Agenda for 4 November 2002 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting
by Jeff Parnes
  1. Presentations:
    1. 7:30
      • Proponent: Marlo, Keith Martin presenting
      • Action: Planned out-of-turn plan amendment S02-III-BR-1, see handouts.
      • Location: Lee Road and Rt 50
  2. Old Business (8:30-9:00):
    1. VDOTís preliminary plans for traffic calming of Route 50 from the village of Paris in Fauquier County (Intersection Route 759) to the village of Lenah (Intersection Route 600) in Loudoun County. Maps and other data are available for review at the VDOT Northern VA District office at 14685 Avion Parkway, off Rt 50 Ĺ mile west of Rt 28. Written statements may submitted at the hearing or sent to the department postmarked no later than 9 November 2002.
  3. New Business (9:00-9:30):
  4. Other scheduled meetings:
  5. Planned for 2 December Meeting:
    • Nothing at this time

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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