2 October 2000 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Jeff Parnes
  1. New Business:

    1. The Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee, being so directed by the full Council, makes the following observations and recommendations regarding the Bull Run Regional Park:
      1. Special events at the park have overwhelmed the capacity of both the infrastructure and the public safety force to handle the crowds. In a recent instance, the Police were forced to close Route 29 in both directions because of the crowds.
      2. Although responsibility for crowd and traffic control are assigned to sponsors of the special events, these sponsors have generally proved incapable of estimating attendance or dealing with larger than expected attendance.
      3. These special events not only adversely affect residents and of the area, especially those in Bull Run estates, but also impede the use of the Park by regular users. The total larger community effects are felt by both residents and businesses, and extend throughout the greater Centreville area, with potential to impact traffic on Route 28 and I-66 as well as Route 29.
      4. Fees paid by the sponsors of the special events are minimal.
      5. Given these facts, the Committee recommends:
        1. That larger special events (over expected attendance of 1,000) be denied until such time as adequate roadway access to an from the Park is provided, unless adequately planned and supervised.
        2. That the Regional Park Authority retain ultimate responsibility for oversight of the events and charge sufficient usage fees to cover the expense.
        3. That local Police and Emergency Services personnel be allowed to limit attendance at those events that are permitted.
        4. That local residents be allowed access to their homes, regardless of restrictions placed on access to the Park.
        5. That priority for the use of park facilities be given to regular users, rather than to Special Events.
        6. That special events be limited to a few well-planned and organized activities such as those which have been successfully planned in the past, with sponsors required to obtain approval of plans from the Regional Park Authority and Public Safety organizations.

    2. Regarding the proposed by-right development at the Northwest corner of Centreville Road and West Ox Road specifically, and pending development in the general area, the Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee recommends the following:
      1. That portion of Centreville Road between West Ox Road and Frying Pan Road that has not been widened be immediately funded for construction on an emergency basis. The existing bottleneck during rush hour is severely damaging traffic flow to Dulles Corner and Route 28, the Dulles Toll Road, the Herndon Parkway, and the Monroe Street Park and Ride.
      2. That the funding and construction of West Ox Road between Route 50 and Lawyer’s Road be expedited.
      3. That ALL of Centreville Road widening to four lanes south to Route 50 be funded and construction expedited. If this is not done on a priority basis, then the construction of an enhanced Route 28 corridor in both Fairfax and Loudoun County will likely be inadequate to address the new business needs in the corridor.
      4. That the remainder of West Ox Road between Lawyers Road and Centreville Road likewise be widened to its proposed four lanes on an expedited basis.
      5. That at least two lanes of the planned four lanes for McLearen Road between West Ox Road and Lawyer’s Road (originally known as Lawyer’s Road extended) be funded and completed on an expedited basis. First priority for this segment should be to complete the portion between West Ox Road and the Fairfax County parkway. It should be noted that the right of way for McLearen Road extended was dedicated many years ago when the affected subdivisions were first built. Therefore, costs should be limited to design and construction. Also, the engineering of the intersection with the Fairfax County Parkway should be done as part of the widening of West Ox Road discussed in 4 above.
      These secondary road improvements which have been on the Comprehensive Plan for many, many years are essential to provide commuter access to the businesses which are already present in the area, as well as the many which are planned in the near future. The North South corridors which are absolutely essential are Route 28, Centreville Road, the Fairfax County Parkway and West Ox Road/Lawyer’s Road/Reston Parkway. The East/West essential corridors are Route 50, West Ox Road (between Lawyer’s Road and Centreville Road) , McLearen Road, and the Dulles Toll Road, supplemented by Sunrise Valley Drive and Sunset Hills Boulevard. All are necessary to support the business and residential areas in the Dulles/Route 28 high-tech corridors.

      It is not only essential to retain the high tech companies which are in the area, but also to prevent the residential communities in the area from being over-run with commuter traffic seeking an alternative to the overburdened current road network. VDOT and OT measurements of traffic and speed indicate that drivers are using residential streets at speeds which exceed the 25 mph speed limits by as much as 45-55 mph. Although the number of vehicles driving at this unsafe speed through neighborhoods do not yet raise the AVERAGE speed to a point justifying the most restrictive traffic calming measures, this is the trend. It would be much preferable to spend the money on widening arterial secondary roads rather than trying to cope with excessive traffic and speeds on residential streets.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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