5 February 2001 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Glenn Stroup

The Committee heard only one case form the Church of the Apostles, presented by Lynn Strobel. The Church is requested a change to what was previously approved by the BZA. Hearing will be on March 27th.

The basic request is for a multi-purpose building as part of the complex. It would include, for example, a basketball court (but no shower facilities) and various Church activities that would be an adjunct use to their Fellowship Hall in the main church building. Ms. Strobel noted that the building facilities would NOT be for hire. Activities would caese at 10 pm. She indicated that the church would agree to have both those conditions stipulated. There will be 425 parking spaces, and two entrances to the site, with the main one shared with another church eventually. Open space is 50% undisturbed, with a total of 75%, which includes retention of the existing farm pond.

The Committee expressed concern about traffic in and out of the site, which is located on Braddock Road, as well as the adequacy of parking. Parking is actually reduced from that previously planned to meet Staff's concern about too much impervious surface. In any case, parking exceeds the ordinance requirements. The committee's concern was that parking not spill over onto Braddock Road or into adjacent properties. The Committee was also concerned with the shared entrance and noted that some arrangement of staggered services hours or other arrangements would probably be required. The Committee also questioned the adequacy of plans for trails and sidewalk provisions.

The Committee posed not objections to the changes, provided that conditions addressed the committee's concerns.

The Committee then discussed the desirability of hearing from other cases, such as the Macy's signage and the car rental applications for Fair Oaks Mall. Discussions were also held at the beginning and end of the meeting with community representatives of Berkshire Woods, which is just forming it's resident controlled HOA. They are concerned about the new development that adjoins their HOA. It is expected that they will join Sully District, and the Committee discussed the Land Use process in general wih them. It was agreed that the Committee will contact the developer for an eventual presentation on the new development, although it was noted that it will be some time before an application is ready for discussion.

Finally, the Committee looked at a letter addressed to Sully District Council from Charles P. Johnson & Associates, Inc. representing the Westvale Woods development. The letter refers to a request for a waiver of building a portion of the West Ox Road trail that was dated August 23, 2000, although the letter was sent February 2, 2001. The Committee voted unanimously to oppose granting the waiver, and asked for further investigation of the circumstances in view of the apparent conflict in dates.

Attendees: Ray Cardinal - Berkshire Woods, Ralph Havens - Berkshire Woods, Richard Borneman - Berkshire Woods, Eric Jackson, Church of Apostles, (Civil Engineer), Ray Milograno, Church of Apostles (Facilities Chairman), Duane and Judy Heisinger, Church of Apostles and Bull Run CA, Glenn Stroup, Mark McConn, Carol A. Hawn, Larry Tessier, Tom McDonald, Jim Hart (Did not sit in Committee during hearing on Church of Apostles), Dick Frank

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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