Sully District Council
Minutes of the Council Meeting
23 February 2008

by Jim Neighbors
  1. Summary: The meeting was held on 27 February 2008 at the Sully Government Center, Chantilly, VA.

  2. Attendees
    • Committee members; Jay Johnston (Virginia Run), Mark McConn (Bull Run), Jim Neighbors (Sully Station), and Jeff Parnes (Chantilly Highlands)
    • Presentors/Guests: Jane Kelsey (Jane Kelsey & Associates), Keith C. Martin, Shelby McKnight (Staff Coordinator Zoning Evaluation Division Department of Planning & Zoning Fairfax County), Saeid Rahnavard, Vahid K. Amin

  3. Summary: The meeting was on February 27, 2008 at the Sully Government Center, Chantilly, VA.

  4. The Honorable Kathy Smith, Sully School Board Supervisor, and Deirdra McLaughlin, Assistant Supervisor for Financial Services in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), provided a presentation about the 2009 FCPS budget. Total school budget is $2.3 billion with a projected deficit of $120 million. Budget will eliminate the following programs: K-2 initiative for at-risk students, textbook adoption, and time out rooms. Additionally, the budget will reduce assistive technology teachers, central office support, class size expenditures, general education instructional assistants, and inclusive schools resource teachers. Average cost per pupil is $13,407 in FCPS. Newsweek has all FCPS high schools in the top three percent in the nation including Langley and Oakton High Schools in the top 100 schools.

  5. Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services Planning and Design Division had a presentation about the Fair Oaks Police and Fire/Rescue Station at 12300 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway. Fairfax County will renovate and expanse the complex over the next three years. The expansion includes 17,000 square feet for the police station and 2,000 square feet for the fire/rescue station. Council had no major issues with the renovation.

  6. Fairfax County Park Authority presented public hearing information about the Stout Property adjacent to the Sully Historic Site. The property is on the east end of Barnsfield Road in Chantilly and serves as a buffer between the Sully Historic Site and Dulles Discovery Development. Park Authority wants to use its eminent domain power to condemn the property to protect historic and cultural resources (Manassas Gap Railroad built in the 1850s).

  7. A lawyer and land-use planner had a presentation for a special exemption amendment in Chantilly. The location is at the corner of Stonecroft Blvd and Stonecroft Center Court. United Auto Group wants to change the plan from one building (70,000 square feet) to two buildings (total of 65,000 square feet) and a car wash (5,000 square feet). Construction will probably begin in fall 2008 with completion in summer 2009. Council had no issues with the application.

  8. The attached files are the land-use cases in the Google Earth format to understand the geographic context.

  9. The next Sully District Citizens Council meeting is on March 26, 2008 at the Sully Government Center, 4900 Stonecroft Blvd, Chantilly, VA at 7:00 PM.


  10. Membership

    • No Presentation

  11. Land Use and Transportation

      1. Presentations:
        1. 7:00

        2. 7:30
          • Proponent: Keith C. Martin
          • Action: Rezoning (RZ 2007-SU-005) from R-1 to R-2 for 3 30,000 sf single family lots
          • Location: 2.2 acre parcel on West Ox Rd sandwiched between Franklin Farm and Franklin Corner
          June 27 PC Billy O'Donnell staff coordinator.
          Mr. Martin also made a presentation about a rezoning from a lower-density residential to a higher-density for three (30,000 square feet) single-family lots. The location is on West Ox Road between Franklin Farm and Franklin Corner. A temporary road from West Ox Road will support major construction activities. Additionally, each home will have rain garden and the homeowner will be responsible. The committee recoommended approval pending favorable Fairfax County staff report.

        3. 8:00

        4. 8:30 The owner is requesting a re-zoning from the light-intensity industrial district to general industrial district to permit the operation of warehousing with associated retail and/or other proffered uses. The property located on the north side of Lee Jackson Memorial Highway (Route 50), approximately 0.17 mile east of the Loudon County line. The site surrounded by vacant properties to the north, east, Route 50 to the south, and wholesale warehousing and storage facilities to the west. The owner will have a similar architecture style as rest of RT-50 retail. The FC Planning Commission Public Hearing date is July 12, 2007 with a pending staff report. They were asked to return in June 2007.

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