Sully District Council
Approved Minutes of the Council Meeting
26 January 2005

by John G. Swanson, Secretary
  1. President Mark McConn called the meeting to order at 7:31 p.m. at the Sully District Government Building.

  2. In attendance were Members Judith Heisinger, Bull Run Civic Association; Chuck Hastings, Chantilly Green; Jay Johnston, Virginia Run; John Swanson, Franklin Farm; Carol Hawn(7:44PM), Old Mill; and Jeff Parnes(7:50PM), Chantilly Highlands.

  3. Approval of Minutes
    • There were no minutes from the previous meeting to approve as they were approved via email among the executives.

  4. The Supervisorís email newsletter was discussed, and in that it contains valuable information, all members are encouraged to sign up for automatic distribution.

  5. Highlights of the School Budget were discussed, with various aspects receiving significant attention. Important dates were reviewed, and can be found at the Sully District web site within the budget proposal.

  6. The County Executive will present the county budget to the Board Of Supervisors on February 28, 2005.

  7. Additional topics of interest were discussed.

  8. No motions were made.

  9. Treasurerís Report
    • Treasurer Jay Johnston reported that we have a balance $2623.85. There are fifteen paid members to date.

  10. Committee Reports:
    • No Committees reported.

  11. Email distribution list:;

  12. Future Meetings:
    • Possible topics for future meetings were discussed. Judith will make appropriate arrangements, and are available on the web site.

  13. We need to recommend someone to the Non-Motorized Trails Committee as the Sully representative for Supervisor Freyís appointment.

  14. New Business
    • WMATA is proposing a change to the Route 12 line, affecting Centreville users. See presentation for details.
    • The Dulles airport expansion draft Environmental Impact Statement is out and on the website. Public meetings are being held at various venues in Fairfax and Loudoun counties.
    • Storm water management funding methodologies will be presented to the citizens group on 2/8/05. The proposed "flush" tax, being considered in Richmond was discussed: $1/household/week, with only a portion of the Fairfax county contribution coming back to Fairfax.

  15. Land Use:
    • 2/7/05 next meeting; Dulles Discovery; watch for the agenda. Last meeting resulted in effective discussion on spot improvements.

  16. Federation:
    • Information meeting at the Government center 1/31/05, on zoning & appeals issue. "Cochran Decision."

  17. The Korean Central Presbyterian Church 80 acre property issue should be reviewed by the Sully Land Use Subcommittee. They will be invited to the SDC Land Use subcommittee meeting.

  18. The meeting was adjourned at 9:26PM.

    Certification - I hereby certify the foregoing is an accurate account of the Sully District Council meeting, January 26, 2005.
    (signed) (signed)
    Mark McConn, President John G. Swanson, Secretary

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