1 May 2000 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Jim Hart


The meeting was called to order by the President at 7:45 pm. Committee members present: Mark McConn, President; Carol Hawn, Jim Hart. Also present: Dick Frank [TAC], Jill Pawlak, Secretary; David Nees [Dixcengato]; Mike Lannes, London Towne. Guests included Lynne Strobel, Mr. West [?], Lee Fifer, Steve Teats [?], Terry Cooke, Chris Scott, Mark Burrell.


A. All States Motel

Lynne Strobel made a presentation on behalf of [West Developers?]. They have a rezoning application for a 2.6 acre site at the northeast corner of Lee Highway and Dixie Hill Road, the present location of the All States Motel. The application requests R-8 zoning, proposing 5.95 du/ac. They propose to tear down the motel structure [circa 1949] and replace it with 16 two-car garage townhouses, 2000 to 2200 square feet each, two rows of 4 and one row of 8. The traffic would be oriented to Dixie Hill Road. There are no ADUs. There will be a pedestrian connection to the trail along Lee Highway, and a substantial dedication for future Route 29 improvements.

Susan Johnson is the staff coordinator and the Planning Commission public hearing date is July 12.

The committee offered suggestions to improve pedestrian circulation and design elements. Ms. Strobel indicated that they were working on architectural drawings and that the development was intended to be upscale.

The committee suggested that a place to park oversize recreational vehicles would be desirable as there does not appear to be any on-street parking.

Jill Pawlak and David Nees from Dixcengato offered comments. Their community voted 30 to 1 to oppose this application and express concerns. They feel that R-8 zoning is not compatible with their stable neighborhood. They suggest that 4 du/ac would be a more appropriate density, and would be closer to some other communities nearby. They want deeper setbacks from Dixie Hill Road and would prefer the traffic to be oriented to Lee Highway or through the day care in Alden Glen. They do not like the entrance location and feel that concentrated townhouse traffic at their entrance is hazardous and undesirable. They would prefer a brick wall barrier like at Windsor Mews. They would prefer more landscaping.

Ms. Pawlak and Mr. Nees also indicated that their community is negatively impacted by the current Comprehensive Plan. Because of the high density possible with consolidation, including townhouses, that has encouraged speculators and developers to come barging in. They feel that is very divisive. They indicated that because of this crisis, Supervisor Frey has already authorized an out-of turn plan amendment for their neighborhood, to get rid of the bad Plan language. Their residents want to delete the overlay density and reduce the intermediate level to 4 du/ac. They want a prohibition on townhouses, and specify that development at 4 du/ac would have to be single family detached. They stated that there is a consensus in the community to delete the overlay and eliminate townhouses, and that their public hearing date on the out-of-turn plan amendment is June 22nd.

Ms. Strobel responded that the R-8 request is at only the intermediate density level, and that the application at 5.95 du/ac is in conformance with the current Plan. She was concerned that the 30 to 1 vote was taken without her having made a presentation to the community, although she had tried to set one up. The committee encouraged Ms. Strobel and Ms. Pawlak to coordinate on a presentation to the neighborhood.

Ms. Strobel indicated that the previous out-of-turn plan amendment for this site had increased the density, so as to facilitate the redevelopment of the motel site, which had neighborhood support at that time. She indicated that reducing the density would make it economically unfeasible to redevelop and the motel might remain instead. There was general discussion about the need to get rid of the old motel, and the thinking behind the previous amendment to increase the density for that site.

The committee also asked Ms. Strobel to meet with Alden Glen and the newer townhouse community to the west. The committee suggested that Ms. Strobel return to the committee with updates.

B. Cherrywood Office Building.

Lee Fifer made a presentation on the Cherrywood Office Building. It is at the southwest corner of the intersection of Random Hills Road and Waples Mill Road. They want a special exception for a height increase. They propose to go to 8 floors, 96 feet plus superstructure on the top. The building will be modern in appearance with a white exterior.

Under the old proposal and its approved FAR, they could have 261,000 square feet in two buildings, but they will instead have about 210,000 square feet in one building. That will increase the amount of open space and allow an attractive pond with fountain facing the corner.

There will be a 4 story self storage facility to the south so there will be no buffering, but they will landscape the parking structure and will include trees on it. They will provide increased parking over the minimums. There are some discussions ongoing with staff about transportation and sight distances for their entrances on Random Hills Road which are not yet resolved. The levels for the parking garage will be accessed at different locations and not interconnect.

The committee liked the pond and had a number of questions about pedestrian circulation and transportation. The committee expressed concern about lighted signage. The applicant indicated that the only directions for signage would be either towards Route 50 or towards the intersection. The committee suggested that the signage should be directed away from the residential areas nearby.

Their Planning Commission date is May 31. The committee encouraged the applicant to meet with the Random Hills community to the west and the condominium community to the southeast.

C. Chantilly Monopole

Terry Cooke made a presentation about a 2232 application by AT&T Wireless Services for a 150 foot lighted monopole on the Chantilly High School grounds. They will take down one stadium light standard and replace it with a monopole on the right field foul line. They will install stadium lights on the monopole at a height of 73 feet, but they will not be always on. The compound will be fenced. They will lease the land from the school board. They have met with the school, and the PTA supports the application, which they believe meets the plan objectives for locating public facilities on public sites. It also will improve the coverage in an area with an existing gap.

The committee had a number of questions about the visual impact of the monopole. The committee encouraged the applicant to meet with the Hunters Run and Greenbriar communities, and suggested several other possibly affected communities. The applicant does not have a staff coordinator or Planning Commission date. The committee encouraged the applicant to return after meeting with the neighbors.

III. Old Business

A. Transportation Spot Improvements

Dick Frank made a presentation on the nominations so far by citizens for Sully District transportation spot improvements. There were not as many nominations as in past years.

One nomination suggested improving Old Centreville Road south of the Methodist Church, but apparently there will be a complicated right-of-way easement problem involving the Old Mill Community Association. Other suggestions included Singletons Way and Green Trails Boulevard traffic calming which is being handled separately. A 3 way stop at Compton Road, Bull Run Drive and Bull Run Post Office Road was suggested. Completing the escrowed stoplight at the intersection of Multiplex Drive and Centrewood Drive, by Sears Hardware, was also suggested. There were a number of suggestions by citizens in the Centre Ridge area.

Mr. Frank will be checking on whether any State funding materialized for a right turn lane from Union Mill Road to New Braddock Road. He will be getting together with Supervisor Frey and Commissioner Koch to go over what to do.

B. Mitchell Weeks House

There was a brief discussion about Mitchell Weeks House which is deteriorating badly.

IV. Adjournment

There being no further business to come before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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