5 November 2001 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Jeff Parnes
  1. Attendance:

    1. Members: Jim Hart (Virginia Run), Carol Hawn (Old Mill), Mark McConn (Bull Run), Jeff Parnes (Chantilly Highlands), Glenn Stroup (Franklin Farm) and Larry Tessier (Franklin Glen)

    2. Guests: Zona Albritton (Cox Communications) Ted Britt (Tri-Tek Engineering), Steve Fox (Attorney), Richard Kerper (RGK real Estate Development), Larry McDermott (Dewberry & Davis), Russell Rosenberger (Madison Homes), Kevin Spurlock (Lincoln Property)

  2. Presentations:

    1. 7:30
      • Proponent: Holly Tompkins, Urban Planner, Walsh, Colucci, Stackhouse, Emrich & Lubeley, P.C.
      • Action: SE App for a vehicle light service establishment
      • Location: NE corner of McLearen and Centreville roads

      The owners of this parcel are requesting a special exception to allow a vehicle-servicing establishment. The facility would be 24 feet high and constructed with a block exterior and a red roof. Their proposed hours are MF 7-7, Saturday 7-6 and Sunday 9-4. They proposed a12-foot high 80 square feet sign.

      The .70-acre parcel would house a seven-bay Tires Plus which would perform light service (such repairs, service or maintenance that could be performed without removing or dropping engines or transmissions) to include fluids, brakes, shocks, tune ups, etc. They will also sell tires from Bridgestone, Firestone, Pirelli, Michelin, etc. Morgan Tire hopes to have 12 Tire Plus stores in the DC metro area, with their closest store located in Annandale.

      The site’s current zoning would support a .4 FAR, but the structure as proposed will be at .18 FAR.

      If their special exception is granted by the Planning Commission in November and approved by the Board of Supervisors in December, they hope to have their site plan approved by the county in April and construction complete in the fall of 2002.

      Access to their site will be off of the access road that serves the CSC facility to their north, and off of westbound McLearen Road. There will be no access directly off eastbound McLearen. They will provide screening between their site and the church on the east side of the access road. It is uncertain whether the screening will be on their property or the church’s side of the access road.

      The developers met with representatives of Chantilly Highlands and Franklin Farm who had no adverse comments. For more detailed plans or illustrations please see the notes of that meeting.

    2. 8:00
      • Proponent: Zona Albritton (Cox Cable), Kevin Spurlock (VP, Lincoln Park Development)
      • Action: Cox Cable Corporate Office
      • Location: SE corner of McLearen and Centreville roads

      As park of the Lincoln Park II development, originally part of the EDS complex, five buildings are planned. Cox Cable is building a two-story structure in which to house their administrative offices, where cable subscribers could pick up their cable boxes and conduct other such business. Cox hopes to start moving in their employees in April or May of 2002.

      The small end of the structure will face Centreville Road, with the long axis of the building paralleling McLearen Road. There will be an access point for vehicular traffic opposite the present Highland Mews Drive, which intersection may be signalized in the future when VDOT completes the proposed widening of Centreville Road. There is a possibility that Cox may construct a second structure further west of the one underway that would house their warehouse operations. These would then move from their current site where Willard and Lee roads do not intersect. The remaining three buildings on the site will not be built on speculation.

    3. 8:30
      • Proponent: Stephen Fox for Madison Homes
      • Action: Rezone R1 to R5
      • Location: Tax map 045-2 ((2)) lots 5 through 15 and 17

      In a repeat performance, Steve Fox reviewed the current status since his last presentation in August. Madison Homes wishes to build 86 courtyard townhouses (with 11 additional ADUs) on 14.88 acres, for a density of 5.84 compared to the allowable 6.0. Although the county calls for only 201 parking spaces, they plan on supplying 214.

      Lot 16, between the southern portion of the development (lots 5-15) and lot 17 on the north, is not part of the proposal. The proposed homeowners association covers all the developed lots, and will allow the inclusion of lot 16 in the future if it develops in accordance with this proposal.

      The Office of Transportation shows that Rugby Road is planned for four lanes in the future. Madison will build a 35-foot segment on a 45-foot right-of-way. The Office of Transportation is working on proposed median breaks, and based on their final decision, Madison will probably have to move the main entrance further north, in the middle of the southern parcel, so that there are adequate clearing distances from Rt. 50 and the Fairfax County Parkway. In addition, VDOT would like an additional 12 feet of right-of-way for the construction of another Rt. 50 lane.

      Without the permission of lot 16’s owner, Madison cannot make any improvements to Rugby Road in front of that parcel. If they could get the permission, Madison might build the sidewalk and road improvements the full length of Rugby Road from Rt. 50 to the Fairfax County Parkway on the west side.

      If the Board of Supervisors approves this plan in January or February 2002, construction could start about eight months later (or about a year from now).

      At the committee’s next meeting the Staff comments will be available, and Steve will return so they can be addressed prior to the 14 November Planning Commission public hearing.

      At its August meeting, the committee requested that pedestrian access to Rt. 50 be provided from the southwest corner of the development. Because there are grade problems between the Rt. 50 right-of-way and the development, access may not be possible

      The committee complimented the developer for their design of the fronts of the ADUs so they look like the remainder of the homes. In addition, the committee requested that the reverse facades be made to vary so they didn’t look like cookie cutter units from that viewpoint.

      Representatives of the Fairwoods community indicated that their major concerns are the probable use of Burning Bush Drive, a major entrance to their community, for parking for this development's excess and recreation vehicle parking.

      The committee unanimously passed a motion approving the development plan, subject to a positive staff report, a proffer not to use "popsicle" signs for advertisement, and encouraging further consolidation with lot 16.

  3. Old Business:

    1. 4) Glenn Stroup summarized the Sully District Area Comprehensive Plan Review Task Force actions to date:
      1. Decision was deferred for the first three nominations heard:
        1. 12BR - Proposal by Sully Station to have the proposed road entrance into E.C. Lawrence Park moved to Braddock Road. Decision deferred to December 10th. The Park Authority may agree to have a special Park Plan hearing versus a change to the Comprehensive Plan.
        2. 11F - Proposal by Hunter Mill Defense League to have the road designated as a Historic Resource. Deferred to November 19th to allow the County Historic Commission and County Staff rule on designation of the sites as deserving of protection. That decision was not made - recommendation of Staff will probably be to take no current action.
        3. 9BR - Newgate Shopping Center - deferred until Nov 27 to allow applicant and Staff to work out language if possible.
      2. At the second meeting, 6 BR language for Rockland Village area proposed by Staff was unanimously approved, as well alternative language for 11BR, Westfields, which more clearly defined the type of residences that could be built. A staff-proposed alternative was unanimously approved for 1UP, Dulles Business Park that would still allow building a full service hotel. 11UP, the Wall Road proposed residential by the Peterson Companies was approved 11-5 with one change that eliminated housing on "the Eastern half of Parcel 24-4 ((1)) 7a."
      3. At the third meeting, 18UP (Lowe Street) nomination was withdrawn. 2 UP and 3 UP (same property at Route 50 and Chantilly Rd): Modified language was unanimously approved for both nominations that allowed a slight increase in density (from 1-2 to 2-3) with a 35' buffer from existing commercial-zoned lane and an additional buffer for the homes from Route 50. Density of 3-4 DUA was retained if the property were consolidated with the surrounding lots.
      4. At the next meeting on November 19, in addition to the decision on Hunter Mill Road, the Task Force will hear 8UP (Fair Oaks Hospital) and 4UP (Dominion Virginia Power).

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jeffrey M. Parnes
    Chair, Sully District Council
    Land Use and Transportation Committee

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