Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Glenn Stroup

At the June 7 Meeting of the Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee the following topics were discussed:

I. A proposal was presented for a hotel at the intersection of Centreview Drive and Thunderbolt Place. The entrance to the proposed hotel would be at the northern end of the parcel, off Centreview Drive. The front of the building would face Centreview. The hotel would be 4 stories, with 132 rooms. The probable hotel would be the Wingate Inn. The presenters noted that the Comprehensive Plan does speak of hotel use at the location as an option. Land is zoned I-5, and the parcels do not fall within the Sully Plantation Historical Overlay. Committee members expressed concern with a need for pedestrian access to and from the hotel to nearby buildings and residences.

II. The second briefing concerned a proposal for a daycare center in the Alden Glen subdivision. The facility would care for approximately 150 children, with after-school care offered for older children. Proposed operating hours are morning through early evening.

III. Dick Frank reported that it appeared that the State Transportation Six Year Plan would delay construction of several critical Sully road improvements, including the Route 28/29 Intersection and West Ox Road. He noted that the Board of Supervisors was upset.

IV. Glenn Stroup shared some of the results of traffic studies done on four Franklin Farm streets and noted Franklin Farms desire to have traffic calming measures applied to these streets as soon as possible, with the community being willing to pay the direct costs of painting lines to visually narrow the streets. It was noted that, although the average speed of vehicles over the 24 hours of the study was around the speed limit of 25 mph, that a significant number of vehicles were recorded at speeds of over 70 mph. A short discussion then followed regarding the relative merits and requirements for getting traffic control devices installed (stop signs), versus cut-through traffic limitations, versus traffic calming devices. All agreed that the procedures and processes were laborious, with answers or action coming back from VDOT taking a very long time. Those having needs were encouraged to enlist the aid of Supervisor Frey, after doing their homework.

V. The Committee noted that the application for a tall sign at Sully Plaza called for a height much taller than any existing commercial signs (although area was not that much larger than other approved signs) and that decision was deferred, with the record left open. County staff prepared a summary of existing and requested signs in the county. Those who attended the special Committee meeting believed that later, closer examination of the facts on approved exceptions would suggest that the sign should be limited to 26 feet, with an emphasis on providing a maximum of the square footage to tenants, rather than to the name of the shopping center. Motion was unanimously approved. It was also questioned as to whether the existing sign at the current entrance from Route 50 would be removed when the larger one was installed in the new location.

VI. The next committee meeting will be held on 7:30 PM, Monday, 28 June 1999, in the conference room next to Sully Supervisor Michael Frey's office. On the agenda is the proposed build out plan for the EDS property between Rt. 28 and Centreville Road south of McLearen Road.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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