3 June 2002 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Jeff Parnes
  1. Attendance:

    1. Members: Dick Frank (Sully Transportation Advisory Commissioner), Jim Hart (Virginia Run), Carol Hawn (Old Mill), Judith Heisinger (Bull Run), Mark McConn (President, SDC), Jeff Parnes (Chantilly Highlands), Glenn Stroup (Franklin Farm) and Larry Tessier (Franklin Glen)

    2. Guests:Tim Sampson (Walsh, Colucci)

  2. Presentations:

    1. 7:30
      • Proponent: Tim Sampson (Walsh, Colucci)
      • Action: SEA to add Sunday hours to the Chantilly Jiffy Lube and a sign for the Vet Clinic
      • Location: South side of Route 50, West of Chantilly Mall

      Tim Sampson of Walsh, Colucci presented a Special Exemption request for a shopping center on the south side of Route 50 just west of Mitchell-Weeks house. The shopping center is comprised of two freestanding structures, one, a Jiffy Lube and the other, a one-story building containing a Statefarm Insurance office, a drycleaner and a veterinary clinic.

      The Jiffy Lube had originally proffered no Sunday hours, but now that other nearby facilities, such as the car wash permitted on the Mitchell-Weeks site just to its east, have been granted Sunday hours, it wished the same 10-4:30 operating hours. In addition, the Jiffy Lube has a freestanding sign that was permitted when the facility was approved.

      The three firms occupying the other structure propose to erect a sign to make their facility more visible from the road. This would have been allowed by-right if the Jiffy Lube had not been permitted its own sign prior to the second facility’s construction, as both structures are considered to be part of the same shopping center and the center is by-right permitted only one sign. They proposed a sign 76 square foot sign (with 80 square feet allowable) 13 feet high.

      The committee members, by a unanimous vote with two abstentions, voted to support the proposed Sunday hours and allow a second sign with the following stipulations:

      1. Sign to be only 10 feet high
      2. Remove existing building-mounted signs (can keep name and address on door)
      3. No neon signs
      4. Keep sign in good order and maintenance

  3. Old Business:

  4. New Business:

    1. Supervisor Frey proposes to install lighting on the ball fields south of the Chantilly Library. The property would be transferred from the Board of Supervisors to the Fairfax County Park Authority. A 2232 Public Hearing is required. The committee would like to hear more about this proposal from Supervisor Frey’s office at our next meeting.

    2. VDOT conducted public hearings to discuss proposed plans for widening I-495 in May. Along with a no improvement possibility three build alternatives were presented. The first would add inside HOV lanes to each direction with no barrier between the HOV and regular traffic. The second adds two separated HOV lanes while the third reconfigures the highway to express and local lanes, with a third HOV lane in the express lane area (similar to the I-270 configuration in Montgomery county).

      The committee took a straw vote to see which configuration its members preferred, and found that five preferred the HOV-Express/Local configuration and one preferred the concurrent HOV configuration. Additional comments include the need for I-66 to enter the beltway on the right side rather than the left side as it does now. Additionally, if an Express/Local configuration is selected the signage identifying Express/Local usage needs to be carefully reviewed to prevent confusion.

    3. As part of the FCPA’s Hunter/Hacor assemblage, the rerouting of Braddock Road is being evaluated. Braddock Road west of its intersection with Pleasant Valley Road may be realigned to feed into Lee Road avoiding the current S-curve. Traffic that wished to continue on present day Braddock would first have to turn right on Lee Road southbound, and then make a left to get on existing Braddock going southeast.

    4. Four-wheel vehicles are using the extended right of way that was contemplated as a back entrance to Bull Run Elementary for off-roading. They may be driving on cemeteries. The school system has indicated that they do not have the money to build the proposed driveway

    5. WMATA will hold a meeting on a regional bus study on from 1-3 pm on 11 June 2002, in Fairfax City Hall, room 306.

    6. The Committee voted unanimously (with one abstention) to support the Planning Commission’s vote on Sully Trail amendments specifically the Planning Commissions recommendation on the Little Rocky Run Stream Valley Trail

    7. PCA-79-C-089 and SEA-00-Y-017 by AXAR management deal with hotel pool and office configuration changes for a facility on the Southwest corner of Centreview Drive and Thunderbolt Place. The public hearing is scheduled for 12 June, even though they did come before the committee. Ron Koch will hold the hearing as scheduled but defer decision until the y have the opportunity to come before the committee, now scheduled for the 1 July 2002 meeting.

    8. The committee will discuss the SE for a sports headquarters in RC at the July 2002.

    9. Upcoming public hearings:
      1. VDOT Fairfax County Parkway/Fair Lakes Parkway Intersection, 5 - 8 PM, 4 June 02, Chantilly High School
      2. Dulles Airport New Runways Environmental Impact Statement Public Scoping Workshops:
        1. Fairfax County, Wednesday 26 June, Westfield High School, 4700 Stonecroft Blvd, Chantilly
        2. Loudoun County, Thursday 27 June, Farmwell Station Middle School, 44281 Gloucester Pkwy, Ashburn
        The meetings will be open from 5 to 8 PM; no formal presentation is scheduled. Comments can be made verbally or in writing at the meetings or mailed to Mr. Frank Smigelskim, FAA, Washington Airports District Office, 23723 Air Freight Lane, Suite 210, Dulles, VA 20166, by 12 July

      3. Dulles Corridor Transit Environmental Impact Statement Public hearings (Open house and displays start at 6pm, the public hearings start at 7pm)
        1. 23 July, Marshall High School, Rt 7 east of Tysons Corner
        2. 24 July, Langston Hughes Middle School in Reston
        3. 25 July, Ashburn Elementary Schol in Ashburn, VA
        4. 29 July, South Lakes High School in Reston

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jeffrey M. Parnes
    Chair, Sully District Council
    Land Use and Transportation Committee

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