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23 January 2002 Sully District Council Meeting
by Jeff Parnes

Mario Schiavo, Coordinator of the Fairfax County Public Schools Office of Budget Services, presented the proposed school budget to the Sully District Council at their 23 January 2002 meeting.

The proposed budget of $1.6 billion represents a planned increase of 9.2% ($136 million). In order to accomplish this the School Board needs the County Board of Supervisors to allocate $1.23 billion with the remaining funds coming from the state.

Based on the budget outlook for the county and the state the county expects to receive $10 million less in sales tax revenue than it received last year. In addition, the school board projects 2959 new students for next year, with a needed increase of 372 full time positions. With the expected loss of $36 million in tax funds and the additional growth needs of $27.8 million there exists a $63.8 million shortfall.

Taxes collected in Fairfax County are distributed throughout the state. If a half-cent sales tax rate increase is authorized for Fairfax County after passage by the General Assembly this term in Richmond, and passed by the voters, the schools could realize an increase of $50 million earmarked for capital construction costs.

The per pupil cost for Fairfax County is in the middle of the range for the Washington Metro Area.

The full school budget was available on the Fairfax County Public School web site and the PowerPoint presentation is available for viewing on-line or downloading.

Due to the election of the Sully School Board representative, Gary Reese, to the State Assembly, a special election to fill the vacancy is scheduled for 26 February 2002.

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