19 December 2012 Sully District Council Meeting Minutes
by Lewis Grimm, 2nd Vice President

    The meeting was called to order by Council President Mark McConn at 7:00 PM. In the absence of the council secretary, meeting notes were taken by the 2nd Vice President, Lewis Grimm.


    Council Members:
    Mike Fleming – Chantilly Farm HOA
    Lewis Grimm – 2nd Vice President, Franklin Farm Foundation
    Bob Lerch – Rocky Run
    Mark McConn – President, Bull Run
    Jim Neighbors – Sully Station
    Jeff Parnes – 1st Vice President, Chantilly Highlands
    Rick Vaughan – Dartmoor Woods HOA

    Jeffrey Lawrence – Capitol Companies
    John LItzenberger – Sully District Planning Commissioner
    Brian Mc Neil – Patient First,
    Jeffrey Saxe – Kimley-Horn and Associates
    Richard Underwood – Kimley-Horn

  3. The minutes for the November 2012 Sully District Council are available online.

  4. Refer to the December agenda for meeting announcements.

  5. MEMBERSHIP PRESENTATION: ”Future Trends” by Sully District Planning Commissioner John Litzenberger


    1. 8:00
      • Patients First facility on Centreville Road in Chantilly
      • Proponent: Jeffrey Saxe, Kimley-Horn and Associates
      • Action: By Right
      • Location: Centreville Road
      • The only land use presentation on the agenda concerned the proposed Patient First facility to be located on Centreville Road in Chantilly. Speaking on behalf of the proponent were Jeffrey Saxe of the firm of Kimley-Horn and Associates, Brian Mc Neil of Patient First, and Richard Underwood of Kimley-Horn.
        • Mr. Saxe described the proposed development as a 1-story day-use medical office which accepts walk-in patients as well as any who make prior appointments. It is deemed to be an office use and is allowed by right given the existing C-8 zoning on the property. No new entrances are proposed onto Centreville Road as it will use existing entrances which serve its immediate neighbors to the north and south.
        • The subject land parcel is located in the northwest quadrant of the US Route 50 / Centreville Road intersection and is the currently vacant parcel between the Exxon service station at the intersection and a two-building office complex further to the north. The proposed new structure would be approximately 7,000 square feet on the 41,000 square foot land parcel, resulting in an overall floor area ratio (FAR) of about 0.17. Access to the site would be provided through the use of a new short service/frontage road connection to those now existing along Centreville Road for the gas station and the 3-story office building. VDOT would not approve direct access from this parcel onto Centreville Road, even for just a right turn in / right turn out traffic movement.
        • It was indicated that the development site plan presented by the proponent meets county open space, building set back and buffer requirements and provides a total of 43 parking spaces for office staff and visitors. Underground stormwater detention facilities will be constructed underneath the paved surface parking lot.
        • The site paln has been submitted to county staff for review and comment, with formal written comments expected in the near future. Initial verbal comments indicate no major concerns by county staff, with a resubmittal of the final site plan anticipated in early 2013. Assuming normal review of the final site plan, the proponent hopes to be able to initiate construction in March 2013. A six-month construction time schedule is anticipated. If this schedule is adhered to, the facility could be in full operation before the end of 2013.
        • Mr. McNeil expanded on Mr. Saxe’s remarks by noting that Patient First is a regional chain of free-standing urgent care medical facilities now operating in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. The proposed 7,000 square foot facility on Centreville Road would follow the basic unit design and include 12 examination rooms, an X-ray room, offices for three physicians, a patient waiting area, and space for on-site nurses, administrative staff, and a small on-site pharmacy for use by patients at the facility. Physicians would be general practitioners and internists, most likely with some prior emergency room experience. However, this facility would not be a full service, free-standing emergency room operation as one would find at a traditional hospital.
        • Mr. McNeil indicated that several other Patient First facilities are already in operation or under construction in the Northern Virginia area. He noted an existing installation in the City of Manassas on Liberia Avenue near the Wal-Mart as being the same size and performing the same functions as the proposed facility along Centreville Road. Mr. McNeil stated that the existing Manassas facility, and the proposed Centreville Road facility, would operate 365 days a year and would be open between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM.
      • Following a brief discussion focusing on vehicular access and circulation to and from the site, the Sully District Council went on record as having no objections to the proposed development. The proponents departed at approximately 8:20 PM
      • About 8:25, the owner of the office complex along Centreville Road just north of the proposed site of the Patient First facility arrived. Mr. Jeffrey Lawrence expressed his surprise that the development presentation scheduled to begin at 8:30 PM had apparently started and ended prior to his arrival. The Council members replied that the scheduled starting times shown on the agenda are only estimated times. The Council members further indicated that when the development proponents arrived earlier than anticipated, the group felt it only appropriate to allow them to begin their presentation earlier than originally scheduled so that the duration of the meeting could be reduced for the benefit of all in attendance.
        • Mr. Lawrence accepted this position and then expressed his concerns regarding the proposed Patient First development proposal. His immediate major points of concern were as follows:
          • Potential negative impacts of increased traffic volumes through the parking area of his office complex and the associated service/frontage road.
          • Potential safety and operational issues at the existing signalized intersection for his development at Centreville Road and Metrotech Drive.
          • Potential for increased vehicle / pedestrian conflicts at the signalized intersection and along the service/frontage road.
          • Increased traffic congestion and safety issues associated with increasing use of the PNC bank drive through lane at the south side of one of his two buildings.
          • The failure of the Patient First development proponent to provide him a copy of the proposed site development plan as of the date of the Sully District Council meeting.
        • The owner of the north parcel office development noted a number of additional points including the following:
          • He had previously paid a deposit to complete the currently missing service road connection and would like a status as to what happens with this previous funding.
          • The north building complex currently includes two medical care facilities (pediatrics and Ob/Gyn) which are already very busy throughout the day. What will the impact of the proposed new Patient First facility have on traffic and parking demands for the overall development area?
          • It was his understanding that the south parcel is still owned by Dr. Leon (sp); is this to be leased or sold to Patient First?
          • Any potential connection of the Patient First facility to the north parcel’s existing sanitary sewer connection was viewed as an unresolved issue.
          • Issues with previously funded north parcel development conditions: paid for higher lighting and raising of existing utility lines along west side of Centreville Road but neither action has yet been accomplished. What is the status of his prior cash payment for this purpose made to Fairfax County?
          • The current north parcel contains two buildings, one of 40,000 square feet and the other of 16,000 square feet gross floor area, for a total of 56,000 square feet. His internal site circulation plan required the provision of 3.6 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet or a total of 202 parking spaces. On a regular basis, virtually all of these spaces are filled by the staff and visitors to the current building occupants, with the dead end stub for the unfinished service/frontage road being regularly used for parking. What will be the effects on parking demand from the new Patient First facility on his existing office complex parking spaces?
        • The Council members and Mr. Litzenberger expressed their appreciation to Mr. Lawrence for his comments and recommended that he meet with the Patient First development proponent to discuss his concerns. Mr. Litzenberger indicated that he would be sure to raise these points with the development proponents when they appear before the Planning Commission and would pass them on to the Planning Department staff.




    There being no further business before the group, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:18 PM.

    Respectively submitted by,

    Lewis Grimm,

    2nd Vice President
    Sully District Council

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