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Notes from the 18 March 2019 Joint Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee
by Jeff Parnes, SDCCA Land Use and Transportation Committee Chair

  2. The meeting was called to order by John Litzenberger, WFCCA Land Use Chair, at 7:00 PM.


  4. Notes from the 25 February 2019 Joint Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee are available online.



  7. The March SDCCA Membership Meeting was held on 13 March 2019


      1. 7:00 -- Pomeroy case PCA C-637-05
        • Proposal: PRESENT ZONING: (Residential) R-1 (Industrial) I-5
          REQUESTED ZONING: (Planned Residential Mixed) PRM
        • Location: Just over the line in Dranesville, on Frying Pan Rd
        • From the Staff Report:
          • PCA Proposal: To delete 37.20 acres from RZ C-637 to allow the property to be rezoned with RZ 2017-DR-012.
          • RZ/CDP Proposal: The applicant seeks approval of a RZ and CDP application on 39.42 acres to permit a rezoning from the R-1and I-5 Districts to the PRM District fora maximum of 2,011,751 gross square feet of mixed-use development at a 1.15F AR, which includes 1,573,751 square feet of multi-family and single-family attached residential uses, and 438,000 square feet of commercial use (hotel, assisted living, or ret ail).
          • FDP Proposal: The applicant seeks approval of an FDP application on a 21.26-acre portion of the concurrent RZ/CDP area to permit a maximum of 830,150 square feet of mixed-used development at a 0.90 FAR(inclusive of bonus density for affordable and workforce dwellings), which includes 730,150 square feet of residential uses to include 320 multi-family dwellings; 120 independent living dwellings; up to88single-family attached dwellings with an option to replace with 144 multi-family and 64 single-family attached dwellings; and a commercial use to include a 100,000 square foot assisted living-facility.
        • This case was originally considered by the Joint Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee in February 2019. Refer to the meeting notes for our initial review. We asked them to return to address plans by the three developments (Foster's Glen, Sunrise One and Aurora Station) for improving Frying Pan Road east to Centreville Road
        • Meeting Notes:
          • Jeff indicated that he had contacted the Dranseville district office to determine if this had been reviewed by a citizen land use group. Dranseville has three citizen land use committees, one servicing Mclean, one Great Falls, and the third servicing the town of Herndon. Since this parcel was in none of the areas covered by the three citizen groups, there has been no citizen review of this or any other Dranseville development to the north of Sully.
          • Most questions centered on improving Frying Pan Road east to Centreville road, and the inter-parcel access that the Floris United Methodist Church is requesting and that the Aurora Station developers would prefer to be waived.
          • As to the traffic problems that the church would experience, the Aurora Station developers are proposing an acceleration lane for church attendees who are heading westbound in lieu of the inter-parcel access to the church.
          • Both One Sunrise and Aurora Station are under common ownership. One Sunrise will provide a site for a new elementary school, and will extend River Birch Rd from Sunrise Valley diagonally across to Frying Pan Road.
          • Although the county has set parameters for uniform road development in this corridor, it has not funded the development. It was thought that future road funding by the state and county would be directed to meet pending needs for existing residents rather than for improvements for new development. Expected Northern Virginia state transportation funds have been moved from road improvements to fund the state's commitment to provide dedicated Metro funding.
          • In the interim, to alleviate the build up of eastbound Frying Pan Road traffic at Centreville Road, Aurora Station developers suggested it might be possible to retime the light at Frying Pan Road to give more time to Frying Pan Road.
          • Jeff offered his transportation analysis of Frying Pan/Sunrise Valley intersection developments:
            • Starting from SW corner, Forster's Glen is building a large six-lane bridge over Horsepen Creek, which is an expensive proposition.
            • On the NW corner, 1 Sunrise currently has improved roads along its Frying Pan and Sunrise Valley road frontages, but is extending River Birch Rd from Sunrise Valley diagonally across to Frying Pan Road.
            • On the NE corner, Aurora Station has good frontage on Sunrise Valley Road, and is offering to widen the northern section of Frying Pan Road.
            • On the SE corner, the Jackson property is much smaller than the other three developments, and does not extend east for any considerable distance. This leaves the area north of the creek with little or no development possibilities, and lacking a proponent which might undertake the widening of the southern part of Frying Pan Road.
        • The following Statement and Recommendations were approved by a vote of 4 yeas, 0 nays and 2 abstentions:
          • The Sully District Joint Land Use and Transportation Committee objects to the planned cumulative development at the intersection of Frying Pan Road and Sunrise Valley Road without concrete plans for the widening to the current Comprehensive Plan configuration of Frying Pan Road from Sunrise Valley Road to Centreville Road;
          • It recommends that this construction should be funded by a combination of developer, state and county funds so that the road widening is completed before the cumulative development at the intersection reaches 50% of the planned maximum build-out, and
          • It also recommends that good faith negotiations regarding inter-parcel access between Aurora Station and the existing Methodist Church be undertaken by each party, and if no agreement be reached, that any solution proposed by the developers of Aurora Station be acceptable by the county if, in the determination of the county, such proposal be equivalent in functionality to the planned inter-parcel access.
          • As past of the discussion of the statement and recommendation, it was offered that if, due to the exigencies of state and local transportation funding, no state or county funding becomes available to support the widening of Frying Pan Road, the widening could still be accomplished solely funded by the developers.
      2. 7:50 -- Zoning Ordinance amendment regarding Community Gardens, Farmers Markets, Gardening as an Accessory Use and Related Changes
        • Proponent: Jennifer Josiah, Senior Assistant to the Zoning Administrator Ordinance Administration Branch, Zoning Administration Division, Fairfax County Department of Planning and Zoning
        • Proposal: Zoning Ordinance amendment
        • Location: County-wide
        • From the On-line Land Use and Transportation Committee Presentation Registration Form:
          • Exempt: Is
          • Statement Acknowledged: Not Applicable
          • Proposal Details: The Zoning Ordinance amendment regarding Community Gardens, Farmers Markets, Gardening as an Accessory Use and Related Changes is scheduled for authorization by the Board of Supervisors on March 19, 2019 and we would like to present the proposal to your group and obtain feedback.
        • Here is the link to the whitepaper on this topic.
        • The staff report is available on the county website.
        • Here is a copy of the presentation.
        • Meeting Notes:
          • Regarding community gardens,
            • Are sheds required? No
            • Is parking required? No
            • Is a fruit tree a garden? Maybe
            • What determines a front yard garden? Any vegetable planting in the soil - potted plants on the front porch would not count

  9. Next month's meetings will start at 7 PM in the Sully District Governmental Center Front Meeting Room, 4900 Stonecroft Boulevard, Chantilly, VA, 20151 unless otherwise noted

    The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:59 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey M. Parnes
Land Use and Transportation Committee Chair
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