3 February 1997 Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee Report
by Carol A. Hawn
  1. Attendance:

    1. Members: Dick Frank (Transportation Advisory Commission), Jim Hart (Heritage Forest HOA), Carol Hawn (Singleton's Grove HOA), Ron Koch (Sully District Planning Commissioner), Carole Korzilius (North Lake Village), Al Linch (Virginia Run), Mark McConn (Bull Run Civic Association), Tom McDonald (Buckner Forest), Jeanne Pujanauski (Camberley East HOA), Bill Ritchie (NECCA), Dick Schneider (Camberley West HOA), George Tarquinio (Hunter's Run of Chantilly HOA), Larry Tessier (Franklin Glen), and Dan Zivney (Camberley West HOA).

    2. Guests: Robert Bainum, Bob Burgess (The Solutions Group), Jon Ericson (The Emerald Group), Sara Hall (Blankingship and Keith), Paul Jeannin (Land Design Consultants), Sara Kroll (Land Design Consultants), Paul Salditt (Salditt and Associates Architects),

  2. Carol Hawn called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and explained that Jeff Parnes, Land Use and Transportation Committee Chair, is attending graduate classes on Monday evenings this semester and is therefore unable to attend. Two proposals are on the evening's agenda.

  3. Presentations:

    1. 7:30
      • Proponent: Mr. Robert Bainum
      • Action: a two-building senior citizen campus on 17 acres
      • Location: the intersection of Lee Highway (U.S. Route 29) and Forest Hill Drive,

      Senior Living Campus:

      Mr. Robert Bainum discussed a proposal for a two-building senior citizen campus on 17 acres at the intersection of Lee Highway (U.S. Route 29) and Forest Hill Drive, adjacent to the present State Farm Insurance facility. The property, which has been on the market for some time, was purchased through the Frazier family. The parcel will be developed with the existing land contours kept in mind, as there is a stream as well as many old trees in existence on the property.

      The building farthest from Lee Highway will contain approximately one hundred five (105) independent living units for persons 62 years of age and older. Amenities include two dining rooms, a snack bar, library, a business office for resident's use, a fitness room, game/card room, theater, beauty shop, and approximately 85 below ground parking spaces. Additional parking will be provided outside. The below ground parking is located under grassed areas, not under the building itself.

      The second building is comprised of approximately 100 assisted living dwelling units comprised of one- and two-bedroom apartments and efficiency suites. Nursing care and physical therapy will be provided, however, there will be no nursing home facilities as the Fairfax Nursing Center (owned by Mr. Bainum) is approximately one mile away.

      Paul Jeannin, land design consultant, stated that preserving the existing environment is of primary importance in this project, keeping the sensitive land areas, such as the existing stream, foremost in mind. Because of this, the buildings are located near the front of the property. The necessary frontage for an expanded six-lane Lee Highway will be dedicated. The building nearest Lee Highway will be located approximately 70 feet from the proposed right of way of the highway. The open space will be proffered so as to not build on it in the future.

      Paul Salditt of Salditt and Associates Architects, noted that the proposed architecture is in keeping with the historic Jeffersonian tradition. Each building is totally brick with sloped roofs, hiding equipment. The three-story rear building slopes to four stories in the front. All windows installed will conform to noise attenuation guidelines.

      Outdoor amenities will include croquet and walking trails. Tennis courts were considered, however, due to the impervious nature of the surfaces, will not be built. At this time, security fencing is not planned, nor are noise attenuation walls along Lee Highway. The facility will offer bus, van, and limousine service for residents. Potential utility service has been checked out. The sewer is located alongside Lee Highway, gas is available, and water pressure will be adequate. Mr. Bainum will provide funding for the improvement of Forest Hill Drive as well as pro-rata funding for other amenities.

      Sara Hall of Blankingship and Keith stated that three applications will be filed in the next month. The first application permits rezoning the property to R-3. Two special exception applications will be filed, one for housing, the second for use as a medical facility. The FAR is .22. A name for the facility has not yet been selected. Mr. Bainum and those working on the proposal have met with and received endorsement by the residents of Leehigh Village HOA.

    2. 8:00
      • Proponent: Bob Burgess (The Solutions Group) and Jon Ericson, principal with Emerald Development
      • Action: Rezone R-1 to PDH-2
      • Location: 89 acres north of Thompson Road and west of West Ox Road

      Oakton Ponds/Thompson Road Proposal

      Bob Burgess (The Solutions Group) and Jon Ericson, principal with Emerald Development, presented a proposal to develop 89 acres north of Thompson Road and west of West Ox Road as a single planned community. The parcel, currently owned by 19 individuals willing to sell their properties, is zoned R-1. The developers are requesting that it be rezoned PDH-2, with a proposed density of 1.95 dwelling units (d.u.) per acre. This is a lesser density than asked for previously, which was 2.4 d.u. per acre. Approximately 175 homes are planned. Currently, recreational amenities are not planned, such as tot lots, play areas, a clubhouse, nor tennis courts. The homes would be priced between $400,000 and $550,000.

      Century Oaks HOA, south of Thompson Road, is zoned PDH-3 with 2.6 d.u. per acre. Camberley East and West, and the Toll Brothers development, all border the property on the north and are zoned R-1. Emerald Development met early in the process with both Camberley subdivisions, as well as Century Oaks. This is the first meeting with the Camberley subdivisions since the reconfiguration of the property with a lesser density. The developers have also spoken with the Renaissance developers and the Navy-Vale League. The difference between the Toll Brothers development and the development in question is that the former bought the entire property while this property is comprised of 19 individual homeowners, some of whom will continue living in their homes. Piecemeal development of this land could lead to engineering difficulties with regard to sewer and services in the future. The Toll Brothers property is being developed at R-1; originally, R-1 cluster was requested and turned down for EQC reasons.

      The northern parameter lots are planned as R-1 with lot sizes of approximately 36,000 square feet. The lot sizes will transition southward to 11,000 square feet near Thompson Road. Twenty-two percent of the parcel is open space. There is one three-acre pond and one four-acre pond on the property. A 1.25 mile trail is planned through the development, as well as a buffer along Thompson Road. There will be public water and sewer, and the land necessary for the widening of West Ox Road will be dedicated. The West Ox Road entrance to the development lines up with that of West Oaks Estates. The developer will sponsor the traffic signalization at that intersection if necessary. There is a question of whether Thompson Road will be realigned at West Ox Road, or whether it will be closed off. If the latter occurs, traffic would be routed through the main road in the subdivision. The Thompson Road entrance has been off-set from the Century Oaks entrance; the staggering of entrances ameliorates Century Oaks' concerns about potential cut-through traffic through their association. Century Oaks has provided a letter endorsing the development. Thompson Road is considered the delineating point between R-1 and higher density developments. The increased density remains an issue with the Camberley subdivisions, particularly the impact on roads and schools. The two associations also request buffering along the northern parameter.

      Emerald Development has met with the ADU (Affordable Dwelling Unit) Advisory Board on a proposal to comply with the ADU ordinance. This issue has been a hurdle in the development approval process. It is difficult to plan ADUs in a development of $400,000 homes. The ADU proposal includes building two homes, similar on the outside to the homes planned with the interiors of each consisting of approximately 12 elderly assisted living units located near the intersection of Thompson and West Ox Roads. There would be staff on site 24 hours per day to provide housekeeping and meals. Medical care would not be provided. A van would be available for transportation; residents would not own their own vehicles. Each unit would have its own bath and kitchenette. For permanence, the rental of the units would be proffered. There would be a minimum age limit to rent units. The Zoning Authority states that this would meet the criteria for ADU housing. There are two components to ADU housing: the cost of shelter and services, including such items as meal preparation. Affordable living takes only the former into account. A certificate of need is not necessary as the units are not considered nursing homes. The two homes would be under private ownership. The individual units would rent for approximately $650-$700 per month, while the service package, including the meals, could run from $1,500 to $2,000 per month. Although considered separately for purposes of meeting ADU criteria, the package could not be split, both would be paid each month. Each home would have its own dining area and kitchen. The Committee took issue with the cost of this as providing meals under this arrangement would be expensive. Marriott's senior assisted living units rent for $2,400 per month with many more amenities. A concern was brought up that if Thompson Road is realigned, the ADUs would be separated from the rest of the development; an issue that could lead to stigmatizing the units, similar to that which would occur if townhouses were built.

      Specific plans have not yet been filed. The out-of-turn plan amendment, previously deferred indefinitely by the Planning Commission, will go before the Planning Commission on April 3, 1997 and before the Board of Supervisors on April 28, 1997. After that, a hearing will still need to be held for the rezoning application. Dick Frank mentioned that if this proposal is approved, the remainder of the area may be considered in an Area Plan Review. The developers were asked to come back to the Committee prior to going through the zoning process, after looking at the following: buffering along the northern boundaries, recreational amenities, and working with the neighboring subdivisions.

  4. Other Business:

    Transportation Advisory Commission Vice-chair Dick Frank mentioned that the Board of Supervisors mark-up session for, and approval of, the policy plan is scheduled for Monday, February 10, 1997.

    Larry Tessier asked whether there is a secondary road priority list available for review that goes beyond the six-year plan. Dick Frank stated that there is; he will attempt to get a copy to Larry.

    Larry Tessier asked whether we can find out the overall impact of sound walls on noise attenuation in terms of cost along the Fairfax County Parkway. In other words, how much lower is the decibel level once the walls are installed. Dick Frank believes this is a question for Supervisor Michael Frey. Dick Frank suggested that the Committee ask for a proffer in future land use presentations with regard to sound walls. For example, the question came up during our first presentation this evening; in the future, if sound walls are needed, the developer should bear the expense, not the County.

    Several road problems throughout Sully District were discussed, including Stringfellow Road at Route 50. Water backs up across the shoulder lane in this area which appears to be due to a drainage problem. Crews are currently working on this as part of the widening of Route 50. A similar problem is occurring in the high speed lane of Route 50 at the Parkway. Dick Frank noted three additional areas of questionable road deterioration: the Parkway at Franklin Farms, the Lees Corner bridge, and noticeable cracking along the still under construction median barriers on I-66. There are three possible reasons for these problems: the need to build during operating hours, the need to build during the winter months (leading to freeze-thaw conditions), and less supervision. George Tarquinio mentioned that soil has been removed near the hairpin curve on Poplar Tree Road; however, a gutter wasn't built and water still runs across. Dick Frank stated that the issue is complicated in that the gutter needs to be dug through private property.

    The entire Fairfax County Parkway (Route 7100) should be known as the John "Jack" Herrity Parkway.

    The Board of Supervisors will be working on road signage within the County to decrease confusion where necessary.

    Carol Hawn briefly reviewed the proposed Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance amendments regarding the Dulles Airport Noise Impact Overlay District. The public hearing before the Planning Commission is scheduled for March 5, 1997 and before the Board of Supervisors on March 24, 1997. There are some differences between the Staff recommendations and the Airport Noise Contours Study Committee. Based upon these differences, Dick Frank made a motion that the Land Use and Transportation Committee endorse the following and present it to the Sully District Council general membership: amend the Comprehensive Plan to recommend disclosure measures in areas near Dulles Airport, that an interior noise standard of DNL 45 dBA should be established, and that updated noise contours should continue to follow along existing contours as closely as possible, even with less DNL dBA. Larry Tessier seconded. Motion passes unanimously and will be brought before the general membership at the February 26, 1997 meeting. With no other business, the meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

  5. The next meeting of the Sully District Council Land Use and Transportation Committee will be held Monday, March 3, 1997 in the conference room adjacent to Supervisor Michael Frey's office, 5900 Centreville Road in the Fort Hill Centre Building, Centreville.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol A. Hawn,
For the Land Use and Transportation Committee

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