Sully District Council
Minutes of the Council Meeting
26 March 2008

by Jim Neighbors
  1. Summary: The meeting was held on 26 March 2008 at the Sully Government Center, Chantilly, VA. The meeting agenda is available from the SDC website

  2. Attendees
    • Committee members; Derek Dubard (Second Londown Town West), Lewis Grimm (Franklin Farm), Jay Johnston (Virginia Run), Mark McConn (Bull Run), Jim Neighbors (Sully Station), and Jeff Parnes (Chantilly Highlands)
    • Presentors/Guests: Jonathan D. Bondi (Bowman Consulting for Sun Trust Bank), Kevin Greenlief (Fairfax County Dept Tax Administration,) Brian Heffren and Mark Mathews (Fairfax County Dept Management & Budget), Meaghan Kiefer (Sully District Staff), Elizabeth A. McKeeby, Land Use Planner, Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich & Walsh, P.C.

  3. Membership
    • Fairfax County FY 09 Budget.
      • Brian Heffern, Senior Budget Analyst, Department of Management and Budget, Fairfax County
      The Fairfax County staff provided a 2009 proposed budget presentation. Fairfax County total budget is $2.3 billion with 60% of the revenue from real estate assessments. Budget proposals include $120 million in spending cuts. Lower real estate assessments have revenue impact. Average residential and commercial real estate assessments are -3.38% and 7.00% respectively. Consequently, based on a median assessed value of property of $524,076, the homeowner will pay $4,664.28 yearly. The FY 2009 budget will not fund the following programs: full compensation, public safety agency staffing (police patrol officers, fire ladder truck staffing, sheriff positions for detention cells), expanded Code Enforcement Strike Force, additional support of Mental Health Services, Human Services caseload requirements, New School Age Child Care (SACC) rooms, additional support for Child Care and Assistance Program (CCAR), replacement of voting machines, and additional county facility maintenance. In 2010 and 2011, the staff estimates the following conditions: no revenue growth, further real estate market deterioration, 4-5% annually county and school spending, one-time funding replacement (2009-budget balance), $200 million deficit, and multi-year service and revenue options process.

      Brian provided an email response to two questions raised at the meeting:

      • Question 1) What are other Counties/jurisdictions in the region doing regarding employee pay increases?
        As of Friday, March 25th, these are the employee pay proposals that have been put forth in other local jurisdictions respective budget proposals:
        • City of Alexandria: General Employees - Zero COLA and 3.07% merit; Public Safety - Zero COLA and 3.12% merit,
        • Arlington County: General Employees and Public Safety - Zero COLA and 3% merit
        • Loudoun County: General Employees and Public Safety - 3% COLA and 2% merit
        • Montgomery County: General Employees and Public Safety - 4.5% general increase
        • Prince William County: General Employees and Public Safety - > Zero COLA and 3% merit
        • Washington, DC: Unionized Employees - 4% COLA, effective > October, 2008; Non-unionized employees - TBD
        • Fairfax County: General Employees, 50% discount in PFP (thus the maximum will be a 3% raise; Public Safety uniformed 1.48% MRA and 5% step increases for those eligible (45 to 50% in a given year).
        Please remember...these are current proposals and subject to change.

      • Question 2) Are there any plans to change the fee charged for individual citizens who drop off waste/trash at the County facilities. If so from what to what and effective when. Also, is there any discount on "prepaid" cards for this purpose?
        For individual citizens who drop off waste and trash at the County Facilities (I-66 CDF and I-95 CDF), the FY 2009 fees will be the same as in FY 2008, except the Punch Card Program will be discontinued starting July 1, 2008. Due to the construction of I-66 CDF and the inconvenience for citizens when using the facility, Solid Waste felt the time for fee increase was not appropriate.

    • Land Use and Transportation

      1. Presentations:
          Click on the yellow push pin images Yellow Push Pin to view the land-use cases in the Google Earth format to understand the geographic context.

        1. 08:30
          • Proponent: Elizabeth A. McKeeby, Land Use Planner, Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich & Walsh, P.C.
          • Action: Special Exception Application (SE 2008-SU-001)
          • Location: Proposed hotel at 14530 Lee RoadYellow Push Pin
            This was briefed to the committee in April 2007 prior to the filing of this application with Fairfax County. At this point, the special exception application has been officially accepted and the assigned staff coordinator is Suzie Battista. The first meeting was held and they would like to rebrief the committee.

            A land-use planner and hotel developer discussed the special exception to permit a hotel use on the vacant land known at 14530 Lee Road, Chantilly, VA. The hotel is for a medium-size, corporate business market with 100-125 rooms and small meeting rooms (30-40 people). The developer and committee discussed the two-lane bridge on Lee Road just north of the hotel site. Long & Foster Company has a development condition to expand the bridge so the hotel will provide some limited right-of-way on the road. Committee had no major objections to the application.

        2. 9:00
          • Proponent: Jonathan D. Bondi of Bowman Consulting for Sun Trust Bank
          • Action: Special exception application for a drive-in bank
          • Location: Sun Trust Bank located in the Greenbriar Shopping Center Yellow Push Pin

            This an 'information only' presentation to the Sully District Council on behalf of Sun Trust Bank regarding a special exception application for a drive-in bank located in the Greenbriar Shopping Center. Although the property is located in the Springfield District, Sully District is on the north side of Route 50 and may have some input.

            Sun Bank, (the "Applicant") requests approval of a special exception to permit a drive-in financial institution in accordance with Section 9-601 of the Zoning Ordinance. The application property is located approximately .25 of a mile east of the intersection of Lee Jackson Memorial Highway (Route 50) and Stringfellow Road (Route 645) on the south side of Route 50 and is further identified as a 0.529 acre portion of Fairfax County Tax Map 45-1 ((01)) Parcel 10C, (the 'Property').

            The Applicant is the lessee of the Property, currently zoned C-6, Community Commercial Retail and developed with the now vacant Pizza Hut Restaurant. The Property is part of the overall Greenbriar Shopping Center, Parcel 10C, that was previously developed with various neighborhood retail uses under site plan (8012-SP-01-03).

            The Applicant proposes to construct an approximately 3,200 square feet Bank with two drive-through teller windows and 21 surface parking spaces that will serve the Bank. Additionally, ten total stacking spaces (five per each drive-through lane) and an ATM on the front of the building for automated banking service to walk-up customers will be provided

            The Property is located in the BR4 Stringfellow Community Planning Sector of the Bull Run Planning District (Area III) of the Comprehensive Plan and is planned for neighborhood shopping center. The maximum permitted floor area ratio for the C-6 Zoning District is .35 FAR while the existing floor area ratio of the approved overall shopping center plan (8012-SP-01-03) is .27 FAR. The proposed development includes a 3,200 square foot Sun Trust Bank with an FAR of 0.13. The Special Exception area is .529 acres. The proposed Bank is located within an existing neighborhood shopping center and therefore is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.

            1. Type of Operation: The proposed bank will be a drive-in financial institution with two drive-through lanes. The 1st lane will be for a dedicated ATM that will be operational 24 hours a day. The 2nd lane will be a teller operated widow that is open the same hours as the bank.
            2. Hours of Operation: The proposed financial institution will provide banking services to the neighboring area and the Applicant request that the hours of operation permit the banking center to be open for customer business between 9 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 2 PM on Saturday. The Applicant also request that the Drive-In hours of operation be 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 2 PM on Saturday. These hours of operation are consistent with the existing Sun Trust Bank banking services currently being offered at other Sun Trust Bank Branch locations throughout the VA/MD/DC Metro area.
            3. Proposed number of employees: It is anticipated that the bank will employ approximately 15 full-time employees on-site at any one time.

            Sun Trust Bank is applying for a special exemption amendment for a drive-through bank at Greenbrier Shopping Center, Chantilly. The bank will be 3200-foot facility with 21 parking spaces. Additionally, the drive-through will have ATM and teller lanes with five-car stacking capability.

            The Committee recommended that the bank have a meeting with the residents just north of the shopping center about any concerns. Overall, the committee had no major issues with the special exemption application

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