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Notes from the 7 Feb 2017 Joint Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee
by Jim Neighbors, Secretary

  2. Refer to the February Joint Sully District Land Use and Transportation Committee agenda for meeting announcements.

    1. 7:00 -- #2232-Y16-42
    2. Resolution on Metro funding
      • Last month the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens Associations (MVCCA) considered a draft resolution designed to request the Commonwealth to secure a permanent funding source in support of Metro. In their discussion they came to the conclusion that the Fairfax Federation would be in a better position to influence the Virginia legislature than the MVCCA.
      • Their thoughts on the matter are posted on the Federation's transportation page along with the Federation's transportation committee's comments on the MVCCA proposal.
      • Committee members, including several from Sully District, suggested the idea of having multiple civic organizations across the region each submit separate statements on this topic.
      • Lewis Grimm, our 2d VP and a member of the Federation's transportation committee, suggested that we discuss this at our meeting tonight.
      • A draft of the Federation's resolution is available for our consideration and modification
      • Rather general discussion of this topic; note that the current WMATA regional compact may need to be renegotiated to achieve improved system. agreement by the attendees on the need for dedicated long term Metro funding. Suggestion that any resolution should be sent to county, state, and federal elected officials since all are involved with the system's operations.
      • VA General Assembly action relative to WMATA safety board was noted during the discussion.
      • No specific details offered for the proposed funding resolution.
      • Recommendation: The committee recommended that we develop a resolution; Mr. Lewis, SDC 2nd VP, will draft the resolution for the committee.

    3. Commercial Vehicles in Residential Districts ZOA
    4. Church of the Blessed Trinity
      1. Applicant representative showed up about 7:20-7:30. Noted staff report anticipated on February 22nd. BZA case deferred to March 1 or March 7. No additional information available at this time. Addition of vehicle storage building to site plan.
      2. Supervisor's assistant suggested deletion of time references on agenda; all items to follow during meeting in the order shown rather than being time constrained.

    5. Pawn Shop request for allowed use in existing retail jewelry store
      1. Requested action was denied by county staff. Claimed that the current comprehensive plan does not allow any such retail use in that specific area. staff also had concerns over projected traffic volume to be generated by this new land use; cited example of increased activity at pawn shop located in Tysons area.

    6. Route 28 / Bradenton
      1. Assisted living and child care center.

    7. Penrose Place / Lee Road
      1. Traffic signal proffered but not built; this is now to be done by COSTCO. Also mention made of new Lidl grocery store at former Marlo Furniture site; development plan still includes field.

  5. Next month's meetings will start at 7 PM


    The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:00 p.m.

    Respectively submitted by

    Jim Neighbors
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