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24 June 1998 Sully District Council Meeting
by Jeff Parnes

  1. General Discussion:

    1. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted to confirm Oak Hill as the name of the 20171 post office.

    2. The I-395/I-95/HOV Restriction Study was to meet on 30 Jun to discuss HOV implementation. Topics to be considered included should HOV3 be lowered to HOV2, should VDOT extend HOV hours, and should the HOV ramps outside the beltway be opened to non-HOV traffic?

    3. A Loudoun County judge's ruling on parking spaces in townhouse communities may force Fairfax County to reconsider how it plans parking in these types of developments. In the case considered, residents who had garages were assigned no common parking areas, while other residents were assigned two spaces. As a result of the ruling in Asburn Farm, all residents are supposed to equally share in common space slots. Fairfax County's current townhouse community parking requirement is similar to that which was over turned in Loudoun County.

    4. Fairfax County's noise abatement ordinances require that noise-producing activities not begin until after 9 a.m. on Sundays and federal holidays.

    5. Drive through pharmacies, such as the one in the CVS drugstore in the McLearen Square Shopping Center on Centreville Road, no longer require special exceptions. But the county is debating what the terms ?or related items? mean when the pharmacy is restricted to selling prescriptions ?or related items.? What is the intent ? is milk a related item when a drug is to be taken with milk? And if so, can it be sold if no drug is bought at the same time?

  2. The guest speaker was Kate Hanley, Chairman of the Fairfax Board of Supervisors.

    1. Kate concentrated on transportation matters.

      1. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments is planning to incorporate the Transportation Planning Board so that it will be able to handle financial matters rather than just acting as just a clearinghouse.

      2. The I-66 Major Infrastructure Study is ongoing. This study includes plans for building buffered HOV lanes and extending rail to Centreville. The major problem that the study will identify is the lack of right-of-way on I-66 between I-495 and Route 50. This means that any necessary widening can't be done cheaply.

      3. Any rework of the beltway will have to redo the I?66/I-495 interchange. The bulk of the traffic exiting from eastbound I-66 is heading to Tyson's Corner, and it empties on the left of I-495 and immediately has to move to the right so it can get off at the next exit.

      4. On the beltway there is more traffic across the American Legion Bridge to Montgomery County than there is across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to Prince Georges County. If the Woodrow Wilson Bridge study isn't completed soon, then truck traffic there may need to be restricted, putting even a greater load on the American Legion Bridge.

      5. The Fairfax County Parkway interchanges at Baron Cameron and Route 7 are now funded.

      6. The limiting factor for Metro in northern Virginia is the capacity of the Roslyn tunnels. Both the Blue and Orange lines use these tunnels. What would be the impact on those lines if trains from any Dulles Toll Road line start also using the tracks? Could express trains, which would skip certain stations, help?
    2. Kate indicated that Fairfax County is now the business and commercial driver of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Fairfax County has the 6th largest concentration of office space in the United States, while Tyson's Corner alone ranks as the 15th largest concentration.

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