Agenda for 27 May 2015 Sully District Council Meeting
by Jeff Parnes
  1. The Sully District Council of Citizen Associations, followed by a brief Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting, will meet at 7:00 p.m. on 27 May 2015 in the Sully District Governmental Center Front Meeting Room, 4900 Stonecroft Boulevard, Chantilly, VA, 20151. The meeting will be canceled if Fairfax County Schools or after school activities are canceled due to adverse weather the day of the meeting.

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  4. Membership Presentation:

    • Topic: Report from Richmond by Sully State Legislators
      • State Senators
        • Janet Howell (32nd District) - Confirmed (may arrive late)
        • Jennifer Wexton (33rd District) -
        • Chap Petersen (34th District) -
        • David Marsden (37th District) - Confirmed
        • George Barker (39th District) -
      • House of Delegates
        • Kenneth Plum (36th District) -
        • Dave Bulova (37th District) - Confirmed
        • Timothy Hugo (40th District) - Confirmed (may need to leave early)
        • Jim LeMunyon (67th District) - Confirmed
        • Tom Rust (86th District) - Confirmed

  5. Land Use and Transportation Committee:

    1. 8:30 - Regency Centers @ Commonwealth Centre
      • Proponent: Susan Yantis, Senior Land Use Planner, Hunton & Williams LLP
      • Action: Comprehensive Plan Amendment 2015-III-DS1 and Proffered Condition Amendment/Final Development Plan Amendment 2006-SU-025-02
      • Location: Commonwealth Center is located immediately east of the interchange at Route 28/Westfields Boulevard
        Commonwealth Centre consists of approximately 101 acres and was approved in 2007 for development of 1.41 million square feet of office, hotel and retail uses.. The Applicant, Regency Centers, proposes to substitute for a 21-acre portion of the approved office and hotel uses at Commonwealth Centre a Wegmans Market and other complimentary restaurant and retail uses intended to serve Westfields employees, visitors and nearby residents.

    2. 9:00 - Sully Plaza Sign SEA 89-Y-035
      • Proponent: Inda E. Stagg, Senior Land Use Planner, on behalf of Combined Properties
      • Action: SEA 89-Y-035 application to replace the existing shopping center sign
      • Location: Sully Plaza Shopping Center - 13960 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway (north of Rt. 50 and east of Centreville Road))
        A SEA application has been filed on behalf of Combined Properties to replace the existing Sully Plaza Shopping Center sign. This application has been formally accepted. The Tax map identification is 34-4 ((1)) 16C pt. The case number is SEA 89-Y-035 with the Planning Commission date set for 16 September. Sharon Williams is the Staff Coordinator.
        The proposed sign is larger and taller than permitted by the Ordinance. This is similar to Combined Properties' recently approved request to replace the Chantilly Plaza Shopping Center sign. At issue, once again, is visibility and the need for more prominent tenant recognition. The existing sign is in conformance with the permitted height and size of a shopping center sign. The proposed sign is more attractive (in Inda's opinion) and more visible; it is also taller and larger than permitted. The graphic shows the existing and proposed signs side-by-side.
        Sully Plaza Sign SEA Comparison
        The application includes "modifications to a drive-in bank". They were required to include an existing bank's use in this application because a previous SE was approved on the property for the bank, SE 89-Y-035. They needed to amend that old application to add the sign request and to remove one parking space (to accommodate landscaping around the new sign). No revisions to the existing bank building or its use are proposed with this application.

    3. 9:30 - SE 2015-SU-017 approval to allow a drive-through bank
      • Proponent: Inda E. Stagg, Senior Land Use Planner, on behalf of BBCN Bank
      • Action: SE 2015-SU-017 application approval to allow a drive-through bank
      • Location: 13890 Braddock Road (TM 54-4 ((1)) 87D pt.)
        This is an office building located immediately south of the shopping center located south of Lee Highway, east of Old Centerville Road, and north of Braddock Road. The shopping center contains "Spa World" as a tenant. The office location is highlighted in yellow in the portion of the tax map below.
        BBCN Bank
        BBCN is seeking SE approval to allow a drive-through bank in an existing building. No new construction is proposed. This case is a little strange because a SE was previously approved for this use in this location, the building was constructed for the use (with drive through lanes and a canopy), and it was used as a drive-through bank for a number of years. Unfortunately, the bank that was using the drive-through left. The drive-through use was not operated on the property for more than two years and the use expired. Now a bank wants to reoccupy the space, but can't without new SE approval.
        Here's a photograph of the existing building and drive-though:
        BBCN Bank
        Here are the submission materials

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  7. New Business

  8. Items of General Interest:

  9. Scheduled Meetings/Activities:

  10. Next Membership Meeting 25 June 2015:

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
First Vice President
Sully District Council

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