Sully District Council of Citizen Associations
Land Use and Transportation Committee
submitted by Jeffrey M. Parnes

At the Monday, June 1, 1998 Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting, the following items of interest were discussed:

  1. Bob Young of the Young Group spoke to SE-98-Y-007, which deals with a special exception for the parcel on the Northwest corner of Centreville Road and Metrotech Drive. The developer would like to build a 7-11 mini-mart and Citgo gas station with six gas pumps (12 bays) under a roof. The facility would be at the intersection with access off Metrotech Drive. The gas station would not have service bays, but a car wash with a ten-car long queue. The parcel is already planned for commercial use, and on the eastern portion of this lot there are plans for a three-story, 108-room suite hotel and 10,000 square foot retail pad; occupant uncertain at this time.

    Although the developer has submitted his special exception to the county, and worked with the county staff to alleviate their concerns, the staff cannot endorse his plans. The current comprehensive plan wording for this parcel calls for it to be oriented to non-vehicular intensive uses and they must make recommendations in accordance with the approved wording.

    The committee members approved the following resolution: Notwithstanding the plan language re discouraging automotive uses, the committee does not oppose this special exception.

    Regarding the original Metrotech Drive shopping center, plans are underway for a massive redevelopment. The old Loews facility probably will be gutted and made into a multiplex movie theater. The Weiss food market may have to be torn down completely and rebuilt in a new configuration.

  2. Dick Frank (Sully Transportation Advisory Commissioner) spoke about proposed Annual Plan Review item 98-III-5T, which concerns the realignment and widening of Braddock Road from the Loudoun County line to Old Lee Road. He would like to see the current segment of Braddock Road east of Old Lee Road continue to be planned as two-lane road serving the local communities (Sully Station, Rocky Run, Country Club, etc.). Braddock Road traffic should be routed onto a four-lane Old Lee Road to Stonecroft Road.

    This realignment and replanning is necessary because of current and proposed developments in this area. Stonecroft Road will be opened to Route 50 by the year 2000. The new Western Fairfax High School is planned for Old Lee Road. Westfields will continue to develop to an ultimate build-out of 5-7 million square feet (equivalent to the Fair Center Area) that will support 20,000 employees by 2010. Loudoun County has approved 10,000 residential units out of 37,000 planned for the area south and southwest of Dulles Airport. Herndon Road currently provides access from Loudoun County to Pleasant Valley Road. Loudoun plans on improving Braddock Road to four lanes to their side of the county line.

    This proposed realignment and widening of Braddock Road will direct traffic from Pleasant Valley Road and Loudoun County to the employment center at Westfields, and away from communities along Braddock Road, inside or east of Lee Road to Route 28. In addition, this realignment will provide improved access to the new Western Fairfax High School by replacing the substandard, rural segment of Lee Road with a new alignment and bridge crossing Cub Run.

    The committee endorsed this planned amendment with the following provisos:
    1. Create access from Braddock Road to Old Lee Road Explore options for movement of traffic from realigned Braddock/Old Lee Road through the Westfields area to Route 28.
    2. Fix an alignment of Tri-County Connector through Fairfax and Loudoun counties.

  3. The next Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee is scheduled for Monday, 6 July 1998 at 7:30 p.m. in the conference room adjacent to Supervisor Frey’ s office, 5900 Centreville Road in the Fort Hill Centre Building. Planned for the agenda are discussions on future development on the EDS site at McLearen and Centreville roads and a presentation by the Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Chair, Sully District Council
Land Use and Transportation Committee

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