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27 January 1999 Sully District Council Meeting
by Jeffrey M. Parnes

1. Ken Holbert, Fairfax County of Information Technology, spoke on the county's Geographic Information Services (GIS). The county is converting all its paper maps to digital format. In each case attribute data are attached to features. Most agencies with the county, except for water and sewer, will have their data in this system. Examples of the data available include soil maps, parcel data, school boundaries, child care provider locations, commuter ride matches, tax assessments, board of equalization information, and employer statistics. The presentation is availble on-line or downloadable as a powerpoint file or a self playing presentation.

Maps and publications are available to the public at the 1st floor office in the Fairfax County Government Center. The GIS and mapping suite are in room 117. A CD-ROM with all the county's data can be purchased for a single site license of $75.00. The data are in arc format, which can be viewed using a web browser helper, available from http://www.esri.com/news/arcnews/arcnews.html. As the data are copyrighted by the county, but freely available, no one will be able to charge county residents for the data. All data layers except soil and police coverage will be available from the county's web site as time is found to post them. The county's site is http://www.co.fairfax.va.us/maps/map.htm. The free viewer can be found at http://www.esri.com/company/free.html

2. Art Walsh sent a letter responding with an update on parking concerns that the Land Use and Transportation Committee had regarding a property on Ridge Top Road and the Government Center Parkway. In the presentation Art Walsh had told the committee that the ADUs would not have garages and would be given assigned spaces. The committee was afraid that that would not stand in light of a recent court decision that common-ground parking must be allocated without regard as to whether individuals units contain garages. The response basically said that the parking situation would depend on a legal interpretation of the community's legal documents.

3. AT&T sent a letter to the Council to inform it that they could not place a monopole at the group home site on West Ox Road as was suggested by several residents along that corridor. AT&T will now have to explore a lower height tree pole. They promised to get back to us with additional information.

4. It was reported that the adult video store along Route 50 sells not just videos but magazines and books, and the sale of those products are covered under county ordinance.

5. The education report covered boundary issues regarding the new elementary school west of Centreville. In addition, the county is looking for a new school bond referendum for 1999. The bond would include funds for a new elementary and middle school in Sully. The county's overall needs should be between $136 and $150 million, but the bond issue may be limited by the county's desire to keep its debt ratio within certain limits.

6. A bill was introduced in the assembly to restrict through truck traffic on Bull Run Post Office and Compton roads.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes, Chair
Civic Affairs Committee

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