7 July 2003 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Jeff Parnes

  1. Attendance:

    1. Members: Jim Hart (Virginia Run), Carol Hawn (Old Mill), Judith Heisinger (Bull Run CA), Georgette Kohler (Rock Hill), Mark McConn (Bull Run CA), Jeff Parnes (Chantilly Highlands), and Larry Tessier (Franklin Glen)

    2. Guests: Peter Crowley (Land Design), Frank McDermott (Peterson/Hunter & Williams), Keith Martin (Walsh, Colucci, Stackhouse, Emrich & Lubeley, P.C.), Frank Ojeda (Rock Hill), Jeff Saxe (Peterson Cos.), Mark Stemen (K. Hovnanian Companies)

  2. Presentations:

    1. 7:30
      • Proponent: Symonds, Keith Martin is the attorney.
      • Action: Special Permit for Indoor Basketball facility
      • Location: On Stonecroft north of Rt. 50

        Keith Martin presented SP-2003-SU-012, requesting a special permit for an indoor basketball facility. The 62,000 sq ft facility would feature 7 basketball/volleyball courts, concession stand, 2 classrooms, a computer room and 160 parking spaces. The bathroom facilities would be split 50/50 male/female. The courts will be full size with a high-school three-point line. The outside construction will be masonry on level.

        There is a demand for these types of facilities as shown by a similar unit in Montgomery County - expected users include travel teams, AAU, and adult leagues. One group could completely rent the facility for a special activity.

        Only the center court will have bleacher seats, with an estimated capacity of 200.

        The following concerns were raised:

        • Need to consider whether the locker facilities are sufficient
        • Traffic circulation seems restricted; there may not be enough room for cars and bus to pass each other down the entrance drive.
        • Consider an additional entrance on Glorus Road
        • Architectural treatment needed to make the site interesting
        • Consider priority usage for Fairfax County residents

        Keith responded after the meeting answering a few questions raised:

        • Six showers in both the men's and women's locker rooms
        • Each locker room will have 100 lockers
        • Masonry block from ground up 12 feet and then a stucco type finish siding up to the roof
        • Looking at the interior circulation issue

    2. 8:00
      • Proponent: Peterson Company, Representative: Jeff Saxe
      • Action: Active Adult Project
      • Location: Dulles Discovery (Barnsfield Road east of Route 28)

        Jeff Saxe discussed the Peterson Company's plans to develop the parcels southeast of the currently under construction Barnsfield Road / Route 28 interchange. The actual route of the existing Barnsfield Road is southeast of the interchange, and its right-of-way will be abandoned and incorporated into their development.

        The Peterson Company plans to build an active adult oriented development on the parcels that currently serve outdoor industrial uses. The company has contracts with two of the three lots that must be exercised by the close of the year.

        When the Barnsfield Road overpass opens late in 2003 to serve the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum Annex, the light allowing left-hand turns between Route 28 and Sully Plantation (Historic Site) will be closed, only allowing right-hand egress and exit. As part of the Route 28 Public/Private partnership redevelopment, access to the Sully site is to be reoriented to a north/south road from the eastern side of the Barnsfield Road/Route 28 interchange, with the Sully parking facilities moved away from Route 28 to its north and east. The Peterson Company would like to move the access road slightly west of its current planned location, and then build it so it aligns with their internal collector road. They would also build an internal road connecting the realigned Barnsfield Road to the current intersection of Lees Corner and Centreville roads.

        The active adult development they envision would require that at least one member of every household be over 55 with no family member under the age of nineteen allowed. The development would not provide medical services - it was envisioned as neither an assisted-living nor a nursing facility. Three types of residences would be offered: single family detached (closest to Centreville Road and east of new internal road), attached single family units (west of the connector road and south of the current Barnsfield Road right-of-way) and condos (north of the Barnsfield right-of way and east of some supporting commercial services they are proposing).

        The condominiums would be in four-story elevator buildings, with covered parking. Each condominium unit would have three bedrooms and about 1500 square feet on one level. The attached units would be about 2000 square feet with the master bedroom on the first level and additional bedrooms upstairs (described as Charlestown-type units). The detached units would be even larger, about 2500 sq foot.

        They are proposing 584 units on 60.3 acres, or 9.7 units/acre. Studies have shown that these types of development generate one-third the traffic and fire calls, one quarter of the police calls, but ten percent more emergency calls. The property is zoned I-5, and the proposed uses will generate less than half the traffic than permitted uses.

        They will provide St. Veronica's church access to the Franklin Farm and Centreville roads intersection until the interior connection to Lees Corner Road opens. A traffic light will probably be needed at that time at the Lees Corner and Centreville road intersection.

        As part of this development, in addition to such residence amenities as bocce and tennis courts, computer center, libraries and pools; there will be local-serving commercial uses including restaurants, drug and convenience stores, insurance office, barber and beauty shops, and cleaners. These uses will be located north of the present Barnsfield Road right-of-way, which will be used as the relocated entranceway to Sully Plantation, and south of the new Barnsfield Road right-of-way, which will tie into the Barnsfield Road/Route 28 intersection now under construction.

        At the last Area Plan Review, the Peterson Companies had proposed apartments as part of the complex north of the relocated Barnsfield Road, which had not been approved. The Peterson Companies now plans to build affordable senior and assisted living housing where the apartments were originally suggested.

        The committee would like the following concerns addressed:

        • The construction quality and appearance of the multi-unit facilities both north and south of the re-located Barnsfield Road
        • No mention of a possible north/south transit
        • Pedestrian access across Route 28
        • Streets names that reflect the historic nature of the community or historic site
        • Possible improvements to Wall and Centreville roads, especially at their intersection
        • Typical plans for the Charleston units

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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