Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee Meetings
by Jeffrey M. Parnes

Excerpts from the 1 February 1999 Minutes:

  1. Tom Thomas presented plans to redevelop the old Craftsman out-lot on the corner of Route 50 and Centreville Road as part of the existing Sully Plaza shopping center. The property was originally planned with a proffer of 18,000 square feet of medical-related office space the developer wants to revise th proffer to allow the construction of a 10,000 square foot freestanding CVS facility and a 2500 square foot fast-food facility on the northern portion of the parcel.

    CVS would like a drive through window and therefore requires a special exception permit. Studies show that only 1% of the customers of the pharmacy would use the drive through, but CVS thinks tat it would still be a boon to customers with handicaps and mothers with small children. The county staff has concerns because that Dulles Suburban Center plan language states that freestanding auto use should be discouraged in this area, and both structures will require special exceptions for drive throughs.

    The task force members commented on:

    • Lighting and signage
    • Whether there were back fill candidates for the existing CVS site
    • Whether the CVS structure would be architecturally complete on all four sides
    • Dumpster siting
    • Safety considerations at the fast food drive through
    • Traffic flow into and out of the cul-de-sac paring area in the front of the fast food
    • Purchase limitations at the CVS drive through window

  2. Frank McDermott presented plans for the development of the Leonard Property (between North Lake and the Manor Care Facility along Route 50, east of the Fairfax County Parkway), and the underdeveloped lot south of Oakwood Estates and west of the Fairfax County Parkway. The two lots were joined together in a previous proffer, and as the southern property is not developable, and surrounded on two sides by environmentally sensitive land its density was transferred to the northern parcel. On the 13-acre northern site Pulte plans to place 122 units comprised of 98 market rate units and 14 ADUs. The developers plan to dedicate the necessary right of way for inter-parcel connector. If the road is not built right away, they will proffer the funds. They will also dedicate the parcel near Greenbriar to the Park Authority. They have also committed to a 25 foot undisturbed buffer between their development and North Lake.

  3. Plans for the Catholic Church on Centreville Road across from Franklin Middle School may be resurrected with the appointment of a new archbishop from the Arlington Diocese.

Excerpts form the 1 March 1999 Minutes

  1. Marie Travesky spoke on PCA 74-2-112 in which Mobil Oil proposes to build a service station, mini-mart with accessory fast food, and car wash on the corner of West Ox and Piney Branch roads. The facility is planned to operate 24 hours with six gas pumps, one of which will provide diesel fuel. The design of the facility is the same as a recent facility put in at Stone Road in Centreville, which was the result of consultation with the citizens there.

    The developers will landscape both the southern and northern lots even though they are only developing the southern one. There will be an eight-foot high sign. The planning commission hearing is 28 April.

  2. Tom Thomas returned to answer concerns that the committee had on plans to redevelop the old Craftsman out-lot on the corner of Route 50 and Centreville Road. Staff has reviewed the proposal and recommends denial based on the comprehensive plan language that discourages auto-oriented usage.

    The committee voted 5 yes, 0 nay, with 2 abstentions to object to the fast food restaurant to the north but express no objections to the CVS facility to the south.

  3. Jim Scott and Susan Yantis presented INOVA's plans for three additional structures adjoining Fair Oaks Hospital. The property to the west of Fair Oaks Hospital up to Rugby Road had been replanned several time proffers had been made not to have direct access from Rugby Road, to dedicate both a 100-foot buffer along Rugby Road, and the right-of-way to four lane Rugby Road on the east side of the road to retain a FAR of .20 and limit any buildings to a 60-ft height. These conditions are all being met. INOVA and the county/VDOT are currently negotiating about whether INOVA will have to build that four-lane section of Rugby Road. The Planning Commission public hearing date is 5 May. INOVA would like to build three structures: The first would be a three-story, 72,000-square-foot assisted-living facility for senior citizens. The second two structures will be two four-story, 88,000 square-foot office buildings planned location of the second building, will be used for medical offices and ambulatory surgery. Plans for the second are still rather vague, as the timetable for their construction show that the first would be built three years hence and the second ten years out.

    The committee was concerned with the traffic flow serving the projected two new buildings. It seemed that they would have to be accessed through parking lots, without a direct route. the committee recommended that INOVA reconsider its internal circulation plan.

  4. A representative from Franklin Farm showed plans approved by the county for a self-storage facility on southwest corner of Wall and Centerville roads. The plans for the self-storage facility show that they plan to provide storage for recreation vehicles that cannot be stored with the adjacent communities (Franklin Farm and Chantilly Highlands being directly across Centreville Road). The planning notes indicate that such usage is in conformance with previous proffers.

    He pointed out that the staff has already stated, in a letter he presented, that such storage was not in conformance with the proffers, and was concerned that staff had approved this development without considering the true meaning of their own interpretation.

    The committee voted unanimously, with no abstentions, to strongly oppose the introduction of mini-storage at Wall and Centreville roads, and vehemently oppose the non-conforming proposal to store recreation vehicles as contraindicated by the proffered conditions.

  5. A member reported on the Park Authority invitation-only meeting on 9 February where it solicited input from citizens, schools, and sports groups. The School Board has offered 30 acres next to the West Fairfax High School site, off Lee Road near Westfields, to the Park Authority to use for the West Fairfax Recreation Center if the Park Authority chooses. Only 15 of the 30 acres are usable, as the rest are environmentally sensitive. The Park Authority has $15 million total budget for a recreation center, so if it does not choose to use the suggested site, then the cost of land acquisition will have to come out of the budgeted amount.

    At the meeting many sports groups requested features such as Olympic size swimming and diving areas, indoor tracks, etc., which are available no where else in the county.

    A Park Authority representative will attend the Sully District Council Meeting on 28 April to discuss their plans for the West Fairfax Recreation Center.

  6. The next meeting of Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee will take place at 7:30 PM on 4 April 1999 in the conference room adjoining Supervisor Mike Frey's office.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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