5 December 2000 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Jim Hart

The Committee was joined by Ms. Lalene Tilson who tendered membership fees for the West Ox Road Citizens Association. The information and check was accepted and passed to the Council Secretary and Treasurer, with the application form to be mailed for completion. Ms Tilson was invited to participate in the meeting. Committee assumption is that the application will be acted upon by the Council in accordance with the by-laws after all information is received.

There were no presentations before the Committee for this meeting. It was noted that Keith Martin has requested that his re-appearance before the committee regarding the additional development between Lowe Street and Sully Plaza be deferred until January. It was noted that Keith had two other rezonings that would be of interest (RZ 2000-SU 021 and RZ 2000-SU 050) and it was the sense of the committee that the Chairman should request he cover all three matters in January.

It was noted that the Chairman had requested that Supervisor Frey’s meeting room be allocated to the Committee for that January meeting on January 8, rather than January 1, which would, of course, be the first Monday of the month. The Committee also noted that the Times and Centerview should be notified of the date change and place as soon as the information was known.

The Committee then briefly discussed several informational matters:

It was noted that the two applications for monopoles in Chantilly and in the Wall Road area were still changing, e.g., the Chantilly location may end up being at the golf course, which would entail a special exception as well. The Committee expressed an interest in hearing about both whenever the applicants were ready to make a presentation.

Carol Hahn agreed to contact Ken Saunders for the January meeting to ask that he discuss the case he is presenting for Batal Builders (six single family homes off Westbrook Drive).

Jim Hart noted that the $2900 filing fee for citizens requesting sound barriers was being significantly reduced. He also noted that Judy Downer, Dranesville Planning Commissioner had declined to be appointed again, and that the new appointee by Supervisor Mendelsohn was Joan DuBois, formerly Ex-Supervisor Dix’s assistant.

The committee had a short discussion about the status of Mitchell-Weeks house and the background. Glenn Stroup announced that he had received a voice mail message at home from County Staff wanting to discuss an address that would be somewhere in that vicinity and he agreed that he would report back on any developments. (NOTE: the staff call turned out to concern a Zoning violation complaint about “lemon lot” car sales on residential property at the intersection of Route 50 and Lees Corner Road, Northwest corner).

Jim Hart also reported that Judith Heisinger was forced to again have surgery on her arm and the committee was encouraged to send her greetings. Mark will be contacted to determine what sort of Council concerted action should be taken regarding a holiday oriented gift.

The Committee noted that the subject of the December Council meeting was scheduled to be a visit by Ron Koch, who was expected to discuss the APR process and the status of it. It was stated that the Supervisors had requested an update. However, Ron will be unable to appear on the 13th, and the Committee decided to recommend to the Council Executive Committee that the meeting be cancelled.

Dick Frank reported that the Committee and Council’s recommendation for a Spot Improvement at Wall Road to resolve the problem created by turning movements of cars going to the soccer fields would not be considered further. According to Dick, County Transportation personnel believe that widening of Centreville Road will be soon enough that installation of the turn lanes would be a short term benefit. The Committee members were skeptical that funds would be available within the fours years estimated. Dick also reported that turn lanes along Stone Road in the area of London Towne West may indeed be possible, despite earlier reports that sufficient right of way was not available. He is also pressing to get all parties together to agree on a solution to the problem of Walney and Braddock roads and Route 28. Discussion followed about the history of this intersection and the fact that a decision had been postponed for years, but was not required. Otherwise, Route 28 tieup problems will not be resolved by current construction. In addition, it was noted that the value of the Sarah Lawrence parkland had been judged to be properly based on the assumption that it could be developed (even though it would potentially revert to a church if land is used for other than parkland).

The Committee also discussed in general terms a desire to determine the status of the APR process and the need to preserve the general nature of the process in regard to citizen involvement. Members present agreed that a wider review by a group of citizens with not specifically impacted by all changes proposed was essential to achieving a Comprehensive Plan that worked for the general public’s benefit. It was noted that the Committee and the Council should probably take a formal position in favor of an APR like process at the beginning of the year.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Hart
Acting Secretary, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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