23 February 2011 Sully District Council Meeting Minutes
by Priscilla Knight, Sully District Council Secretary
  1. Call to Order - President Mark McConn called the regular meeting of the Sully District Council to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Sully District Governmental Center, 4900 Stonecroft Blvd., VA 20151.

  2. Attendance:

    Mark McConn – President, Bull Run Civic Association
    Jeff Parnes – 1st Vice President, Chantilly Highlands Homes Association
    Lewis Grimm – 2nd Vice President, Franklin Farm Foundation
    Priscilla Knight – Secretary, Sully Station II
    Jay Johnston – Treasurer, Virginia Run
    John Litzenberger – Sully Planning Commission
    Brian Hannah – citizen
    Rick Hannah – citizen
    Emerson Cole – Greenbriar Civic Association

  3. The minutes for the 15 December 2010 Sully District Council meeting provided by Jeffrey Parnes are available online. The January meeting was canceled due to inclement weather.

  4. Refer to the agenda for meeting announcements.

  5. Membership Presentation: Fairfax County School Board

    Kathy Smith, chairman, FCPS Board and Sully District member, and Kristen Michael, FCPS, presented the advertised FCPS 2012 budget.
    • FCPS is asking for 3 percent more money.
    • Growth – They anticipate having 2,120 more students in 2012, or a total of 177,416. Therefore, the schools system will need 258 more positions filled. This growth will cost $178 million more. FCPS is forecasting growth for the next four years. Example: The system had 400 more kindergarten students enroll than expected this year.
    • Mr. Litzenberger said the County has not had a comprehensive plan since 1995, because of budget constraints. He said there will be a new plan soon. The plan will help FCPS forecast growth more accurately.
    • Cost to educate – The cost per pupil has gone down since 2007.
      • Fairfax -- $16,729/pupil per year
      • City of Alexandria -- $16,983
      • Arlington -- $17,322
    • For fiscal 2012, employee compensation will be a higher priority. The school will make a 2 percent market scale adjustment. Step increases are included.
    • More than 25 percent of students are eligible for meals and reduced meal assistance – 45,500 students.
    • Unfunded mandate – Schools must make taking the Standard of Learning (SOL) tests available online by 2013, but that means more computers and IT people. FCPS estimates they will need $4 million to meet the mandate.
    • Behavior – Several council members asked about behavior in the schools and forms of punishment/behavior modification. A discussion followed.
    • The School Board performed a study of elementary schools in the western section of the county.

  6. Land Use and Transportation presentation:

    1. 8:30

      • Proponent: Emerson Cale, President of Greenbriar Civic Association
      • Action: Parking Special Exception
      • Location: Greenbriar Community Center on Stringfellow Road
        The new four-lane Configuration of the widened Stringfellow Road with a 16 ft median requires changes to the existing methods of entering and exiting the ball fields and the Center. Today there are three entrances to parking lots. The middle lot entrance to the 60-foot baseball diamond will be eliminated and the present entrance to the Center will become right-in and right out only. The northern most entrance (the old sewage treatment plant entrance) will have a traffic light to allow southbound traffic to make a left turn in. In order to connect all three parking lots, VDOT will build a Parallel access road. The GCA convinced VDOT to add some new parking spaces on the way to the present 14-space lot and add a circle at the entrance to the GCC. The Park Authority has prepared a site plan and the Board of Supervisors approved "Concurrent Processing and Expediting" in Nov. VDOT and its contractors are doing all of the design and construction work. Fairfax office of Comprehensive Planning indicated that the Pre-school had to apply for its own Special Exception.
        See the Statements of Justification for the two applications: Greenbriar Community Center (Parking Lot Special Permit) and the Pleasant Valley Preschool (Special Exception).
        The PC date for the SE is 24 February and the BZA date for the SPA is 2 March. The combined staff report is online, with Staff recommending approval on both.
        Emerson Cole, president of the Greenbriar Civic Association presented plans regarding the association’s Parking Special Exception at the center off of Stringfellow Road. Parking spaces at the new configured park will increase from 14 to 29. The lots will be used by the preschool at the center. The Board of Zoning Appeals handles special permits for parking at pre-schools and the Planning Commission also must approve parking-lot changes.
        Mr. Parnes asked if any SDC members had an objection to having additional parking spaces at the Greenbriar Community Center. Hearing none, the SDC endorsed the special exception.

  7. New Business

  8. The meeting adjourned at 9 p.m. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 23 at 7:00 p.m. The 2012 County Budget will be presented.

    Respectively submitted by,

    Priscilla Knight
    Sully District Council

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