Sully District Council
Minutes of the Council Meeting
28 March 2007

by Jim Neighbors
  1. Summary:  The meeting was held on March 28, 2007 at the Sully Government Center, Chantilly, VA. The committee had one presentation from a developer.

  2. Land Use and Transportation Meeting
    • Presentations:
      1. 7:30
        • Proponent: Kami Moradi
        • Action: SP for an indoor soccer/sports facility/office
        • Location: Stonecroft Blvd, north of Rt. 50, at Murdock St
        The lawyer and owner for an indoor soccer/sport complex provided a short presentation. The new complex will be at the Murdock Street/Stonecroft Blvd intersection and will have two full-size fields and one small training field. The council has some concerns about parking and lighting.

  3. Membership Meeting
    • Presentation: Report from the Legislature
        Presented by:
      • Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R - 37th District)
      • Delegate Chuck Caputo (D - 67th District) and
      • Delegate Thomas Rust (R - District 86)
    • The State senators and delegates discussed the new transportation bill and potential impacts in Northern Virginia. With a combination of user impact fees and other taxes, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority will get over $500 million for transportation improvements in the near future. The BRAC and Fort Belvoir transportation improvements are not part of the 2007 transportation bill. In addition, the General Assembly is supporting a number of telecommuting initiatives with state and local government personnel.

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