23 March 2011 Sully District Council Meeting Minutes
by Priscilla Knight, Sully District Council Secretary
  1. Call to Order - President Mark McConn called the regular meeting of the Sully District Council to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Sully District Governmental Center, 4900 Stonecroft Blvd., VA 20151.

  2. Attendance:

    Council Members:
    Mark McConn – President, Bull Run Civic Association
    Jeff Parnes – 1st Vice President, Chantilly Highlands Homes Association
    Lewis Grimm – 2nd Vice President, Franklin Farm Foundation
    Priscilla Knight – Secretary, Sully Station II
    Jay Johnston – Treasurer, Virginia Run
    Bob Carlson – Virginia Run
    Larry Leeds – Brookfield Civic Association
    John Jacobs – Sully resident

    Christina Jackson -- Fairfax County Dept of Management and Budget
    Ellicia Seard -- Fairfax County Dept of Management and Budget
    Tim Sampson – Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich, & Walsh
    Phil Yates – Dewberry and Davis, for Inova Hospital
    Dave Sittler – Sittler Development Association
    Mike Pinkoske – Wells & Associates, Inc.
    Todd McGovern – Inova Fair Oaks Hospital
    Ed Donahue – Donahue & Stearns
    Greg Tully – NB&C
    Bob Ritter – Crown/ New Path

  3. The minutes for the 23 February 2011 Sully District Council meeting provided by Priscilla Knight, Secretary, are available online.

  4. Refer to the agenda for meeting announcements.

  5. Membership Presentation:

    1. 7:00
      • Fairfax County FY 2012 Budget
        Presented by
      • Budget Summary
        • Available balance -- $30 Million
        • General Fund revenue growth for fiscal year 12 is up 2.85%.
        • Real estate taxes comprise biggest slice of revenue, about 76%, followed by local taxes and property taxes.
        • Projected value of one penny in FY 2012 = $19.3 million
        • We are still below 2009 revenues in real estate. Average price of homes has increased 8.9%. Foreclosures are up 5.8% over December 2009, but better than peak of September 2008.
        • Residential home values are projected to increase 2.10% in FY 2012.
        • Nonresidential real estate values are projected to increase 8.73% in FY 2012.
        • Office vacancy rates were in the healthy range.
        • Office buildings with elevators represent 36% of base, followed by apartments at 19%.
        • Other revenues comprise less than 38% of total General Fund Revenue.
        • The total recommended FY 2012 budget is $6.1 billion.
        • General Fund Disbursements: Cost of County Operations is $53.6 million.
        • Schools— $1.7 Million, 52.5%
        • Public Safety -- $411 Million, 12.2 %
        • Endowment funds for pensions were very good last year and that will ameliorate the stock market losses during 2008 and early 2009. Projected premium increases of 10%.
        • Major Human services requirements -- $12.1 million.
        • Capital construction and debt services increase is $0.8 million.
        • Transportation -- $6.4 million
        • Information Technology -- $3.4 million
        • Agency Reductions and Reorganization Opportunities – ($9.8) million
        • FY 2012 and beyond perspective -- “New Normal”
        • No salary increases again in 2012, but employees and teachers will want an increase soon. 2012 will be the third consecutive year that County employees, along with school system employees, will go without a pay raise. The Board of Supervisors could decide to increase their pay. Compensation must be competitive and sound.
        • FY 2012 and beyond – Needs are:
          • A stable workforce
          • Massey building replacement
          • Tysons transformation
          • Woodburn Mental Health Center
          • Revitalization
          • Capital infrastructure
          • Information technology
          • FOCUS (finance, purchasing, budget and human resources) Project – replacement of legacy corporate systems
      • Budget Schedule
        Public hearings will be on March 29-31 at Government Center. The markup will be on April 12. The budget adoption is scheduled for April 26.

    2. 8:30
      • Fairfax County Redistricting PPT PDF
        Presented by
        • Ralph Hubbard, Supervisor Michael Frey’s representative, said his committee submitted a redistricting report to the Board of Supervisors. The hearing is scheduled for April 12.
          Legal requirements for districts:
          • Compact, contiguous districts
          • Equal representation
          • Traditional redistricting principles -- preserve political boundaries, such as town boundaries, communities of interest, and incumbency
          • Must comply with Voting Rights Act of 1965.
          The committee did not recommend splitting any precincts in Fairfax County. The General Assembly can and may. Sully will probably not be split.
          Sully distribution among precincts shows that the ethnic breakdown has changed a great deal since the 2000 census. For instance, the Powell precinct has more people of Asian descent than people of white European descent.
          There cannot be an election until the redistributing is official.
          Fairfax County is growing about 12% a year, which is the mean for the state. Loudoun and Prince William are growing much faster. Fairfax has more than 1 million people. The state has more than 8 million people.
          The number of supervisors, nine, will probably remain the same.
          For more information see: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/redistricting

  6. Land Use and Transportation presentation:

    1. 9:00

      • Proponent: Timothy S. Sampson, Walsh Colucci Lubeley Emrich & Walsh, P.C.
      • Action: Zoning Applications to Implement New Development PPT PDF
      • Location: Fair Oaks Hospital campus
        INOVA filed zoning applications to implement the new development at the Fair Oaks Hospital campus that was the subject of the APR nomination approved in February 2010.
        Todd McGovern and three other men from Inova Fair Oaks Hospital presented the zoning request. Attached is a summary of the pending applications and Sheet 2 of the development plan identifying the locations for future development. The narrative is fairly detailed but fully describes the components of the request, in terms of use, timing, etc.
        Fair Oaks has received a number of awards and recognition. The hospital is in the top 23 of all hospitals in the country. Medical staff designation placed it number one in nation.
        Demographics have changed with the growth. The hospital now serves 95,000 households, or about 300,000 people. Therefore, it needs to expand. The existing hospital campus is 706K square feet.
        Key focus – A cancer center for radiation therapy and oncology. It’s good to have the radiation center near patients. Also, they need room for more beds, doctors’ offices, and parking. Inova would like a third entrance from Rugby Road to improve traffic problems. The medical office building should be completed in 2013 and will be the first project of the expansion. The rest of the project construction, including the third entrance, will occur in future years.
        Traffic has improved since 2002, because Rugby Road and the Parkway have been widened and improved. Other intersections should not be affected adversely. Residents are concerned about additional lighting and the proposed new entrance. Residents want more of a screening buffer around the new garage and buildings. The new plan has 180 additional trees and more “berming.”
        In summary, the plans will help Fair Oaks Hospital to continue to serve the growing population of western Fairfax County and the plans are consistent with the County’s Comprehensive Plan.
        Mr. Parnes asked the Council if there was any objection to the zoning application. Hearing none, the Council endorsed the expansion plans.

    2. 9:30

      • Proponent: Edward L. Donohue, on behalf of the applicant, NewPath Networks
      • Action: 2232-MD10-14/NewPath Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Proposal PPT PDF
      • Location: Sully District
        Ed Donohue and two other representatives presented plans for NewPath Distributed Antenna Systems. Mr. Donohue said the DAS cell phone system will attach to Dominion Virginia Power and Verizon utility towers and poles. The DAS system will have 14 nodes connected by fiber. DAS will become the infield coverage areas for residential customers.
        DAS have been approved and installed in the county, first in Great Falls/McLean and then in Oakton/Hunter Mill area. At present, they have phase II of the Oakton/Hunter Mill facilities under review and partially approved (2232-P10-10).
        The referenced application has been submitted for DP&Z review, and they have had discussions with staff, with the Sully Plamnning Commissioner, John Litzenberger, as well as with the Providence District. (The majority of the proposed facilities are located in Sully, however). The Sully DAS is not yet calendared for hearing.
        NewPath is a host-neutral provider. Consequently, different companies may use space in the box and the fiber. Canisters are 6 feet high on top of poles. Canisters can handle up to 8 frequency slots. Therefore, they can handle 3 to 4 carriers. There will be a hub location in the basement of a building. Distribution is by fiber, therefore the antenna size doesn't have to be as big as most cell phone attachments. A node can be up to 10 miles from the hub.
        NewPath wants to introduce their plan to affected neighborhoods. Mr. Parnes suggested they talk to Mike Frey about the different communities that will want to see the plans. They will come back to the SDC and ask for an endorsement at a later time.

  7. Old Business

    Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations is looking for people to represent the Federation on several commissions, committees, and boards. See the agenda for details

  8. New Business

    Mr. Parnes reviewed a number of new issues, and noted upcoming scheduled meetings and activities. See the agenda for details

  9. Upcoming meetings

  10. The meeting adjourned at 10 p.m.

    Respectively submitted by,

    Priscilla Knight
    Sully District Council

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