipment from at least three carriers.
        Mr. Parnes says it’s part of the 21st Century to have wireless infrastructure. He said we usually approve the poles because we don’t know of any alternatives for 4-G and 5-G communications -- not because the SDC likes them.
        Len Furkess, president of Milestone Communication, said he has agreements with Fairfax County and a dozen other schools and NOVEC. He said his company has worked very closely with homeowners. They’ve been very open. They’ve held community meetings, but only Mr. Manson has appeared. They had a balloon test to show what the height would be. There was no objection at the time. “The door has been open.” They sent packets of information to every HOA. They’ve been transparent in every way they can. The economic relationship is identical to the relationship the company has with all groups.”

    3. 9:30
      • Proponent: Frank McDermott and Susan Yantis, Hunton & Williams LLP for Dulles Discovery
      • Action: FDPA on Dulles Discovery South (FDPA 2009-SU-024) and PCA on Dulles Discovery North (PCA-2005-SU-026)
      • Location: Parcels on both sides of the Air And Space Museum Parkway east of Rt 28
      • Concurrent FDPA on Dulles Discovery South (FDPA 2009-SU-024), whose purpose is:
        1. To memorialize the various intervening changes approved for DDS by Interpretation, and
        2. To add a one-story auditorium and a one-story cafeteria to the approved, low rise Building 5, both internal to the site; and the possibility of a second water storage tank adjacent to, and the same height as, the Campus Loading Dock and a relocated water storage tank, also internal to the site.
        No increase in the already approved FAR or number of office buildings is proposed.
      • Application by Dulles Discovery North 3 LC, a PCA to revise proffers on I-5 parcels on the north side of Air & Space Museum Parkway, south of Wall Rd, west of Centreville Rd, east of Rt. 28, 13.44 acres, for office and accessory uses. It has been accepted and will be PCA 2005-SU-026. Joe Gorney will be staff coordinator. The site was approved already but for security reasons for the tenant they need to construct a privately owned and maintained overpass over Air and Space Museum Parkway, with minor modifications to parking, landscaping, sidewalk/trail system and security fencing, and all of that requires a PCA.
        Mr. Frank McDermott presented a proposal for the Dulles Discovery road overpass to connect the north and south campuses and avoid drivers from having to go through security each time. The improvement will save millions of dollars over time and take vehicle trips off public roads. It will allow employees at the unidentified government agency (UGA) sites to travel to the North side of the Air and Space Museum Highway. To the south, the road improvement will facilitate deliveries to the complex. The application includes a cafeteria and an auditorium on the south side. The north campus is 1.2 million square feet and the south campus is 1.3 million square feet.



    The meeting adjourned at 10:20 p.m.

    Respectively submitted by,

    Priscilla Knight

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