27 April 2016 Sully District Council Meeting Minutes
by Jim Neighbors, Secretary
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    1. Land Use and Transportation Committee:
      1. 8:30 -- Rockland Village Rezoning Application - RZ 2016-SU-003
        • Proponent: Bob Brandt, Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh, P.C. for Carrhomes, LLC
        • Action: RZ 2016-SU-003
        • Location: Near the intersection of Vernon and Elmwood streets, south of RT 50
        • The firm recently filed a rezoning application on behalf of Carrhomes, LLC (the "Applicant") seeking to rezone approximately 2.32 acres of land located in the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Elmwood Street and Vernon Street. The property consists of five individual parcels, identified among the Fairfax County tax map records as 34-4 ((6)) 49, 68, 69, 70 and A2 (the "Subject Property"), located behind the Pohanka Lexus dealership in Chantilly. The Subject Property is currently developed with the Chantilly Wesleyan church, and a single family home that is currently owned by the church.
          The Applicant proposes to rezone the Subject Property from the R-1 to the R-12 District. The application has been accepted by Fairfax County, and Carmen Bishop has been assigned as the staff coordinator. As more fully discussed in the attached Statement of Justification and Generalized Development Plan that were submitted with the rezoning application, the Applicant proposes to develop the Subject Property with twenty-four (24) townhomes, which is consistent with the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan.
          The rezoning application is currently scheduled for a hearing before the Planning Commission on July 27, but based on preliminary feedback received from staff, the hearing may be moved to an earlier date.
        • Meeting Notes: The council had no major objections to the application.

      2. 9:15 -- Fast Food restaurant in Chantilly Place Shopping Center
        • Proponent: Susan Yantis, Senior Land Use Planner, Hunton & Williams LLP
        • Action: Special Exception Amendment SEA 88-S-077-07
        • Location: Chantilly Place Shopping Center, Willard Road, East of Rt 28
        • This would allow the development of a proposed drive-through use associated with a fast food restaurant within the Chantilly Place Shopping Center on approximately 1.415 acres identified on the Fairfax County Tax Map as parcel 44-1-((9))-6 (the "Property").
          The Property is located along Willard Road between the newly renovated Sunoco service station/quick service food store/car wash and the easternmost entrance to Chantilly Place. The Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for May 25th. Mike Lynskey is the Staff Coordinator.
        • Meeting Notes: The planned opening is in late 2017 and council had no major objections to the application.

  7. Items of General Interest:
  8. NEXT MEMBERSHIP MEETING - Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Respectively submitted by,

Jim Neighbors
Sully District Council

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