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October 1994 Sully District Council Meeting
by Jeff Parnes

Sully District Supervisor Mike Frey held a question and answer session at the October meeting of the Sully District Council of Citizen Associations. Highlights of his remarks and answers to questions from council members follow:

  • Major League Baseball in Northern Virginia. Two groups are interested in bringing baseball to northern Virginia. There are five possible sites located in the Dulles area: one in Fairfax County in the Hunters Mill District (north of Sully District) and four in Loudoun County. All of the baseball sites are clustered along the Dulles Toll Road and its extension to Leesburg. The groups chose to locate in the Dulles corridor because there's a high probability of rail along the Dulles corridor and only a possibility of rail along the I-66 corridor.

  • Outer Beltway. Governor Allen has indicated his willingness to meet with which ever candidate is elected as governor of Maryland to discuss possible new Potomac River crossings. The current Maryland governor's position on outer beltways is such that it hasn't paid Governor Allen to meet with him on this subject.

  • New Bridge Connecting Fairfax to Prince William County. In the early 1980's Fairfax County removed from its master plan a proposed bridge connecting Prince William County with Fairfax County near the current Yates Ford Road crossing. Ever since then, the traffic from Prince William county has been snaking across the narrow two lane roads in southwestern Fairfax County trying to hook up with our major commuter roads. Now, faced with the overcrowding and increased traffic, three supervisors each from Prince William and Fairfax have been meeting to try to work out a solution. The working group held November public hearings in Fairfax and Prince William to gauge public opinion on the matter.

  • User Fees for Storm Water Management Utility Areas. The county is considering enacting a user fee (a tax by any other name) to maintain and possibly construct storm water management areas. We have one such site in Chantilly Highlands near our sled hill. The county assumes control of most of these management areas after the developer completes a subdivision. The county found that cost of their maintenance is sky rocketing. Just look at the condition of the spill way in our community after one extremely heavy August rain. Some of the cement blocks are now out of position and the soil is eroding behind them.

    The county is considering a fee for each house in the range of $1.25 or $1.50 per month. The county will need to resolve how to figure the monthly cost charged to commercial and industrial parcels. For instance, for a commercial property such as Fair Oaks Mall the monthly fee might be tens of thousands of dollars. The county is considering exceptions and or credits for communities, such as Franklin Farm, which maintain their own wet ponds. Plans currently call for the fees to start in 1996 or 1997 and be billed by the county water authority.

    A political question still unresolved is whether the fee will go solely for maintenance or include funds for addition construction where required. As the requirement for storm water management areas is only twenty years old, the sites are predominately in the western part of the county. There are some locations in eastern Fairfax that desperately need sites like these to prevent flooding, but there is no funding. The Board of Supervisors will consider this topic sometime in early 1995.

  • Photo Tickets for Speeders. The county is considering requesting permission from the state to ticket speeders by use of speed sensitive camera units. The camera would take photos of speeders and issue tickets to the license holders. No police officer would need to be present. The county hopes to target school zone violators.

  • Video on Demand. Bell Atlantic is planning to test video on demand over its phone wires in a thousand Fairfax homes. In additional, they plan to offer three shopping channels (Nordstroms, J.C. Penney, and a third, yet to be determined). Bell Atlantic hopes to eventually upgrade the system to optical cable. The county will need to thrash out questions regarding the relationship between Media General, the current franchised cable-TV provider, and Bell Atlantic's video subsidiary.

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