Agenda for 27 April 2011 Sully District Council Meeting
by Jeff Parnes
  1. The Sully District Council will meet at 7:00 p.m. in the Sully District Governmental Center Front Meeting Room, 4900 Stonecroft Boulevard, Chantilly, VA, 20151. The meeting will be canceled if Fairfax County Schools or after school activities are canceled due to adverse weather the day of the meeting.

  2. Time to renew your association's membership in the Sully District Council. Our membership application can now be submitted on line! Please complete it, and then print a copy to enclose with your check.

    The following associations have joined/renewed their memberships in the SDC in 2011:

  3. The March 2011 Sully District Council meeting minutes is posted online.

  4. Membership Presentations:

    1. 7:00

  5. Land Use and Transportation presentations:

    1. 8:30

      • Proponents: Nico Schultz & Brian Winterhalter
      • Action: Comprehensive Plan Amendment 2009-2010 South County APR Item 09-III-1FC
      • Location: Fair Oaks Mall
        Area Plans Review (APR) item #09-III-1FC concerns approx. 134 acres generally located south of Lee-Jackson Memorial Highway (Route 50), north of Interstate 66, and east of Legato Road in the Fairfax Center Area, Springfield Supervisor District. The area is planned for retail and office mixed-use up to 0.50 floor-area ratio (FAR) at the Overlay level. The APR will consider increasing the Overlay level up to 0.65 FAR and adding two options for retail, office, hotel, residential, and supporting uses up to 0.80 FAR for a portion of the area, based on the funding of bus rapid transit, and up to 1.0 FAR for a portion of the area, based on the funding of Metrorail and other conditions. This will be an information brief only as the Board is scheduled to make their decision on the matter on 26 April.

    2. 9:00

      • Proponent: Judy Cronauer, P.E., Code Analysis, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services and Carlton Burkhammer, Battalion Chief, Fire and Rescue Department
      • Action: Design of Public Streets and Sidewalks PFM Amendment
      • Location: Countywide
        On March 29, 2011, the Board authorized the advertisement of the subject PFM amendment. The PFM amendment aligns the county requirements with the state's Secondary Street Acceptance Requirements and the VDOT Road Design Manual in general, except for minimum street widths.
        Due to concerns about the proposed wider minimum street widths, the Board requested that staff conduct more outreach regarding the amendment, particularly to citizen groups and district councils.
        In an effort to address the Board's concerns, staff has posted an article on the county's Newswire. The article can be seen at the following address:
        Staff also has conducted presentations to the Transportation Advisory Commission, the Tree Commission, the Trails and Sidewalk Committee, and the Engineering Standards Review Committee. The Environmental Quality Advisory Council has been notified of the amendment.

  6. Old Business

  7. New Business

  8. Scheduled Meetings/Activities:

  9. 25 May 2011 meeting

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    First Vice President
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