8 January 2001 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Jeff Parnes

Members: Dick Frank (Transportation Advisory Commission), Jim Hart (Heritage Forest), Carol Hawn (Old Mill), Ron Koch (Planning Commission), Mark McConn (Bull Run Estates), Tom McDonald (Buckner Forest), Jeffrey Parnes (Chantilly Highlands), Glenn Stroup (Franklin Farm), Larry Tessier (Franklin Glen)

Guests: Patrick Bisceglia and Carlton Gilbert (SBA, Inc.); Paul S. Kellinger and Michelle Rosati (Hunzcker, Lyon & Leggett, P.C.), Keith Martin (Walsh, Colucci, Stackhouse, Emrich & Lubeley, P.C..), Luis Meade (Sully Station), Ken Sanders (Atty)

Mr. Kellinger spoke on behalf of SBA, which wished to construct a monopole on a current private residence close to route 28 on Wall Road. The current resident would vacate the property if this request were approved.

He distributed photographs showing the projected impact of the pole from various vantage points. A review of these images seems to indicate that the impact on Sully plantation should be minimal, but the monopole will be visible from the subdivisions to the east: Franklin Farm and Chantilly Highlands. The committee recommended that the proponents explore locating the monopole on the grounds of Rachael Carson Middle School, which is located less than a mile to the north. This would bring the pole location in conformance with the comprehensive plan, which indicates that it is preferable for communications towers to be located on county property in lieu of being placed in residential areas. He was asked to return to the committee next month to report on their consideration of the school site.

Mr. Sanders spoke on behalf of John C. Batal, which plans on rezoning (RZ 2000-SU-040) a 4.07 acre plot on Westbrook Drive from R1 to R2. The current owner wishes to subdivide the property to build 5 new homes on approximately 60% of the property and keep the rest for the remaining original home. The committee, after reviewing the proposed proffers, had two comments regarding the proposal: A) Can these development be incorporated into an adjoining existing homeowners association so that they aren't left as an isolated group of five homes? B) Why was parcel B left to the homeowners association (the current five home organization) to maintain instead, as was the case with parcel A, being incorporated into an adjoining lot?

Dick Frank spoke to plans for the Route 28/Walney Road/Braddock Road intersection. Although plans for an eight-lane and grade-separated Route 28 north to the Route 7 intersection are underway, these will be financed by the Route 28 Corridor Tax District, which ends at the northern boundary of E. C. Lawrence Park, and does not cover this intersection. To improve the Route 28 corridor sans this intersection would defeat the purpose of the whole effort. The state is therefore looking at low cost alternatives, and has proposed two. The first would be a fly-over from Braddock Road to Walney Road, with no connection to Route 28. The second, which Dick favors, would be right in/out turns from Route 28 to/from both Braddock and Walney roads, with no through or left movements possible. This would require a fly-over of Poplar Tree Road over Route 28, but that is a planned improvement located in the tax district.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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