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September 1995 Sully District Council Meeting
by Jeff Parnes

  1. The September Sully District Council meeting focused on the Sully candidates to the Fairfax County School Board.

    1. Both the incumbent Republican, Gary Reese, and his Democratic challenger, Margie Wheedleton, attended the 27 September meeting, made brief opening remarks to the audience, and answered questions from those attending.

    2. The members were provided with an update on the Fairfax Federation of Civic Associations' actions in regard to the approval of monopole sites and the joint Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors committee for developing a policy. It was noted that the joint committee had not yet developed a policy, especially in regard to monopoles in residential areas, but that the Federation had recommended that the Board of Supervisors place a moratorium on approvals until a comprehensive policy was developed and approved. After group discussion, the Sully District Council unanimously approved a motion to endorse the Federation's recommendation.

    3. The Sully District Council received a request from Fairfax County's Office of the Electoral Board and General Registrar which requests assistance in conducting a voter survey on Election Day, 7 November 1995, in the 20 precincts which comprise the Sully Magisterial District.

      • The purpose of the survey will be to ascertain voter's opinions about the Accu-Vote system. This system was recently purchased for use in the Central Absentee Voter Election District. The Electoral Board was very pleased about the acquisition for absentee voters, because they believe it will put an end to the all-night counting sessions the election officers have had to endure in the past to count absentee ballots by hand.

      • With respect to precinct use, there are a number of features in the Accu-Vote System which make it attractive, such as a modem with the capability of transmitting election results to the Government Center in a matter of minutes. In addition, it will be easier and faster for the election officers to set up the equipment and shut it down when the polls close. A significant consideration is that fewer election officers will be required. For some time now, it has been very difficult to find people willing to serve (1500 to 2000 election officers are needed for a county-wide election).

      • The Accu-Vote System equipment uses special paper ballots that are optically readable. The voter votes by marking the choices on the ballot in the privacy of a voting booth. After voting on the ballot, the voter inserts it directly into the Accu-Vote which immediately reads the votes cast and drops the ballot into a secured ballot box. All ballots cast remain locked in the ballot box until the polls close after which time the results are tabulated. The Accu-Vote system includes security controls to prevent early detection of results and provides a complete audit trail to confirm election results.

      • The Accu-Vote system has been purchased for absentee ballots in Roanoke City, Roanoke County and Stafford; for city-wide use in Lynchburg and Colonial Heights; and county-wide use in James City County. Prince William is testing it for absentee ballots during the upcoming election. The City of Alexandria has plans to purchase it next year for city-wide use. The Accu-Vote system is used in more than 300 jurisdictions in the United States.

      • The Electoral Board would like to have each polling place covered from 6 AM until the polls close at 7 PM. One or more volunteers may staff each precinct in shifts on two or three hours each. It is contemplated that the survey volunteer would ask each voter to participate after the voter has voted. Further details are still be developed and will be finalized shortly.

      • We ask that each civic association ask for volunteers to assist on this important public service project. The results of this survey will help to determine whether the Accu-Vote system should be recommended for county-wide use. Please give Jeff Parnes a call by 1 November at 904-0131 or send to him at the above address the names, addresses and phone numbers of any volunteers.

    4. The next Sully District Council meeting will focus on prospective candidates to the house of Delegates. We expect the six Republican and Democratic assembly candidates to make brief presentations and answer questions on 25 October, 7:30-9:30 pm (conference room 7 of the Government Center).

  2. Various upcoming dates of interest to Sully District organizations:

    1. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, in preparation for the 1996 General Assembly, is holding Legislative Committee meetings 3 Oct 9-10:30 am, 24 Oct 9?10:30 am, 10 Nov 9-10:30 am, 1 Dec 8:30-10:30 am (all the preceding in conference rooms 9-10), 4 Dec 4:00 pm (public hearing - Board Room), 6 Dec 9?10:30 am (conference room 232) and 11 Dec 10:00 am, Board adoption - Board room).

    2. The members of the Centreville Volunteer Fire Department and the Ladies Auxiliary invite you to join them in the dedication of their newly renovated Centreville Volunteer Firehouse, 5858 Old Centreville Road, Saturday, 14 Oct. Ceremonies begin at 12 noon following the dedication of Company 38 (stone Road). Lunch will be served after the ceremonies. Please visit the open house while you are there.

    3. The Chantilly Regional Library is having an organizational meeting of the Chantilly Regional Library Friends on Saturday, 21 Oct from 2-4 pm in the Library;'s meeting room.

      • Friends of the library are volunteers who work to improve their neighborhood branches, primarily by raising money through book sales and then donating the money to the library for needed improvements. Friends groups have made possible purchases ranging from new children's books to computer printers and study carrels. They also sponsor the children's book and author luncheon at the Reston Regional Library.

      • The Chantilly Regional Library is new and beautiful but so far without friends. You are invited to become one of their first, best friends and they look forward to meeting you.

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