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Land Use and Transportation Committee Presentation Registration Form

  • In light of the recent amendment to the Code of Virginia, the county has provided us with a statement be to read when our land use committee meets with a prospective applicant for a rezoning or proffer condition amendment (PCA) for new residential development and/or new residential use in areas of the County that are not exempt from Virginia Code Section 15.2-2303.4. It is recommended that if our committee is meeting with more than one applicant to read this statement for each rezoning/PCA.
  • Prospective presenters are requested to register on the Land Use and Transportation Committee Presentation Registration Form as a condition of their presentation.
  • All times estimates are provided as a courtesy, presentations will start after the completion of the proceeding presentation, however long it takes. Recommend that presenters be ready at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

  • Our meetings will be at the Sully Governmental Facility

    You will be able to join the meeting by using a WebEx Meeting login which will be available on the meeting agenda to be posted at least an hour before the meeting
    Please login ten minutes before the start of the meeting

    The Next Sully District Council Membership Meeting is scheduled for 16 November 2022

    Topic: Public Facilities Policy Plan Update

    The Public Facilities Branch of DPD is working on the Public Facilities Policy Plan Update in The Countywide Policy Element and are in the Public Input stage and wanted to schedule meetings in the Sully District. The following link has additional information

    This meeting is on the third Wednesday!

    Agenda available late on the day of the meeting

    Previous Sully District Council Meeting Minutes
    Next Sully District Council Meeting Agenda

    The Next Joint Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting is scheduled for 21 November 2022

    You will be able to join the meeting by using a WebEx Meeting log on which will be available on the meeting agenda to be posted at least an hour before the meeting.
    Please login ten minutes before the start of the meeting


    • 7:00 — Affordable Housing Preservation by the Affordable Housing Development Division, Fairfax County Housing and Community Development Presenters:
      • Brianne Fuller, Associate Director, Preservation, Affordable Housing Development Division, Department of Housing and Community Development
      • Graham Owen, Planner IV, Policy & Plan Development, Department of Planning and Development
      • Meghan Van Dam, Branch Chief, Policy & Plan Development, Department of Planning and Development
    • 7:45 — Special exception amendment to expand the existing Costco gas station at the Chantilly Crossing Shopping Center (postponed from September)
    • 8:30 — Rezoning application on 10 + acres to expand that land area to accommodate extra parking to accommodate an optional delivery vehicle fleet, and proposes a significant amount of open space
    • 9:15 — Rezone parcels to the R-3 district to allow for the construction of two single-family detached dwellings.

      Agenda available late on the day of the meeting

      Previous Land Use and Transportation Committee Minutes
      Next Land Use and Transportation Committee Agenda

    Sully District Council in the news!

    Washington Post spotlights our Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting

    Herndon Connection spotlights our Treasurer serving on the County Meals Tax Task Force

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    Sully District is the Western-most Supervisor District in Fairfax County, Virginia. It includes parts of such communities as Centreville, Chantilly, Oak Hill, Navy/Vale and Oakton. The county provides locator maps for schools, libraries, emergency facilities, and delegate and senate districts.

    The Sully District Council is a citizen-run organization whose members are Sully District citizen organizations. Those organizations that choose to join the Sully District Council select their representatives to participate in the Council's various activities.

    Our District Council holds its regularly scheduled monthly meetings in the Sully District Governmental Center, 4900 Stonecroft Boulevard, Chantilly, VA., 20151. The general membership meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month. The Land Use and Transportation Committee meets jointly with the West Fairfax County Citizens association on the third Monday of the month. These meetings may be rescheduled when the meeting would be on holiday or close to a holiday - see the schedules available on the right for the exact days. Meetings start at 7:00 PM.

    Sully District is named for the Sully Historic Site located just east of Washington Dulles International Airport and across from the Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Annex.

    Sully District Supervisor Kathy Smith is our supervisor, taking over after our long-time Supervisor Michael Frey retired after serving the district since it was established after the 1990 census. Although the Sully District Council acts independently from Supervisor Smith, we work together to best serve the citizens of Sully District. The Sully Planning Commissioner refers land use matters to the council's Land Use and Transportation Committee. Both the Sully representatives to the Fairfax County Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC) and Planning Commission frequently attend the committee's meetings.

    General membership meetings highlight issues of interest to the Sully Community. Our annual State of the District meetings feature our Supervisor. Other times we are briefed on the school or county budget by a representative of their respective budget staff, or have the local police or fire station chief as the featured speaker. Various members of the Sully Council attend or have been appointed to countywide commissions or task forces, such as education, trails, or public safety and keep the membership informed.

    Sully District Council is a member of the Fairfax County Federation of Civic Associations (the Federation) and its First Vice-president is a member of the Federation's executive board.

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