25 May 2011 Sully District Council Meeting Minutes
by Judith Heisinger, Secretary pro tem
  1. Call to Order - President Mark McConn called the regular meeting of the Sully District Council to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Sully District Governmental Center, 4900 Stonecroft Blvd., VA 20151.

  2. Attendance:

    Council Members:
    Lewis Grimm – 2nd Vice President, Franklin Farm Foundation
    Jay Johnston – Treasurer, Virginia Run
    Mark McConn – President, Bull Run Civic Association
    John Moore – Brookfield Civic Association
    Jim Neighbors – Sully Station
    Jeff Parnes – 1st Vice President, Chantilly Highlands Homes Association
    Dave Marsden – State Senator, 37th district
    Mark Herring – State Senator, 33rd district
    Tom Rust – State Delegate, 86th district
    Chap Petersen – State Senator, 34th district
    Lisa Brown – Chantilly Patch
    Mary Ann Cannon – Congressman Frank Wolf's Office
    Al Francese – Little Rocky Run
    Judith Heisinger – Bull Run Civic Association
    John Litzenberger – Sully Planning Commissioner
    Will Radle – Lee District

  3. The minutes for the 27 April 2011 Sully District Council meeting provided by Jeff Parnes, Secretary pro tem, are available online.

  4. Refer to the May agenda for meeting announcements.

  5. Membership Presentation:

    1. 7:00
      • Report form Richmond
        Presented by Senators Mark Herring, Chap Petersen and Dave Marsden and Delegate Rust
      • Presentation notes
        • Senator Mark Herring
          • Virginia's Economy is growing - 55,000 new jobs - many from major companies
          • Transportation:
            • Construction and Maintenance funding was short $1.8 million
            • Recent state action issued bonds on anticipation of federal funding - $650 Million state, $1.2 Billion federal, will fund 900 projects over the next 2.5 years
            • Funding for Rt 50 widening from Rt 28 to South Riding
          • Education:
            • 100,000 graduates
            • Getting more NVA students in Virginia Universities
            • Undocumented immigrants do not qualify for in-state tuition
            • College funding depends on the mix of in state and out of state students
          • It was a productive session
            • Budget passed unanimously
            • Economic revenues once again higher
            • Public education brings a skilled workforce - businesses benefit
            • Innovation drives economic growth, research and development in NO VA
            • Redistricting still underway

        • Senator Dave Mars den
          • The Federal contribution to Virginia's transportation funding is not a long term fix
          • Last year Virginia showed a $400 million surplus, with some of the money going back to public education

        • Senator Chap Petersen
          • Citizenship has to mean something - why he's in favor of redistricting in state tuition and medicare to legal residents (The US Government requires K-12 education to be made available to all)
          • VA law mirrors federal law - must be present to get benefits
          • Hirers are responsible for checking legal status

        • Question and Answer Session
          • Redistricting will yield the outer suburbs more seats in No VA in Loudoun and Prince William counties
          • The state's Local Composite Index for determining education funding was revised with 29 beneficiaries. No further formula change is expected
          • VA must balance its budget each year - previous budgets were balanced by efficiencies and cuts to public education which hurts smaller jurisdictions
          • The Commonwealth Transportation Board will allocate funds not by formula but by need
          • The metro gas tax of 7 cents a gallon goes to Metro (WMATA), to have it stay in VA would require agreement by all three entities - VA MD and DC - highly unlikely
          • There isn't enough funding to support subdivision repaving (for instance, some roads in Rocky Run are over 25 years old)
          • State funding is directed to primary roads to the detriment of secondary roads
          • The state allocated $530 million for maintenance, which is still not sufficient
          • There are two stops proposed for Dulles rail in Loudoun County - if Loudoun pulls out it will hurt them
          • There's no retail/commercial density along I66 to support a tax district to fund rail on 66 as in the Dulles corridor, Bus Rapid Transit is being explored
          • BRT might cost $250 Million, with 5-6 stops with dedicated ramps. BRT buses might be equipped with wifi and bathrooms
          • The legislature would probably not support giving the Governor more than one term - it likes the fact that it is more powerful because of the one-term limitation
          • The gas tax is not indexed. We may need to explore taxing based on miles driven rather than gallons used
          • Although VA is in favor of off shore drilling, the royalties go to the Federal government not the states, and it is unlikely that the US Senate, with a majority of non-coastal states being represented, would allow a change to the funding
          • Congestion affects quality of life - the legislature tries not to touch core expenses - gas, food and medicine
          • Another way of raising transportation funding would be to enact a user fee based on miles traveled -- the information is already gathered during the annual state inspection
          • In No VA we have relatively short distance commutes that take long times, in the rest of Virginia they have short commuting times but longer distance commutes
          • Any solution would have to consider both situations,
          • It will take vision and guts to resolve the transportation funding issue

  6. Land Use and Transportation presentation:

  7. Upcoming meetings

  8. The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

    Respectively submitted by,

    Jeffrey Parnes
    1st Vice President
    Sully District Council

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