Agenda for 3 March 2003 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting
by Jeff Parnes
  1. The Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the conference room adjacent to Supervisor Frey’s office, 5900 Centreville Road, Centreville, VA, in the Fort Hill Centre Building.

  2. Presentations:

    1. 7:30
      • Proponent: Exxon/Mobil Corporation, Keith Martin is the attorney.
      • Action: PCA/FDPA case, they want to replace the service bays with a quick service food store.
      • Location: The Exxon on Rt. 50 on the north side, not too far west of West Ox Rd.

    2. 8:00
      • Proponent: Landmark Property Development, LLC., Representative: John Thillmann, VP
      • Action: 8 Single family Detached, Zoning Category R-3 Cluster, Density: 2.7 DU AC
      • Location: Chantilly Estates, Chantilly Dr. and Rt. 50 just up from Metrotech Drive.

      See the following handouts:

      This Rezoning application is the result of a Plan Amendment Application APR 01-III-3UP. The requested amendment of the plan was generated by the properties situation in that it shares frontage with both Rt. 50 and a multiple bay service station. This parcel was thought for over 50 years to be Commercially situated since it is on a major highway and on a corner with a traffic light to Rt. 50 as well as being adjacent to a major commercial center. In addition it was always a separate large parcel and not part of the surrounding residential neighborhood subdivision. Indeed, the current service station on Rt. 50 was subdivided from this parcel to become the first commercial user on this parcel. The owner has continually lived on the remainder of the parcel.

      This Applicant filed for a residential land use change in the last APR process while another Applicant filed for a formal Plan change to a commercial use of the property. In the Sully District APR Task Force meeting the APR request for commercial was narrowly defeated, while this proposal for a slight increase in density was unanimously recommended for approval. Subsequent to initial reservations, the Staff also recommended approval of the density change after discussions with this Applicant on the ability to meet setback concerns and also the possibility of providing the service drive, a much needed transportation improvement for the neighborhood.

      For the Plan Amendment process the applicant provided the Task Force, Supervisors Office and Staff with a "sketch plan" for development of the property. That Sketch Plan has been refined and is now being submitted as a proffered FDP for 8 lots, also including a proffer to provide frontage access to the service station from Chantilly Rd. This access is an important consideration for the neighborhood since the Chantilly Rd. light channels service station traffic to travel entirely through the neighborhood to get to the service station via Downs Dr. because there is no median break in front of the service station for traffic going east on Rt. 50.

    3. 8:30
      • Proponent: Marianne Bundren, Shaw Pittman LLP, Larry McDermott, Dewberry & Davis (planning consultant), David Patalita, Giant Food (Director of Development)
      • Action: Final Development Plan Amendment
      • Location: Franklin Farm Giant

      See the following handouts:

    4. 9:00
      • Proponent: Atlantic Realty Companies (John Bellaschi of McGuireWoods is the attorney)
      • Action: Pender Campus with Office and Retail Uses
      • Location: 35.3785 Acre Site at Rt. 50 and Fair Ridge Drive.

        Atlantic Realty is having its architect and engineer put together materials to present to the Committee.

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  6. Planned for next Meeting:

    • Nothing at this time

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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