Agenda for 22 July 2015 Sully District Council Board and Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting
by Jeff Parnes
  1. The Sully District Council of Citizen Associations Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting will meet at 7:00 p.m. on 22 July 2015 in the Sully District Governmental Center Front Meeting Room, 4900 Stonecroft Boulevard, Chantilly, VA, 20151. Following the land Use and transportation Committee meeting the SDC Executive committee will meet to plan the remainder of the 2015 meeting schedule, all members are welcome to stay. The meeting will be canceled if Fairfax County Schools or after school activities are canceled due to adverse weather the day of the meeting.
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  6. Land Use and Transportation Committee:
    1. 7:00 -- Special permit for commercial recreation
      • Proponent: Sara V. Mariska, Walsh Colucci Lubeley & Walsh PC
      • Action: Special permit application (SP 2015-SU-080) to allow a commercial recreation use in an existing building
      • Location: Fairfax County Tax Map Reference 24-2 ((1)) 12A (13996, 13998, 14000, and 14002 Park Center Road)

      • The Subject Property is currently improved with four (4) buildings that are zoned to the I-5 District and used for office use, warehouse use, and establishments for production. The Applicant leases four (4) bays that are addressed as 13996, 13998, 14000, and 14002 Park Center Road.
        The Applicant currently operates an establishment for production and processing with associated retail within the four (4) bays, but is now requesting a special permit to allow up to 7 sports courts within the four (4) bays that total approximately 35,520 square feet. The courts will be used primarily for practices or volleyball matches for leagues in the area. There will also be a small snack bar and accessory retail space for the convenience of athletes. No exterior construction is proposed and the Applicant intends only interior improvements to allow use of a space when most other uses in the industrial park are not operational. This use will fill a vital community need.
        The special permit is scheduled for a hearing before the BZA on July 29

    2. 7:20 -- Special exception amendment related to a service station (Westfields Sunoco)
      • Proponent: Sara V. Mariska, Walsh Colucci Lubeley & Walsh PC
      • Action: SEA 97-Y-002-2 to modify their current conditions that prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages
      • Location: 5000 Westone Plaza (Tax Map 44-3 ((6)) 21D)

      • See the SE application
        The application is scheduled for a Planning Commission hearing on September 30.

    3. 7:50 -- PCA for Timber Ridge
      • Proponent: Sara V. Mariska, Walsh Colucci Lubeley & Walsh PC
      • Action: Proffered Conditions Amendment to substitute townhouses for offices
      • Location: Dulles Suburban Center, Land Unit D-3, Timber Ridge (Tax Map Parcel 24-4 ((1)) 6B4). The Timber Ridge development project is located on the west side of Centreville Road, north of Wall Road and east of the HP campus.

      • In attempt to get feedback on their proposal, the developers met with residents of Franklin Farm and Chantilly Highlands communities, whose developments are located on the east side of Centreville Road. The notes from the 15 April 2015 meeting, as well as site plans and aerial views of the parcel, are posted on the Chantilly Highlands website.
        In April, county staff briefed the SDC on the BOS own motion to allow the approved office use to be replaced with residential uses -- specifically town-homes. We indicated we would not object to the plan amendment, however, we still have concerns about the overall impact of commercial to residential land-use conversion in western Fairfax County.

    4. 8:30 -- Shell station at Rt 50 and Downs Dr
      • Proponent: Keith Martin, Tramonte, Yeonas, Roberts & Martin PLLC
      • Action: SE 2015-SU-018
      • Location: Located at corner of 50 and Downs Drive

      • SE to legitimize previous owners improvements without site plan or permit and to dedicate Route 50 service drive
        PC Date 8 Oct, William O'Donnell-Staff

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  12. The Sully District Council does not hold membership meetings during the summer months of July and August, therefore the next membership meeting is Monday 21 September 2015 (Third Monday - Yom Kippur Conflict):

  13. If necessary, the Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee will on 26 August

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
First Vice President
Sully District Council

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