Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes
4 Jan 1999
by Jeffrey M. Parnes

  1. The committee heard plans for proposed development of a ten-acre parcel located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Ridge Top Road and Government Center Parkway. The Planning Commission will hear this proposal on 25 February. Adjoining parcels are being developed at PDH 12, while the 133 single-family-attached units, including 17 ADUs, on this 10-acre parcel yield a FAR of 11.7 compared to the permitted FAR density of 14.09. All units but the ADUs will have garages. Since the ADUs won't have parking, the committee questioned the allocation of parking spaces. A recent court decision indicated that common-ground parking spaces must be allocated without regard to whether individual units contain garages, so if the ADUs were assigned parking spaces, the other units would also have to be assigned spaces. The committee asked the proponents to return to the meeting in February with more detailed plans and a proposed resolution to the parking problem.

  2. ATT Digital Wireless envisions a future where the phone you use would be a wireless phone around your home and a cellular phone when you're out and about in the neighborhood. The ATT Digital Wireless representative spoke about the need for a telecommunications tower for the West Ox Road corridor to provide coverage between Fair Oaks Hospital and the Fox Mill Fire Station where they currently have antennas. The tower they propose will be 170 feet tall, and supported by cables at least 1/3 of its height. They had originally proposed using the old firehouse that CYA is currently using as a storage shed, but after a meeting with the Navy Vale Community League, the community convinced them to look elsewhere. They are looking at both the Braddock Nursery grounds and the proposed group home. There are road blocks at the group home, such as the a question as to whether a telecommunications tower constitutes commercial or industrial use, and would be allowed at the group home site. It may be necessary to subdivide the property so there would be no commercial/industrial uses on the residential parcel, but they question as to whether there would be enough acreage to legally subdivide the parcel. It has also been reported that a large percentage of the group home property is being used as a septic field, which would hamper tower construction. The representative ended the presentation by pointing out that the project is currently in limbo, with no prime location selected. The committee recommended that the next time ATT uses a balloon to test line of sight visibility, that the testing be done on a weekend so local residents could see the proposed impact. We asked the ATT representative to return to the committee after briefing the local community regarding any future plans ATT may develop.

  3. Winchester Homes is planning consolidation of 17.3 acres south of West Ox Road and east of Ox Trail. Winchester has plans to build 44 single-family-detached homes (a density of 2.54 dwelling units per acre) on this parcel resulting from the consolidation of six existing lots. Winchester could not, or rather, choose not to meet the asking price for the two parcels on the immediate corner of West Ox Road and Ox Trail, one of which contains the old one-room Navy School, which is presently being used as a residence. The proposal basically consolidates all the parcels between Fair Oaks Hospital and West Ox Road, and the county staff indicates that it meets the Comprehensive Plan wording of "substantial consolidation" allowing the density to be increased above the base level. With only 44 homes on the site, there is no requirement to build ADUs on site, but there will be a contribution to the ADU fund. Winchester Homes has proffered funds to move the old school, or document the building if it can not be moved. The proffer contains wording that the funds escrowed will be donated to the county's historical office if not used within ten years. The plan originally submitted showed access directly on West Ox Road, but there are ongoing negotiations with the hospital to allow them access to Ox Trail through hospital property. Winchester thought they were close to signing with the Hospital, but something happened to derail the proposal - possibly the hospital got cold feet when they realized they had a proposal of their own and didn't want to be involved in two planning actions at the same time. In any case, the committee indicated its satisfaction with the proposal before it.

  4. An X-rated video store, "MVC late Night Video", opened in the Lee Jackson Shopping Center on the south side of route 50 opposite the old Chantilly Farmers Market. The facility has frosted windows and is not supposed to allow in anyone under 18. Several members of the committee indicated a willingness to review the facility's compliance to applicable zoning ordinances.

  5. The next Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee is scheduled for Monday, 1 February 1999 at 7:30 p.m. in the conference room adjacent to Supervisor Frey's office, 5900 Centreville Road in the Fort Hill Centre Building. On the agenda at this time is a proposal for the old Craftsman Body Shop property on the east side of Centreville Road just north of Rt. 50. The property was originally planned for medical office buildings - Martha Peninio thought there would be a need. Instead, CVS would like to build a free standing structure similar to the one in the McClearen Square Shopping Center with a drive-up window (10,000 sq. ft) and to its north, a 2.5-3 thousand sq. ft fast-food facility (no tenant as of yet).

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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