7 May 2001 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
By Glenn Stroup (with assistance from Jim Hart)
  1. Attendance:

    1. Members: Members of the Committee attending were, Mark McConn, Tom McDonald, Larry Tessier, Judith Heisinger, Glenn Stroup, Jim Hart and Carol Hawn. Ron Koch, Sully District Planning Commissioner and Dick Frank, Transportation Advisory Commission were also in attendance.

    2. Guests: Allison Kriviskey, DPZ; Wendy Jia, County OT, Frank McDermott, Keith Sampson

  2. The meeting was called to order by Mark McConn, who noted that the Chair, Jeff Parnes, would probably not be able to make the meeting since he was returning from a business trip.

  3. Presentations:

    1. 7:30
      • Proponent: Allison Kriviskey, DPZ
      • Action: APR for North County
      • Location: Sully

      Allison Kriviskey, DPZ, who will be the Sully District Area Planner for the APR for North County, gave a briefing on the upcoming APR. She essentially summarized and clarified the contents of the Citizen’s Guide to the 2001 North County Cycle Area Plan Review (APR), noting that this Guide is available on the County website and will be updated as the APR process continues. She noted that the process has begun, with Supervisors to appoint a Task Force with meetings to begin in September. Nominations for Plan changes will be accepted beginning May 14, and must be postmarked by June 29th. She noted that the nominations will also be placed on the website and updated, along with available information about Task Force meetings as it becomes known. As far as other parts of the APR process, the South part of the County APR will be held next year. Nominations will be accepted based on the current District boundaries and decisions will be made after reapportionment for any property that falls in a different District. Also, no nominations will be accepted during this two-year APR review for Countywide plans such as Transportation and Trails. Also, the Plan Monitoring year will be in 2003, with the North County APR taking place again in 2004, with South County APR in 2005 again. There will no longer be a Policy Review Year. Instead Policy Plan amendments will be considered when authorized by the Board of Supervisors to respond to specific issues as they arise.

    2. 8:00
      • Proponent: Wendy Jia, Fairfax County's Office of Transportation
      • Action: Proposed bus service
      • Location: Between Reston and Fair Lakes

      Wendy Jia, County OT, then gave a briefing on the proposed new bus route that will essentially go from the Government Center to Reston Town Center and return. Mid-Day buses will be included on weekdays. The route will be numbered 605, Fair Oaks/Reston Town Center. Busses will run from 6 am through 9 pm. Stops will cover such areas as the Government Center, Fair Oaks Mall, Fair Lakes, Fairfax Hospital, and Reston Town Center. Public meetings to accept comments will be held on May 22nd at Reston Community Center and May 24th at the Chantilly Regional Library. Meetings will be for two hours beginning at 7 pm. Comments can also be submitted through the mail or e-mail and must be received by COB, June 8th. NOTE: Hearing dates in the materials show April rather than May. The Committee commented that

      1. Schedules should be coordinated with Metro and Connector busses to make it feasible to get to the Government Center all day from the Metro stations,
      2. Should consider a stop at the Park and Ride on Stringfellow Road (proposed route takes Fair Lakes Parkway to Stringfellow, then North to Route 50), and
      3. Connections should be planned and coordinated with the bus/rail stations on the Dulles Toll Road.

    3. 8:30
      • Proponent: Frank McDermott
      • Action: Varied
      • Location: Varied

      The next scheduled presentation by Meaghan Kiefer was not held - according to Frank McDermott, the Summit Properties PCA/FDPA was granted by the Board of Supervisors during their May 7 meeting. However, he noted that he wished to present three other cases.

      First, A PCA and FDPA (82-P-069-10 and 069-13-8) will be hard by the PC on May 30th. This is a request to use unused hotel density (50K Sq Ft) and move it anywhere within Fair Lakes Unit 4A or 4B - no change in overall FAR. He noted that there is another Fair Lakes case (managed by Art Walsh/Inda Stagg) where Cooker’s is requesting building an additional co-located restaurant.

      The second case, also in Fair Lakes, is to build another office building of 160,000 Sq Ft in Land Unit 5A, near the underpass of the County parkway and Fair Lakes Circle. This will be near AAA and near where DYNCORP was previously located. A separate parking structure is proposed, and the building will be located 50 feet from the property line. The majority of the Committee’s questions dealt with the building’s appearance from the Parkway and traffic routing concerns, although no objections were raised. [Mr. Hart did not participate in this item, as it is the subject of a BZA case, although that case may be withdrawn.]

      The third case was more controversial and the Committee eventually requested Frank return to the Committee next month with an update. This is a Pulte development (RZ2001-SU-003) to be heard by the PC on June 27. The property is 44 acres, with the majority in the Fairfax Center area. Eleven parcels have been assembled (not those of the long time residents of Westbrook Drive). Planned density at the overlay level calls for 2.5 du/ac and this proposal is for 2.27 if ADUs were counted, 1.88 if not. Proposal is for 93 single family detached and 8 duplex ADUs. The portion of the property not in the Fairfax Center plan area is planned for 2.0. Mr. McDermott reviewed some of the history of this property, including previous discussions about Steuben Pike, access via Whisper Willow, etc. There is no direct connection of this property to Westbrook. Entrance will be via Whisper Willow and through the newer community of Berkshire Woods (they would prefer connection to Westbrook, where those residents oppose it). It was noted that there are major problems with Westbrook, but that there are some funds, which could be used for minor improvements ($500,000?). The Committee and neighboring residents had many concerns. The Committee noted that the one Tot Lot is not readily accessible to the majority of residents and made suggestions for adding paths, and/or relocating the tot lot out of the EQC at the east end of the property to a more central location. The proposed Sound Wall will now be located on VDOT property. Major buffers will be retained between the new development and the surrounding communities, with tree save areas designated as open space belonging to the HOA, and the covenants will require the HOA to retain the trees. The existing residents note that they are somewhat less concerned after several meetings with the developer, but believe that the density should be greatly reduced due to potential traffic problems, with some maintaining that the existing zoning of R-1 should be retained and that Pulte could make more money on that. Traffic on Westbrook and its connection with Stringfellow concerned all, as well as what they felt were inadequate recreational facilities for small children. Mr. McDermott attempted to answer all questions, citing County requirements and giving additional history of the area, but the residents were not satisfied. As noted earlier, the Committee asked that the developer continue to work with the residents and return on June 4th.

    4. 9:00
      • Proponent: Keith Sampson for Ryland Homes
      • Action: RZ 2000-SU-050 (rezoning of 18 acres from R-1 to PDH-2).
      • Location: Property is located on Lee Highway

      Keith Martin was scheduled to make the next presentation but was represented by Keith Sampson. This is RZ 2000-SU-050, scheduled to be heard by the PC on May 30th. Development is by Ryland Homes and involves the rezoning of 18 acres from R-1 to PDH-2. Property is located on Lee Highway, and calls for 36 units, with 35% open space. Lots are 8,000 square feet on average and the development has open space (including a Tot Lot in the center of the community). Neighbors were most concerned about traffic and access to Route 29 (which will be via a service road) and the possible construction of a Storm Water detention pond in a currently heavily wooded area (Keith noted that a waiver had been requested and would likely be granted). The Committee likewise expressed concerns about vehicular access and the maintenance of the other proposed storm water detention pond that is along Route 29 and suggested that the proffers include one that requires the HOA to maintain that pond as far as mowing and cleanup. The Committee suggested that the developer keep up its meetings with the community and keep them advised as to the resolution of their concerns and status of the Staff Report.

    5. 9:30
      • Proponent: Quarles Petroleum
      • Action: Special Exception to have an automated fuel dispensing station
      • Location: Williard Road, East of Walney Road

      The final presentation was a Special Exception to have an automated fuel dispensing station on Williard Road, East of Walney Road. Surrounding businesses are essentially contractors and similar firms, including a major John Hazel facility. The operator will be Quarles Petroleum and the facility will replace the existing one on Walney behind the mower sales and repair facility and North of the old fire station. The Committee asked a number of questions about safe operations and how any spills would be handled, safety devices, etc. However, no objection to the facility was voiced and the Committee’s opinion seemed to be that the location was preferable to its current location. The Committee did ask that the applicant express concern to VDOT about line of sight problems at the intersection of Walney and Willard and request that a timed signal (with leading green) be considered in view of the major amount of traffic making turns at that intersection all through the day. The PC will hear this case on May 16th. The applicant asked if he could obtain a statement of the Committee’s position and he was told to simply state that there was no opposition and cite the concern about poor line of sight at the intersection.

  4. New Business:

    1. As an information item following the presentations, Dick Frank reported that the Citizens Task Force for reapportionment would have one more meeting and would probably present up to 17 plans to the BOS. The majority of these plans (14) do not separate communities. It is most likely that the Eastern most precincts in Sully south of Route 50 will be reassigned to Springfield District, since most of the plans have something arranged like that. However, the Board will make decisions and the Citizen’s Task Force will likely not express any preference for any particular proposal. Incidentally, one proposal calls for an additional new District and one calls for cutting the number of Districts by one.
    2. He also noted that VDOT had selected the team of transportation firms led by Clark Construction Group, Inc., Shirley Contracting Corporation and Dewberry & Davis LLC to improve Route 28 between I-66 in Fairfax County and Route 7 in Loudoun County. The group that briefed the committee last month was not selected.

Respectfully submitted,

Glenn Stroup (with assistance from Jim Hart)
Acting Secretary, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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