6 January 2000 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Jeffrey M. Parnes

Members: Jim Hart (Heritage Forest), Carol Hawn, Tom MacDonald (Buckner's Forest), Mark McConn (Bull Run Estates), Jeff Parnes (Chantilly Highlands), Glenn Stroup (Franklin Farm), and Larry Tessier (Franklin Glen)

Speakers and Guests: KSI: Eddie Byrone and Keith Martin; Walch, Colucci: Keith Martin; Reed Swisth, Hazel & Thomas: John McBride; Ox Hill Residents: Daniel and Donna Clark, Mary Guertin, John Huang, John Jezinski, Sandra Loudermilk, Dale and Mary Lowe, Jason McWhirter, Sherry Moore, Michael Spraggs; West Ox Civic Association: Lalene Tilson; Grays Point: Jim deAguian

1) The Committee heard a presentation from KSI about its proposed development along Lowe Street, off Centreville Road, north of its intersection with Route 50. Presentation was made and questions were answered by Keith Martin and Eddie Byrne.

The proposed development would surround the existing older community of Ox Hill. The current proposal contains none of the lots from Ox Hill, although KSI says it is interested in negotiating purchases if the owners are interested.

Property consists of 44 acres, currently undeveloped, and would require a rezoning form R-1 to PDH-3. The Plan calls for development at 3-4 dua, and the proposal would result in 2.88 dua. Access to the new community would be from Lowe street, although the developer has considered an access off Birch Drive (currently a dirt deadend road west of Chantilly Road) in the Chantilly Estates community off Route 50. VDOT has denied an entrance from Centreville Road and discussions with Armfield Farms to the East have indicated strong objections to a connection to Springhaven.

KSI has as yet been unable to reach a representative of Chantilly Estates for comment, and the Committee urged continuation of such efforts. In addition, the Committee asked that the adjacent Shopping Centers be asked to comment on the proposed connection by trails of the existing and new communities with the shopping center. Ox Hill is currently very unhappy with pedestrian traffic cutting through private property to get to the shopping center.

Ox Hill residents appeared satisfied with the density and type of homes, etc. but extremely displeased with the layout of roads and the proposed connections. Several suggestions were put forth by residents of Ox Hill, such as closing off Lowe street and providing access to Centreville Road for Ox Hill and the new community at a point further South, or providing access to Springhaven. They are most concerned by the unimproved status of Lowe street in the parts not owned by KSI. Several residents spoke at length opposing any exit via a Birch Road connection, fearing traffic on Centreville Road would cut through to get to the traffic light at Route 50 and Chantilly Road. Likewise, they have a concern that paths to be built by the developer are on one side of Lowe street only and do not completely connect. The community also asked about potential use of the shopping center land isolated by the power easement for an access road.

Other concerns with the application are the limited nature of recreational facilities - two Tot Lots (developer noted a large amount of land left for passive recreation) and the fact that all internal streets are private streets, not public. In the latter case, the roads are wider than typical townhouse streets (30 feet wide) and parking would be permitted on one side of the road.

In view of the fact that the 20 plus residents of Ox Hill are still unhappy about access and related issues and other communities and the shopping center need to be contacted, the Committee asked the developer to continue meetings and return to the Committee for more discussion at its February meeting. The current schedule for the application is for the Planning Commission on March 9, followed by Board of Supervisors' hearing on March 27.

2) Casssels Sporting Goods is proposing to build a combination store and indoor playing fields facility at the corner of Barnsfields Road and Centreville Road, opposite its intersection with Franklin Farm Road. The development would require a special exception and a proffered plan amendment.

The facility would be comprised of a metal butler building, about 35 feet tall (2.5 stories) covering 60,000 square feet holding 2-3 fields depending on its setup. Phase two of the construction would provide enough space for a third field, if demand is sufficient. On its ultimate buildout the facility would measure 180 by 529 feet. Cassels would relocate its store to the front of the structure.

Cassels agreed to a proffered amendment suggested by Franklin Farm and revised at the committee's meeting:

The building design, color, and facade materials will be compatible with the immediate neighborhood; however, should the Property be developed to an indoor recreation use, the building may be metal, provided that (i) the entrance area contains "split face" block or other masonry products integrated intro the facade as a design feature, and (ii) the height of the building is limited to forty- five (45) feet.

The proposal was scheduled to got to the Board of Zoning Appeals on 18 January. The committee had no negative comments to offer.

3) The committee was informed of various in fill development plans along West Ox Road.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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