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Notes from the Sully District Council Meeting
16 December 1998
by Jeffrey M. Parnes

  1. Ron Koch, Sully District Planning Commissioner was the guest. Among the items Ron discussed was a telecommunications tower proposed for the West Ox Road Corridor. The proponents wish to use either the old Navy-Vale firehouse, the Braddock Nursery grounds, or the proposed group home. There is considerable opposition to this tower from the neighborhood. Further discussions will be held at the Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee's meeting on 4 January 1999.

  2. Three motions were reported out of the Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee's December meeting.

    1. The first requested that Sully District Supervisor Michael Frey oppose the use of county funds to buy or operate Evan's Farm Inn, but not oppose the local area's citizens establishing a local tax district to do the same. Since the committee's meeting, the Board of Supervisors, having heard that the contract purchasers of the property were not willing to sell, declined to take any action on the matter.

    2. The second was in response to the recent VDOT public information meeting on proposed improvements to I-495. The committee recommended that, regarding the planned improvements to I-495, the Sully District Council favor full connectivity of HOV lanes where spokes meet interstate 495, separation of local and through traffic, and the maximum enhancement of traffic flow. The motion passed unanimously.

    3. The third was in response to the recent VDOT public information meetings on the I-66 Major Investment Study (MIS). Both the Land Use and Transportation Committee and the Sully District Council previously had made suggestions about their preferred study outcome. Their recommendation combined the best of two possible proposals, including extension of rail to Centreville and beyond, additional lanes on I-66, and the construction of barrier separated reversible HOV lanes. The MIS report embodied our recommendations, so the committee moved that Sully District Council fully support the I-66 Major Investment Study report recommendations. The motion also passed unanimously.

  3. A discussion of school boundary changes in the Centreville area brought out two ideas of interest. The first was that the county had underestimated by 10% the student population growth in its school planning. The second was that the county had worked well with the residents to resolve the boundary changes caused by the new elementary school in western Centreville. Based on their performance a motion was made and passed to commend the School Board on the recent school boundary process.

  4. The Sully District Council's select committee to review the council's bylaws will report back to the body in the spring. Many of the standing committees initially envisioned by the council's founders have not been established, and the select committee may recommend changes to bring the bylaws into conformance to the council's actual setup.

  5. The Council has considered whether to establish a web page and if so, to pay a pro ratio share so that it can share space with the Fairfax Federation of Citizen Associations. Questions as to whether the cost associated with the Fairfax Federation of Citizen Associations' web page is reasonable, and whether all other district councils would also participate were raised. The discussion was tabled until next month.

  6. Dick Frank, Sully's representative to the Transportation Planning Commission, reported on the results of the Western Crossing Study jointly sponsored by Fairfax and Prince William counties. The study looked at the origination and destination of traffic crossing the bridges between the counties. The study found that most of the traffic from the south was headed to destinations in the east, while western traffic headed to more westerly destinations, with traffic crossing in the middle going in both directions. The bulk of the crossing traffic used either the west or south crossings, with little traffic in the center (Yates Ford Crossing). The study also found that Ft. Belvoir is a major traffic destination. The results of the study indicated that improvements will be needed to routes 28 and 123. With the results of the study, the group members adjourned for the foreseeable future, at least until after the 1999 elections when both counties elect their Board of Supervisors. Dick pointed out that this is still not an urgent problem, and that postponing its consideration won't have an undue adverse effect. The Route 28 Bypass and the Tri-county connector will come into play when further evaluation occurs. He also indicated that there is money available for a corridor study along Route 28.

  7. The grateful citizens of Oklahoma City, in appreciation of the efforts of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue personnel who helped out in the after effects of the Oklahoma City bombing, donated an elm tree sapling from a tree that survived the blast. The unveiling of the tree and a memorial is scheduled for 4 p.m. on 16 April 1999 at the Fairfax County Fire Academy grounds. The Sully District Council authorized up to $600 to pay for a memorial stone and called upon other neighborhood communities to contribute funds for a plaque to be placed on the stone.

  8. The next meeting of the council will be held on 27 January 1999 in conference room 7 of the Fairfax County Government center.

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