7 February 2000 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Glenn Stroup

The Sully District County Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting of February 7, 2000 was chaired by Carol Hawn, the Chairman being unable to attend.

Committee/Sully District Council Members in attendance were: Carol Hawn, Glenn Stroup, Mark McConn, Tom McDonald, Jim Hart, Judith Heisinger

The District Planning Commissioner, Ron Koch, and Transportation Advisory Commission Member Dick Frank also attended.

Residents attending were from Armfield Farm, Ox Hill and Chantilly Estates.

The first case discussed was the development proposed for the Ox Hill/Lowe Street area which was heard by the Committee at its January meeting. The developer and attorney were asked to return after further consultations with the affected communities. Mr Martin again reviewed the basic aspects of the plan and highlighted the changes made in the last month. One of these included additional screening and a fence around the property as requested by Ox Hill residents. A pathway was added in the east, connecting to the Armfield Farm area, with barrier fencing proposed to the west and North of Lowe Street to discourage pedestrian traffic cutting through Ox Hill homes to reach the shopping center. The proposed path, together with the proposed internal path and sidewalk system would provide a route to the center. Mr Martin and Mr. Bryne reported that they had discussed transportation alternatives as proposed by the Ox Hill community to VDOT and O/T, who were not in favor of additional and/or relocated egresses to Centreville Road, nor a termination of Lowe Street. Nor did anyone, including the developer of the commercial property agree to ingress/egress to Sky Hawk Drive. The revised plan did provide for traffic calming measures such as a traffic circle at the end of Lowe Street. An access to Chantilly Estates via Birch Street was still shown as an option. Most of the citizens were opposed to that option. It was suggested that a access for emergency vehicles only might be considered. Residents of Ox Hill seemed to desire a connection to Springhaven Drive and Armfield Farm, what residents of that community were just as vehemently opposed. There was discussion as to the meaning of the Comprehensive Plan language speaking to not including a connection to Springhaven Drive. The language as interpreted by Ox Hill residents implies that is only prohibited if the density is at 5-8 dua. The Staff reads the language as prohibiting connection to Springhaven. One other change to the original plan was that one of the two originally shown “Tot Lots” has been changed to a “play area.” The developer has not yet been able to arrange a meeting with either Armfield Farms or Chantilly Estates. Notices were sent to the President of Armfield Farm, but residents in attendance said they had heard nothing from the HOA and found out about the Committee meeting only by word of mouth. The one resident from Chantilly Estates said that there was no formal citizens association in existence there. Both groups were urged to notify their HOA officers or at least establish a Point of Contact by which the Supervisor and County could contact residents. The developer was again urged to seek a formal meeting with the communities. After hearing from all parties, the Committee declined to make a choice between communities still in conflict, but urged each to appear at the Planning Commission and advised them as to procedures and sources of information, such as the Staff Report.

The second case heard by the Committee was the Peterson Company’s proposed changes to their approved plan for the Fairfax Corner development north of the Government Center and South of Random Hills Road on 48 acres. The developer is requesting a PCA and concurrent FDPA . Changes will both change and re-orient uses with the intent of building a Town Plaza. Density remains the same, but uses will vary, with a proposed 16-20 screen theater in the center of the Plaza. Streets will be changed to a grid concept, with a large plaza in front, featuring town-like streetscapes. The previously approved hotel will be integrated with retail and the gas station will be moved to the perimeter. Additional residential will be added to the plaza central area, with distinctive architecture. Office buildings with feature ground floor retail. Parking will be multi-level structures designed for dual use during day and evening. One potential addition in which the Committee was very interested was the possibility of a Metro station as part of the development and designed and located to serve the Government Center as well as the development. Hearing before the Planning Commission is on February 17th. The Committee expressed its opinion that the proposal was a great improvement over the current plan.

The Committee also heard from Glenn Stroup regarding several pieces of pending legislation, including Delegate McClure’s bill on a referendum on West Ox Road, a bill by Senator Mims to restrict actions of HOAs and potentially levy fines on Directors via the Real Estate Board, and several others. Dick Frank reported on the new round of spot improvements for the County. Dick asked that nominations for such improvements be sent to him before the end of March. He also reported that a total of $237,000 had been found toward a traffic light at Bull Run Post Office Road and Route 29.

Judith Heisinger reported on the proposed access road from Compton Road to Bull Run Elementary School. The Bull Run Civic Association believes Compton Road is not safe enough to add more buses. Also, the proposed path of the road goes close to two family/community cemetaries. Carol Hawn moved to require fencing for both cemetaries (the Farr Family and the Cub Run Memorial Gardens Cemetaries). Jim Hart seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Carol Hawn mentioned that she is developing a resolution requesting the Board of Supervisors prohibit through truck traffic on Bull Run Post Office Road, north of Lee Highway.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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