Agenda for 27 September 2006 Sully District Council Membership meeting, followed by the Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting
by Jeff Parnes
  1. The Sully District Council will meet at 7:00 p.m. in the Sully District Governmental Center meeting room 1, 4900 Stonecroft Boulevard, Chantilly, VA, 20151

  2. The Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee will meet following the General Membership Meeting

    1. Presentations:

      • 8:00
        • Proponent: Leonard Wolfenstein and/or Dan Stevens of Fairfax County Office of Transportation
        • Action: Transportation Plan-generated technical corrections to the Area Plans that will be discussed at the Planning Commission in October
        • Location: Planning districts in Areas 2 and 3 in and close to Sully
          The Board of Supervisors adopted the Transportation Plan Map in July. The Office of Transportation will go to the Planning Commission in October for another public hearing to adopt "technical corrections" to the Area Plans. Before the public hearing they would like to come to a meeting of the Sully District Council of Citizen Associations to present the technical corrections that will be discussed at the public hearing. Here is a PDF version of the proposed changes for Sully and adjoining districts that will be discussed at today's meeting.

      • 8:30
        • Proponent: Ben Thompson
        • Action: Rezoning with Development Plan
        • Location: Lincoln/EDS property between Rt 28 and Centreville Road, North of Wall Road and EDS Drive
          Follow-on briefing: They have been working with Staff over the past several months to refine the specifics of this application and will go before the Planning Commission on Nov 16.

      • 9:00
        • Proponent: Keith Martin
        • Action: An out-of-turn comprehensive plan amendment, So5-III-FC1, would add an option for independent living facility for up to 200 elderly units subject to several guidelines
        • Location: Middleton property, south of Frying Pan and north of Park Center roads, east of Rt 28
          Follow-on briefing: Comp Planning staff is working on the long awaited Comp Plan amendment for the Middleton property and should hold public hearings in November.

      • 9:30
        • Proponent: Jeff Saxe
        • Action: An out-of-turn comprehensive plan amendment
        • Location: Dulles Discovery, between Rt 28 and Centreville Road, south of Wall Road and north of Barnesfield Road and Air and Space Annex Parkway
          Follow-on briefing: Jeff will present the latest rezoning and special exception plans for Dulles Discovery. The cases are scheduled for PC hearing on 11/29 so a return visit in October is possible if it is needed. They were last before our committee on the Comp. Plan Amendment on March 6, 2006 when the Committee passed a motion of "no objection" the Comp. Plan Amendment which was later passed by the Board of Supervisors on May 1, 2006.

      • 10:00

      • Old Business (8:00):

      • New Business (8:30):
        • From a recent Mark Herring newsletter (33rd Senatorial District)
          • Rt 28 An addition funding of $7 million brings the total for improvements from Rt 50 from Rt 28 to Pollard Road to $30 million.
          • Centreville Road Widening from Frying Pan Road to West Ox Road is now in the design stage. Acquisition of right-of-way is now underway and utility relocation will start in mid-2008. Road construction is anticipated to start in spring 2009.
          • West Ox Road The current widening should be complete this month. Construction of the second section from Ox Trail to Penderbrook Drive is expected to begin in early in 2007 VDOT's project team has already begun early relocation of a water main. The second section is scheduled for completion at the end of 2008.

      • Scheduled Meetings:

        • Regional Leadership Conference on Green Building - Best Practices and Policies for Local Government and the Region
          • When: Friday, Sept. 29th 2006 8:30 am - 3:30 PM
          • Where: University of Maryland Conference Center Adelphi, MD

            This conference offers a unique opportunity for elected officials, local government professionals, and all those who care about the state of green building in the region to explore best practices, learn from experts, discuss existing challenges, and engage in dialogue about what our local governments can do to promote and strengthen green building in all sectors­both public and private. Space is limited so please register early.

            Elected officials from COG member jurisdictions are invited to attend for free. Thanks to the generous support from a number of cosponsors, the registration fee for all others is only $40, to include continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon ice cream social!

            Sponsored by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Maryland Energy Administration, the District of Columbia Energy Office, the Virginia Energy Office, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

            Call 202-962-3355 for more information or go to for a detailed program description and registration form.

        • Virginia Conservation Network Presents the 2006 Virginia Environmental Assembly
          • When: Friday - Saturday, 29 -30 Sept.
          • Where: Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School, Falls Church, Virginia

            Cooling the Commonwealth: - Better Communities Today, a Better Climate Tomorrow

            Interested in exhibiting? Contact Suzanne Ankrum at or 804-644-0283. Find the exhibitor's form here

        • You and your neighbors are invited to attend a Citizen's Town Hall Meeting to help set an citizen's agenda to guide growth in Fairfax County
          • When: Tuesday, October 3rd from 7:30-9:00 pm
          • Where: Oakton High School Auditorium, 2900 Sutton Rd, Oakton, VA

            Choked Roads and Transit! Choked Classrooms! Choked Parks, Fields & Trails!

            There’s a better way to build Fairfax County! Make sure that Tysons Corner, Dunn Loring, Merrifield, Route 1, Mount Vernon, Western Fairfax, and Hunter Mill Road area and future developments across county conform to a new 12-point CITIZENS' AGENDA FOR RESPONSIBLE GROWTH.



            • Providence District Council
            • Fairfax Citizens for Responsible Growth, Inc.
            • Wedderburn Neighbors
            • Hunter Mill Defense League
            • South County-Fairgrowth
            • Pimmit Hills Civic Association
            • Mosby Woods Improving Our Quality of Life Coalition
            • Friends of Accotink
            • Southwest Vienna Citizens Association
            Doors open at 7 PM. Come early to register, pick up handouts and network with others. Invite your neighbors.

        • Upcoming Planning Commission Transit-Oriented Development committee meetings
          • When: Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 7:00 PM
          • Where: Government Center rooms 4/5, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax.

            Planning Commission's TOD Committee meetings and for your interest in being kept up-to-date on the committee's efforts

            For additional information on schedule, past meeting materials, an updated resource list, and general information about the process, please see

            A draft of strawman guidelines can be found at the TOD website under the August 2nd meeting date. Please send your comments on this draft to .

        • The 23rd Green Breakfast
          • When: Saturday, October 7 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.
          • Where: Old Country Buffet Fair City Mall - Route 236 (Main Street) and Pickett Road in Fairfax City
          • Program: "Is Our Air Safe to Breathe?
          • Speakers: Harriet West, Director, Clean Air Partners, WashCOG, Jim Gorby, Director, Department of Vehicle Services, Fairfax County
          • Cost: About $7.50 Pay the cashier as you arrive. If a senior, ask for the discount. No reservations are necessary.

            Many factors affect the quality of the air in Fairfax County. The Washington region is considered a single unit in the eyes of EPA, so if one jurisdiction does not meet air quality standards, the entire region fails. In addition, the region is the "beneficiary" of polluted air originating outside the area. Fairfax County is striving to improve its air quality with a number of programs and actions. Get the latest information from our speakers, and ask them questions to enhance your knowledge of this important topic.

            Note: You may bring flyers on your organization's events and activities. There will be a time for announcements.

            If you have friends or associates who would like to receive notices about the Green Breakfasts, events and environmental issues, please provide their e-mail addresses.

        • Cub Run and Bull Run Advisory Committee (CAC)
          • When: Tuesday, November 14, 6:30-9:30

            The watershed plan for Cub Run and Bull Run is nearing the end of the final phase of editing and changes!

            The CAC will meet soon to review and adopt the final watershed plan that reflects public and county and CAC comments.

            This last meeting will also include an important discussion about next steps for community CAC members - how to be involved in the implementation phase. .

      • Planned for 24 October Meeting

        • 7:30
          • Proponent:
          • Action:
          • Location:
    Respectfully submitted,

    Jeffrey M. Parnes
    Chair, Sully District Council
    Land Use and Transportation Committee

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