30 November 1998 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Jeffrey M. Parnes

Members: Dick Frank (TAC), Jim Hart (Heritage Forest), Steve Harloe (Poplar Tree), Carol Hawn (Singleton's Grove), Al Linch (Virginia Run), Mark McConn (Bull Run Civic Association), Tom McDonald (Bruckner Forest), Jeff Parnes (Chantilly Highlands Homes Association), and Larry Tessier (Franklin Glen)

1. A telecommunications tower is proposed for the West Ox Road Corridor. The proponents wish to use the old firehouse that CYA is currently using as a storage shed, the Braddock Nursery grounds, or the proposed group home. The tower will be 170 feet tall, and supported by cables at least 1/3 of its height. There is a question as to whether a telecommunications tower constitutes commercial use.

2. After a discussion of the attempts to save Evan's Farm Inn in McLean, the committee unanimously adopted a resolution against the county becoming involved. The committee will ask general membership of the Sully District Council to request Sully District Supervisor Michael Frey to oppose the use of county funds to buy or operate Evan's Farm Inn, but not oppose the local area's citizens establishing a local tax district to do the same.

3. The committee reviewed the recent VDOT public information meeting on proposed improvements to I-495. The committee, with only one abstaining vote and no objections, voted to recommended that Sully District Council favor:

4. The committee also reviewed the recent VDOT public information meetings on the I-66 Major Investment Study (MIS). The Land Use and Transportation Committee had previously made suggestions concerning what it would like to see as the preferred study outcome. Its previous recommendations had combined the best of two proposals, including extension of rail to Centreville and beyond, additional lanes on I-66, and the construction of barrier-separated reversible-HOV lanes. As the MIS report embodied our recommendations, the committee unanimously moved that Sully District Council fully support the I-66 Major Investment Study report recommendations.

5. Dick Frank asked the committee to reconsider its previously recommended Sully spot improvements, as its primary choice, a trail under I-66 at Route 29, will receive funding from other sources. After a review of possible other alternatives, the committee reaffirmed its original second choice, the construction of a pedestrian path from West Ox Road and Fair Oaks Station to a bus shelter.

6. Dick also reported that funding will be available for improvements to the Braddock, Stone, and Poplar Tree roads intersection

7. The next Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee is scheduled for Monday, 4 January 1999 at 7:30 p.m. in the conference room adjacent to Supervisor Frey's office, 5900 Centreville Road in the Fort Hill Centre Building.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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