Agenda for 15 November 2006 Sully District Council Meeting
by Jeff Parnes
  1. The Sully District Council will meet at 7:00 p.m. in the Sully District Governmental Center meeting room 1, 4900 Stonecroft Boulevard, Chantilly, VA, 20151. The meeting will be cancelled if Fairfax County Schools or after school activities are cancelled due to adverse weather the day of the meeting..

  2. Membership

  3. Land Use and Transportation
    1. Presentations:
      1. 8:30
        • Proponent: Frank Stearns, Venable
        • Action: Rezoning (RZ2006-SU-021)
        • Location: Voss Property (a .5 acre lot that was not part of Lowe Street RZ2004-SU-015 approved by BOS January of 2005)

          The proposal is to rezone the half acre lot that was not part of Lowe Street RZ2004-SU-015 approved by BOS January of 2005. The rezoning to PDH-5 with density of 4.9 units to acre included 27 of 28 lots. Mr. Voss held out. He attended the Land Use Committee meetings when RZ2004-SU-015 was discussed. A developer has now bought out Mr. Voss and applied to rezone his lot to PDH-5 and incorporate into approved FDP. Proposal will result in 2 more lots or effective 4 units to acre density with 35% open space. An Urban Forester is involved in an effort to preserve some mature trees. Chuck Hastings of Chantilly Greens says they have no objection. This would complete the consolidation called for in Comprehensive Plan.

      2. 9:00
        • Proponent: Michael E. Kinney of HUNTON & WILLIAMS LLP for Wolseley Investments, Inc
        • Action: Special exception to permit outdoor storage in association with a warehousing establishment within the Sully Historic Overlay District
        • Location: Northwest quadrant of the intersection between Centerview Drive and Lowe Street

          This Special Exception application (SE 2006-SU-024 ) has been submitted on behalf of Wolseley Investments, Inc. ("Wolesley") to permit outdoor storage in association with a warehousing establishment within the Sully Historic Overlay District. The 4.6 acre subject property, zoned I-6 and WS, is located in the northwest quadrant of the intersection between Centerview Drive and Lowe Street. Article A1-303 of the Zoning Ordinance states:

          • The Board of Supervisors may approve a special exception in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 to allow outdoor storage in association with a warehousing establishment in the I-5 and I-6 Districts if the Board determines that such storage would not be visible from the Sully complex or the approaches to the Sully complex and would not be incompatible with the purpose of this district. To this end, the Board may impose conditions regarding the size, location and screening of such outdoor storage area. (Emphasis added.)

          Specifically, Wolseley proposes to operate a plumbing supply facility that caters to the waterworks industry. To support this type of operation, Wolseley proposes to construct a one story, 15,000 square foot office/warehouse and a paved outdoor storage area of approximately 120,000 square foot. A future building expansion of 7,200 square feet is proposed for the north side of the office/warehouse, which when constructed, will effectively reduce the size of the outdoor storage area to approximately 113,000 square feet. The development has been designed to provide no adverse visual impact upon the Sully complex or the approaches to this historic resource.

          Wolesley will extend Lowe Street to connect to Centerview Drive and will provide extensive perimeter landscaping to preclude the view into the sight from the public right-of-way. Stormwater management requirements will be addressed through the proposed stormwater management dry pond that will be constructed in the northwest portion of the property.

          Wolesley is not requesting any waiver or modification of perimeter screening and buffering. In order to improve the buffer treatment, so as not only to decrease visibility into the site, but to provide a more attractive development, Wolesley will install a six-foot board-on-board fence.

          The Application was reviewed at a work session of the Architectural Review Board (ARB) on November 9, 2006, and will be reviewed by the ARB for action at their December 14, 2006 meeting. The Application is currently scheduled for a January 31, 2007 Planning Commission public hearing.

    2. Old Business

    3. New Business

      • At the Fairfax County Board Of Supervisors Transportation Subcommittee meeting on 16 October 2006 the following presentations were made:

      • DATA cosponsored, with DCRA (Dulles Corridor Rail Association) another seminar on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) on 24 October 2006. These presentations are available in either PDF or PPT formats:
        • TOD and Metro: Roles for Transit, Citizens and Local Government, Nat Bottigheimer, Director, Office of Planning and Project Development, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority PDF PPT
        • What if the Region Grows Differently, Looking at the Alternative Scenarios for the Washington Region, Ronald Kirby, Director of Transportation, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments PDF PPT

    4. Scheduled Meetings/Activities:

      • VDOT meeting on consolidation of maintenance facilities, 1 PM 13 November 2006
        • VDOT District office, 14685 Avion Parkway, Chantilly
        • VDOT will explain its plan to consolidate 91 maintenance facilities by 1 July 2008, discuss the local impacts and collect feedback from local elected officials and citizens.
        • The meeting will give citizens the chance to raise concern or offer additional information to be considered before plan finalization in mid-Ddecember.

      • Final meeting of the Cub Run and Bull Run Community Advisory Committee, 6:30-9:00 PM 14 November 2006
        • Ellanor C. Lawrence park Walney Visitor Center

      • Chantilly Runway meeting, 7:30 PM 14 November
        • Chantilly residents concerned about the noise that may be caused by airplanes landing and taking off from Dulles Airport's new north-south meeting are hosting a meeting at Chantilly Bible Church, 4390 Pleasant Valley Road.
        • Residents hope to discuss their concerns with officials and representatives from the Airport

      • Fairfax County Planning Commission's Transit-Oriented Development Committee will hold its final meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 15, from 7 to 8 p.m.
        • Rooms 2/3, Fairfax County Government Center, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax
        • The committee has been working since May to refine principles for transit-oriented development in Fairfax County. Currently, a draft of those principles is available on the county's Web site at A revised draft will be provided online on Monday, Nov. 13.

      • Help Shape Virginia’ s Outdoors -- Virginia Outdoors Plan Public Meetings in Northern Virginia on November 15th - at 3:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m.
        • Meeting Location: Northern Virginia Regional Commission 3060 Williams Drive, Suite 510 Fairfax, VA 22031
        • Contact Doug Pickford, NVRC (703) 642-4623 or
        • The Virginia Outdoors Plan is the Commonwealth's official conservation, outdoor recreation, and open space plan, and it is intended to serve as a guide to all levels of government and the private sector in meeting the land conservation, outdoor recreation, and open space needs of the state. The 2007 Virginia Outdoors Plan (VOP) will be the 9th produced in Virginia in accordance with § 10.1-200 of the Code of Virginia. In addition, the plan serves as a guidance document for the protection of lands through actions of the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation (VLCF). Its development is also necessary to meet requirements for Virginia's participation in the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LCWF) program. Public input meetings for the Virginia Outdoors Plan will be held across the state. The draft text and locations and schedule of the meeting may be queried using the following link:
        • Comments on the draft 2007 Virginia Outdoors Plan are due December 15, 2006. Comments may be e-mailed to or via US mail to John Davy at Department of Conservation and Recreation, 203 Governor Street, Suite 326, Richmond, VA 23219.

      • Town Meeting on Deer Population in the Cub Run Stream Valley November 27, 2006 at 7 p.m.
        • Where: Deer Park Elementary Cafeteria 15109 Calbern Dr., Centreville, VA
        • Topics to be discussed include Lyme disease, how the herd in the Cub Run Stream Valley and surrounding areas impacts residents, and what, if any, actions should be taken by the county. The County Wildlife Biologist will be attending, as well as county staff from the Health Department and Animal Control.

      • Public Information Meeting Mount Gilead Master Plan November 28, 2006 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
        • The Fairfax County Park Authority has initiated a public planning process to develop a master plan for Mount Gilead, a historic site located at 5634 Mount Gilead Road in Centreville. To kick-off this planning process, a public information meeting will be held in the cafeteria at Union Mills Elementary School, 13611 Springstone Drive, in Clifton.
        • Mount Gilead, an approximately 7 acre property in the heart of the Centreville Historic District, draws its name from the most prominent feature within the site, the Mount Gilead house, built circa 1785. The site is owned and maintained by the Fairfax County Park Authority. In addition to the historic house, the site contains a wealth of cultural, natural, and archeological resources that represent the historical development of Centreville. This meeting will feature a presentation about the site’s current conditions and future uses, and the park masterplanning process. Following the presentation, the meeting will continue with a moderated question-and-answer session to identify community issues and concerns, and to gather suggestions for future features and activities.
        • Future meetings will be held as the process progresses to update the community on the status of the proposed master plan, and to garner further feedback from the community. Once the draft master plan is completed, it will be presented for comment to the community through a public hearing, anticipated to be held in the Spring 2007.
        • If accommodations and/or alternative formats are needed, please call (703) 324-8563, at least 10 working days in advance of the registration deadline or event. TTY (703) 803-3354

      • Tree Planting, 9 am - 1 PM Sat Dec 2
        • Rte 28 and Air & Space Museum Parkway, South West cloverleaf; NV ADC Map#4, Grid K-1.

      • Conservation Easement Breakfast Seminar--Learn About Possible Tax Benefits Saturday, December 2, 2006 from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.
        • Location: Hilton Alexandria Mark Center 5000 Seminary Road, Alexandria
        • The Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT), a Virginia based non-profit land trust that is a leader in land conservation will host "A Breakfast Conservation Easement Seminar."
        • "This seminar is for landowners, attorneys, accountants or anyone who wants to learn about the tax benefits of placing a piece of land under a voluntary conservation easement. People need to know easements are a great way to protect the natural integrity and beauty of the land, and about the possible federal, state, and local tax benefits of an easement. NVCT can accept easements on small pieces of land if there is conservation and public benefit along with larger pieces of land. We hope many people will come and learn more on December 2. " said Michael Nardolilli, NVCT President.
        • A conservation easement is a simple legal agreement between a landowner and a government agency or a non-profit conservation organization that places permanent limits on the future development of the property in order to protect the conservation values of the land. The easement may also specifically protect natural, scenic or historic features of the property. Each easement is unique. The easement terms are negotiated between the landowner and a public agency or a qualified conservation organization. Except for rights explicitly given up in the easement document, the landowner continues to own, use and control the land. The landowner can still decide who has access to the property and for what purpose, just as before. An easement is a particularly useful tool for ensuring protection of the land's natural beauty because an easement lasts forever - it binds not only the current landowner, but also all subsequent owners of the property.
        • Free and open to the public. Breakfast served. Space is limited. Reservations required. RSVP to or 703-354-5093 x 22 by November 29.

    5. Planned for 20 December 2006 Meeting

      • Membership:

      • Land Use and Transportation
        1. Presentations:
          1. 8:00
            • Proponent:
            • Action:
            • Location:

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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